Monday, December 5, 2016

Dec. 5: The most contemptible, lying..........

.... piece of journalism I have ever seen. This story is so contemptible, I have put it in its own box. Look below for the THE STINKER in capital letters.

But first, we go to the lower headline. page one of the irving press.

"Remown Moncton artist, Joe Collins, celebrated"

Think about that. This newpapers has more, far more, proofreading errors than I have ever seen. In a real newspaper, such an error is not only rare  - it's never found in a headline.
Above that , in a red band across the top of the page, is the paper's slogan "Up-to-the minute breaking news every day." That's just brainless. How can news be up-to-the minute when the paper goes into print hours before we see it?

Then there's a whole page on how some people like to cut down their own Christmas trees. Wow!

The editorial cartoon on government over-spending is typical of the irving press. It hints that the people of New Brunswick are responsible for government debt. Well, of course.  It couldn't be the enthusiasm of the wealthy for grabbing favours from us or their habit of hiding taxable income.

We know that the very wealthy all over the world are avoiding taxes with tax havens. There's no guesswork in this.We know that many billions every year in Canada are robbed from us in that way. So where is the journalistic probing? Where is the demand for goverments to investigate this? No. Instead we get half-wit cartooons.
                                                 THE STINKER
World news is four, lousy pages of trivia. And not one story comes from outside North America. The biggest story is a propaganda piece to kiss up to the Cuba 'exiles'. It quotes their belief that Cuba might now return to democracy???????

Oh, really? Have they forgotten that the Cuba those they happily lived in before Castro was NOT a democracy? In fact, it was one of the cruelest dictatorship in the world. And the 'Cuban exiles' just loved it because most of them worked for it. They were the torturers, killers, pimps for Bastista.  Under the dictatorship, Cubans were randomly murdered, tortured, a dictator approved of by God Bless America. Worse, the 'exiles' are quoted as though they represent all of the Cuban people.

The story quotes a man  (who wasn't at the funeral or in Cuba at all) as saying the people only pretend to be sad because they were forced to.  It says the exiles fled Cuba because they were persecuted. Oh. So how come all those others didn't flee. They didn't because, unlike the exiles, they were not members of dictator Batista's torturers and killers. This is an absurd, simple-minded, and lying story. Whatever possessed a news editor to select this?

The United States is the world's biggest operator of dictatorships, perhaps the biggest in history. A newspaper that runs a story like this treats us readers as a pack of morons. And any editor who would run this story is beneath contempt. Even an editor desperate and unprincipled enough to work for Brunswick News must know the story about the Batista dictatorship which the U.S. maintained. I note, too, that it comes from The Associated Press which has a long history of lying journalism.
Oh, and Norbert has yet another rant about  our schools and our low rate of literacy. Norbert, you have not the faintest idea what you are talking about.
A hundred years ago, teachers had very little training. Indeed, that was often true just fifty years ago. They were cheap; and that was all that counted. And they taught children to read. A hundred  years ago, few children went beyond elementary school in Canada. Few jobs required reading skills. Teachers had little to no training.

And 82% of Canadians could read.

Today, teachers have far more and better training. Students also stay in school much longer. Close your eyes tight,  Norbert, and think hard. Why is New Brunswick's literary rate so low today?

Literacy is very closely related to 1. social class 2. parents' attitides 3. social attitudes in general. Think rea-ea-lly hard. Teachers can have little effect on two of those, and very, very little on the third.

It's not the teachers, Norbert.  It's a province that discourages thought and encourages conformity. it's a province that doesn't like intellectual quesioning. it's a province of fear.

Any guesses about where that comes from, Norbert?  (Hint - try reading your column some day.)
I wish I could believe the following story.

But I can't believe it becase it's not true. Standing Rock is not a victory. it's a defeat. The pipeline has to move a little bit? That's not big deal. It is still being built - and it is still going to pollute somewhere.

More important - it's a pipeline for oil. That means it needs to stay in operation for 30 to     40 years just to pay for itself. And that means that oil companies all over the world are planning to continue their operation at present levels for at least forty years - and certainly more.

We almost certainly don't have forty years. And even if we do, we can't get through them without heavy damage.

As well, the pipeline victory at Standing Rock means encouragement for other pipelines as, for example, Kinder Morgan in Canada. Standing Rock is a victory that will encourage Kinder Morgan and Justin Trudeau (who doesn't need much encouragement.)

We're going to regret this 'victory'.
Here are some pictures of the climate change that isn't happening.
For over a hundred years, the U.S. has wanted control of China. More specifically, wealthy Americans have wanted control of China's economy. That is why they conquered The Phillipines over a century ago. That was why they reacted in the 1930s and 40s when Japan invaded China. That's why China is now surrounded by American ships and bases.

Any action would have to be nuclear. The American people will  not tolerate heavy casualty lists - and the US has not done well in conventional wars since 1945 - even against small countries. No. A war with China would have to be nuclear.
Think I'm critical of the news media?
If there really is any justice remaining in the western world, the three men below should be tried and  hanged.
And here's some  cheery news. Canadian mining companies don't just abuse third-world countries. They also abuse Canadians. They are equal rights abusers. This  item is from Manitoba - but notice the reference to fear of Manitobans  to speak of what is being done to them by their mining companies. Sorta makes ya think of New Brunswick, don't it?
This one sounds extreme. It isn't.
We are living in a world that faces monstrous problems of climate control and  the very expensive problems of resettling whole nations as a result of that. But those in power have no interest whatever in that. Their only interest is self-promotion and piling up wealth beyond any capacity to spend it. The share of the rich in all of the world's wealth has increased by 20% just in recent years. And there is no end to that increase.

Inevitably this is going t lead to severe suffering, violence - and those with results no-one can forecast.

The only thing we can be sure of is that wealthy will continue to be guided enirely by greed. And that will continue even as their own greed works against them.

We cannot deal with our problems in a world of such separate nations. We cannot possibly afford the inevitable wars. Our spending on weapons would mean more life for hundreds of millions. And there is not the slightest chance the wealthy would allow money to be so wasted. They give money only in small doses - and only if the Chamber of Commerce will honour them for their sacrifice.
We cannot maintain democracy. Indeed, it has largely disappeared. The U.S., for example, spies on its whole population, murders around the world, imprisons American with no charges or trial, uses millitarized police to beat down anybody who complains.....

All of this is fuelled by greed. In many countries, as in the U.S., it is the wealthy who actually sit in most positions of political power. And they do it only for themselves.

These problems all come to a head within a decade or so.  That's not a wish. That's a reality.

The major weapon  of the very rich is the news media they own, and that keep us in ignorance. And the irving press is a prime example of that.


  1. Re: The Mafia State.
    Some may take solace in the view that such doom and gloom will be short lived if the earth shudders from the weight of it's current dominant inhabitants.

  2. "Up-to-the minute breaking news every day." That's just brainless. How can news be up-to-the minute when the paper goes into print hours before we see it?... They have a website dude. I'm guessing that they mean that they're "up to the minute" online (even though they aren't).