Friday, December 9, 2016

Dec. 9: Donald Trump - Hero!

And liar.

Donald Trump saved a 1100 jobs that were about to be moved by Carrier from Indianapolis and out of the U.S. And he's not even president yet. Isn't that wonderful?

Actually, it's not.

He announced to eleven hundred workers he had saved their jobs. In fact, he saved only 550. The other  550 will find that out the day they get their final pay cheques. And that's not all that's wrong with this deal.

Their employer will get a great tax break and other goodies out of this. And who will have to carry an extra tax load to make up for that? Not the Trumps of this world who don't pay any taxes. No.  All the people of Indiana. That's one hell of an expensive way to save jobs. If this is to become his standard method of dealing with unemployment and underemployment, there won't be a U.S. left to save.

What he has done makes no economic sense at all. Think of it. If the U.S. is to save jobs, it has to throw money at employers in order to get them to stay. And that money can come only from -    American tax payers.

But it's good show biz. It shows the president elect as a man of decision and action. Yes. Never mind that his decision and action are hopelessly destructive to the American economy. Lots people - suckers - will see Trump as the man of action, the one who will make America great again.

Oh course, he can't do that many more times without destroying the American economy altogether. But not to worry. All he has to do is to keep himself in the news doing things that seem like action. He probably won't have to look again as though he's saving jobs. So then he can do other brief but spectacular things. Change the jugglers. Change the lights. But keep the -show moving, always moving.

How come that an advanced nation produces voters who fall for this? Much of the reason is they cannot see any alternatives. They're smothered under heaps of the propaganda that they like to call American values, all of it reinforced with lying news media, and with myths spread by TV and film and history about the  goodness and world leadship and generosity that Americans, unlike all other people in this world, share as common values.

In this picture, freedom is easily contorted to mean power for the very wealthy, to mean greed. And murdering other nations and stealing their resources comes to be thought of as spreading American values. It isn't new. Most empires have been like that. The British kidded themselves they were doing good when they plundered China and india and South Africa.

Remember Rule Britannia. Britannia rules the waves?. For Britons, never, never, never shall be slaves. That nicely sums up the reasoning for the British Empire. Now, think hard. Who, in the last 500 years has tried to make Britons slaves?    Africans? Native peoples of the Americas? China? India? Dutch farmers in South Africa------? Did Iraqis try to enslave them?

Americans are not allowed to think of any other way to run a country. That would be unAmerican. Trump's job, like that of most U.S. presidents,  is to make sure they stay in la-la land. So watch for more spectacular (and worthless) gestures.
These are more pictures of lakes that are disappearing because of the climate change that oil bosses tell us isn't happening.
Here's opinion by a quite remarkable man. And it's something you're most unlikely to see in a North American newspaper.
When economic times get tough, nail the poor. That has been the capitalist response to every recession or depression I have ever heard of. It sticks out like a sore thumb in the Canada of the  1930s. Brazil today is suffering terrible economic times. It's goverment is - to say the least - capitalist and strongly supported by the U.S.

And look at where that has taken this miserable country.
And, amazingly, I don't think t his story  made the irving press here in New Brunswick.

Actually, let's  not play a game with this. Both Liberals and Conservatives in Canada have ALWAYS played the game of setting up friendly chats for the wealthy, chats that have a payoff for both sides. Funny how it never makes the news. The greatest weakness of our political system is the cost of getting elected. And neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have ever shown much interest in changing that.

I know what the irving press could do. It could run a list of bagmen for Canada. Who, for example, in New Brunswick is the one who chats with the newspaper owner and makes deals?
Here is a story I've not seen told in full in any private news  medium in North America - the Sioux protest at Standing Rock, and the extraordinary brutality of legal officers who faced them. This story is almost certainly not over. Expect Trump to make things even worse than Obama did in his handling of it.
And here's an item you won't find, ever, in the irving press.
We're in serious trouble with Trump. And we would have been with Clinton. There is no real difference between the two except that Trump is a better con-man. And Canada is next door.

What Canada should be doing, at any cost, is to break all ties to the U.S. Unless we do, we are  committed to all the fantasies that the U.S. is committed to. And to all the hells the U.S. is going to suffer.There are countries breaking those ties now, and with more to follow.

(Remember how so many Canadian  (and Americans) said, during the election campaign, that Trump was a self-seeking fraud? He was. He still is. And most of his American  opposition is as greedy and voracious as he is. There is no alternative to what is happening in the U.S. We should want to get as far away from that as possible. Good luck on explaining that to most of our politicians.
Every day there are news stories about deception and worse in the White House. In this one, Trump has appointed a prominent climate change denier to be in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. For Canada to  stay in connection with the U.S. as a part of this U.S. world order is insane.

The tasks that face us in the environmental   area alone are immense. We need major work all over the world - not just on setting targets for change but reorganizing whole nations. But we've yet to lift a finger on it.
I have a friend who, for many years, worked for the Canadian government in  tracking unemployment. He warned me never to believe government figures. Employment is always lower and often much lower than the government says it is. The U.S. is even worse.
Who would have guessed that Syria would have been able to hold out against jihadist wars waged on it by the U.S. But, with Russian help, that has happened.  And the U.S. plans for a monopoly on all power in the middle east are in ashes. Now, it's Russia that has a foothold.

American wars, for all their killing, have been failures for sixty years. No nation has ever had such military power and such failure. There is little love and even less confidence all over the world for the military actions of the U.S. It was fought wars almost non-stop since 1941. In all those years since 1941, nobody has attacked the U.S. But it goes on invading and killing. How long will it take some people to get the message?

This is truly insane. At a minimum, we cannot possibly remain a puppet colony in the American empire.
This should have been obvious to Canadian news a long time ago. But they're not used to telling the truth.

I keep thinking of all the promises of World War 2, promises that we celebrate every Nov. 11. "There'll be love and laughter and peace ever after..."
Not one of those damn promises has been kept. We have delivered our people to fight wars that benefit only billionaires. And we don't even whimper when the billionaires deliberately work at destroying the foundations of our world. In the U.S., they'll now settle down to destroying the few services left to a withering nation. We're seeing the same in Canada, and it will pick up steam.

The U.S., which can afford to kill people by the millions, can't afford health services for its own people. And we're seeing the early days of such a movement in Canada.

Cuba, a tiny nation made poorer by American economic embargoes, and daily faced with the threat of invasion by the U.S. was somehow able to afford a full education for all children who wanted it, and full medicare. And most of that brothel we call news media used the funeral of Castro to denounce a man whose only crime was to free his people from American gangsters, pimps, and exploiting American capitalists.

We have made one hell of a mess. The U.S. has led the way. And Canadian leaders have followed with whimpering and with tongues hanging out.
Our skies are full of pigeons coming home to roost  - climate, greed, exploitation, murder, impoverishment.

And we're trotting in circles like the master's dogs we have always been.

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