Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dec. 17: Escape the trials of the world - read a Faith Page.

On this Saturday, I get relief from the empty pages of the irving press by turning to its Faith Page.  The is a page dominated by columnists who are Christian fundamentalists, ones who believe in the most literal translation of The Bible. They are also part of the bedrock of those who voted for Trump, and so, therefore an inspiration to us all. They also sooth the mind. In fact, the put it right to sleep.
On this Sunday, when our leaders are, as always, busy at killing and looting people, especially the poor ones, all over the globe, when they are planning for nuclear war, when Trump is opening the gates for those billionaires who want to destroy all human and animal life by destroying the environment, who want to bring God's blessing to earth by destroying medical care and education for the general population, we - well - we know this is good because this  is what American fundamentalists voted for (though in fairness, it was also what Americans on the Democrat side voted for.)

The value of today's Faith Page is that, as always, it gets away from this yucky stuff, and deals with the real issues of faith. Focus on the needs of children. For example, invite an international student to dinner, perhaps one of those whose families we are dropping bombs on. Don't feel lonely. And the writer tells us, by ommission, not to even think about the destruction and horror we are inflicting on most of the world. (With the exception of those districts where the better sort of people live).

And it just sparkles with insights I have never heard  before - "focus on the true meaning of Christmas" - "Jesus loves us" - and other original insights.

In contrast, on the same page, there are two articles about the Pope wasting his time when he could be inviting an international student for dinner. He's trying to mediate an end to the civil war in Colombia. Worse, he's denouncing the treatment of hospitals as if they were businesses.. But any good Christian, like Trump, understands that  they are businesses. And, anyway, churches shouldn't be talking about such things.

No.  Keep it safe this Christmas. Forget about all those people we're killing and looting. It's their own fault for not being Christians like our side. To keep it safe, to keep out silly ideas   (and any ideas), there will be a Christimas service at the Irving Chapel with a guaranteed, high class  rent-a-rev guaranteed to say nothing at all - something along the lines of today's Faith Page.
Here's a CBC item that draws attention to  something the world news media should have noticed (but didn't) from the start of the whole fuss over whether Putin interfered with the U.S. leadership race.
A submarine drone, capable of identifying all ships and submarines in its region,  popped to the surface in "international" waters.   (They are claimed to be international by the U.S, but Chinese waters by China). The submarine was American and the general area is populated by most of the American fleet. But when the submarine popped up, the Chinese were closest to it, and they took it.
Now, before you read this, think of how the US would react if the Chinese had a massive fleet patrolling just outside American waters, and if a Chinese drone torpedo had popped up within reach of an American ship.

Another question. Why did Trump, who is not yet president, make such an aggressive response to China? It's still Obama's time to do that. Are Trump's plans already in place?
I attend no church. But I have long been an admirer of Pope Francis. And I see I am not the only one.
The buzzing of lies in the world's media.
This is an important one to understand. Never understimate the lying of our news media, subtly through propaganda,  not so subtly through outright lies. It has always been so. But it has become noticeably worse in the last thirty years.
"Protecting you".  maybe.
I'm waiting for the summaries of the presidency of Obama. I can recall the day of his first election. I was on a radio panel discussing it. Everyone looked forward to it after the years of Bush - everybody except me. I saw nothing of substance in any of Obama's plans or policies.

And so it proved. His only plan of worth was Obamacare. But it was obvious from the start that big money in the U.S. would never allow a real medicare plan. It didn't; and now what is left of Obamacare is almost certain to be destroyed.
His foreign policy has been, essentially, Bush's foreign policy. And it's been the disaster that Bush's was. Worse, it has failed more openly and obviously than even Bush's did. As he leaves office, Obama has lost Syria to Russia, at least, and possibly to Iran. The only policy that has worked from Obama to Bush (to Trump?) has been to redistribute wealth from the poor and the middle class to the rich. And that is going to bring its own price in the next four years, though how much of a price depends on the holding power of American news media propaganda.
Here's an interesting one from Haaretz that raises a big question about how American's poor will react as they learn what Trump really has in mind for them. It's also interesting for its look at the richwhite/poorwhite racism that has marked the history of the English-speaking world - including Canada - even New Brunswick.

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