Monday, December 19, 2016

Dec.19: the end of patience.

Two readers sent me the items above - and I thank them because I would certainly never have found these in our mainline news media.

We'll start with the second one.

As the Syrian army closed in on Aleppo, it took large numbers of prisoners who were American, British, French, israeli, Saudi.... They had been working on the side of the jihadist occupiers of the city, the ones our news media usually call terrorists. They had been training, supplying, carrying out special missions for  -     what the hell- let's call them what our news media usually calls them when it suits them - Muslim terrorists.

This is a story I have been following for some time, all the way back to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 1990s. US special services immediately moved in. The U.S. supplied the weapons, training and money  for a Muslim 'terrorist' group that the U.S. supported.

The U.S. (or its hired thugs) was not fighting terrorism in Syria. It never was. It was fightiing Assad - and not because Assad was undemocratic. The U.S. supports dictatorships all over the world. It likes dictators. Ask anybody in Guatemala or Cuba - or any country in South America. Ask the king of Saudi Arabia...

Through all of this, the Trumps of this world and their predecessors have been preaching fear and hatred of Muslims. That's been reflected in American policies for years. That's why the U.S. accepts very, very few Muslims. That's why it spies intensely on the few it lets in.

But, meanwhile, It is really  the U.S. that has created, trained, equipped the Muslim 'terrorist' movement. The destruction of the World Trade Center in New York happened not because of implacable Muslim hatred. It happened because western of brutality in the Muslim world for a century. There was no rebellion in Syria. That was the product of thugs trained, armed and financed by the U.S.
There must be a fascinating story behind the capture of those American, British, Israeli, Saudi 'advisors'. It is quite likely that the delays in the freeing of Aleppo were due to the need for frantic bargaining for special treatment for the captured 'advisors'.

But it is most unlikely this story will ever appear in the mainstream news media. No. They will harp on how cruel the Russians were to bomb Aleppo, neatly forgetting that the U.S. has long been the world leader in mass murder from the air.

And so Trump could fight a campaign on hatred for Muslims. And, in the western press, the lesson of Aleppo will be that Syrians are cruel.

Oh - and another lesson missing will be that American foreign policy in the middle east has been a disaster that intelligent leaders would have foreseen fifteen years ago  when Bush was strutting proudly in his bomber jacket on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Will American policy change? Not likely. The U.S. is controlled by a sort of nineteenth century aristocracy made up of billionaires in fields like bankiing and oil. And they want to conquer the world.  Trump - Clinton - rhyme off the names - they don't matter. The U.S. is not ruled by politicians. It's ruled by an aristocracy of wealth - and most of it an aristocracy born into that wealth. These are not geniuses who struggled to rise in the world. For the most part, they are just the ordinary children of rich mommies and daddies who inherited the right to rule.

New Brunswickers should be familiar with the type.
The coverage given to the big, American story that Putin hacked into American computers to spread lies  that would help Bush get elected is obviously 'fake news'. But don't expect our news media ever to say so.
Haaretz has an opinion column with a very realistic view of what has been happening in Syria. hint - there ain't no good guys, not on any side.

I really like Haaretz.
And here's a very hard-nosed look at Obama's performance in Sytia.
Interfering with elections in other countries is a very old game. Even the U.S. has been known to do it.
And this is what lies behind it all.
I found it  unsatisfying to read the news today. There are several problems with it.

1. Our major news outlets lie. They are simply propaganda machines for the way things are.

2.  War and violence are not the major problem we face. But these are the bulk of what the news covers - regardless of whether it is lying or not. The deeper issue is what creates all this dynamic of war and violence? Why are we killing people all over the world?

Is it really because so many of them are bad people? or that they just hate us?
We need news that gets at the cause of war. I suspect that cause has to do primarily with capialism and material greed. (That is not to say that war   would not be caused by socialists or communists. I'm sure it can be.) But the cause in this world we live in overwhelmingly seems to be capitalism. We need news about capitalism.

No, I don't mean the stock market. We need to know the whole story about how capitalism operates, and about its role in each war. Otherwise, to report on wars without looking at the role of capitalism is like reporting on car accidents without reporting on which driver was drunk or speeding.

Why was their a war in Iraq? Why is there one in Syria? To report on the war without reporting on the cause (and on the people behind that cause)  is a waste of time.

3. We need such reporting in its relation to the country we live in. As it is, Canada is coasting along with wars or potential wars as we are expected to by American capitalists. Why? There's nothing in that for most of us. Recognizing that, we can begin to recognize useful responses.

I stopped reading today's news several paragraphs above because - well, because it depressed me, and becuase there is no point to following anything unless we are to consider some way of dealing with it.

There are two choices. We work to understand and deal with the problem or - we go extinct with decades or less. Quite apart from the danger of nuclear war, it is quite possible we are going, soon, very soon, to face deadly confrontations over the environment and resource extraction.  Reporting on the confrontations is  not enough. We need full coverage of motives on both sides.

For a start, we need to get some understanding of the capitalists in our own province, state or country. What role do they play in advancing wars? Do the bigger capitalists tell them what the plan is? How do they gain from wars, either directly or indirectly? How can we bring them back under control?
I look forward to a series on this in the irving press.

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