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Dec. 7: Hot News Flash!

A first for the irving press.

Like many newspapers, section A of the irving press is made up of local news - most of it of no importance whatever - such as minor stories from the court house. Section B moves to national and world news. But the irving press is not just another newspaper. No.

Section A is the usual simple-minded trash. But Section B has one, small story of international news. (back page). That's it. The rest is more local news. And more than  half of it is simply gossip from the court house.  Business break-in lands man in jail. A former employee will be sentenced for stealing from a local Subway shop. The section has six photos of the court house - all of them the same photo. Section B is almost all useless information. But it's cheap news to gather. Notice how almost all of it is done by staff reporters, not by news services.

I  have never seen a newspaper which treats its readers with such utter contempt. I read that that senior editor for the chain  (who just happens to be an irving) has a master's degree in journalism from Harvard. But I don't think Harvard teaches cheap and brainless crap like this.
American big business has wanted control over the China for well over a century. The American invasion of The Phillipines in 1900 and the establishment of an American dictatorship was supposed to be a step in that direction. But it failed then, and it has failed ever since.

In 1941, it seemed the great chance had come again. Britain and the other European powers were too busy in Europe to interfere in Asia. That only problem was that Japan was now raging through China. So the U.S. still needed an excuse for a war with Japan.  It had to appear that Japan was the cause of the war. (The American public has long been averse to wars that kill too many Americans. Vietnam has been a reminder of that. To launch into a war with Japan would have been political suicide.)

So President Roosevelt cut off Japan's oil supply, knowing this would force Japan to declare war on the U.S. And that is what Pearl Harbour was all about.
What has  long puzzled me was how 'it happened' major units of the Pacific fleet, including the aircraft carriers were at sea at the time. Most of the ships left for Japan to bomb were old ones. The other mystery is why so many defensive and communications systems failed.

Then I received this note from a reader.

2,400 Americans died at Pearl Harbour. And there's good reason to believe they died to feed corporate profits.
The lust for the wealth to be taken from the world's largest market has by no means ended. The U.S. is now sending the bulk of its navy to the Pacific. It  has surrounded China with bases, including nuclear weapons. (China has not surrounded the U.S.) That's why there has been so much fuss lately about the limits to Chinese territorial waters. There is every reason to believe the U.S. is now looking for its excuse to go to war with China - perhaps even before Russia.
Such a war could only be nuclear. Among other things, the U.S. public would never accept the butcher's bill for all the Americans who would be killed in a conventional war with China.
I have often mentioned the appalliing record of Canadian mining companies in Latin America. Such stories have never, of course, appeared in the Canadian   (or American) press. However, a monthly news sheet in New Brunswick (nbmediaco-op) is less shy. It reports a study from Osgoode Hall Law School on violence and criminality in 13 Latin American countries where Canadian mining companies are active -  levels of violence are extremely high - including 44 killings in the last two years, with most of the dead being 'troublesome' employees of the Canadian mining companies.

 Trudeau was contacted to take action on this issue. (Good luck on that.)
Last night's TV news featured an interview with former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney. This is the only Canadian prime minister ever caught red-handed at accepting 'favours' (big ones)  while in office, and at tryinig to lie his way out of it. He is also the former P.M. who was allowed by Harper to get away with it. For pure sleaze, the only prime ministers who matched him were  (possibly) John A. Macdonald and Sir Charles Tupper.

He assures us that that Trump will be just a wonderful president, and that Trudeau should do whatever Trump tells him to do.  And that, I think, is a decision Trudeau has already made.
The article below appeared with the headline "World leaders attack Russia for bombing Aleppo". That headline is not repeated on the  page that appears here. - but the story carries the same message. This is really a piece of propaganda, and it's bad journalism to treat it as news.

The total number of 'world leaders' in this story is 13 - and it includes a Canada which only the most patriotic would call a world leader. As well, all of these 'world leaders' are all heavily committed to supporting the U.S.

And the U.S......would it ever, ever bomb cities and kill civilians? Hey. So far, it's the world champ. This isn't news of any sort. This is propaganda.
Laughing billionaires is something we'll see a lot of  during the Trump presidency. Indeed, his is slated to be the wealthiest administration in American history. This is the administration that will kill medicare, seriously damage public education, and destroy anything that doesn't make big money for the wealthy.

And this is the one that the poor and the frustrated voted for.

Watch for pressure on Canada to follow suit. Watch for Trudeau to be a good, little servant to the wealthy.

The American election was not just an election. It was a revolution. And that could mean another revolution to come.
This next opinion piece will be disputed. I think there's a great deal of truth in it.
Here is something that should be well-known, but which rarely, if ever, appears in western news media.
This is shorter than usual. I stopped writing early in this one because I found the news media, even the good ones, pretty uninspired today. It's as though there was suddenly a vacuum in the news, and a  vacuum in meaning. In fact, I had sensed this early when I referred to Trump (above) as a revolutionary. But revolutionary isn't the right word.

In thought and action, he's as greedy and vicious and evil as Clinton and her followers - even more so. What's different is the style in which he presents it - highly loaded language, emotional, grandiose - but with no sense of policy or meaning.

He's not revolutionary in what he would do. He will abandon all those working class and impoverished Americans who voted for him. He will make up for that with an emotional style and preying on myths and hatreds and fears - rather like Hitler.

His administration is shaping up as the richest and most reactionary in American history. Watch for a massive attack on public education, public health care, and public services in general. Watch for pressure on other countries (like Canada) to do the same. Watch for Trudeau to cave in.

And ask yourself why he has been making nice to Putin. How does that fit in to any policy Trump spoke on? Why is Trump doing this?

Think of the jewel in the crown that has evaded American  billionaires for well over a hundred years. Think of the reason why the major American naval base, Pearl Harbour, was built out in the Pacific so far from the U.S.

Think China - the largest market in the world, the pot of gold.

And, oh, I hope I'm in a better mood on Friday.

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