Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dec. 14: A very ugly day.

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian, freelance (independent) journalist who has served many years in the middle east. I don't know much about her career. I don't know what her biases may be.   But I do know that much of what she says is true. The Syrian Observatory of Human  Rights, almost    daily quoted in our news media, is a non-organization. It's fake. It's one man, a Syrian haberdasher living in  England who  favours ISIS and its friends.

The so-called 'white helmets' who act as good samaritans rushing to the aid of those injured, notably in Aleppo, are actually propagandists who specialize in photos of themselves with children they have 'saved' -  some of them several times, and always taking lots of pictures for the press. They are drawn from the so-called 'rebels' - which means anybody who is opposed to Assad - and that means they are largely drawn from the ranks of the Jihadists.

Eva Bartlett has actually been in Aleppo many times, a  thrill most journalists prefer to avoid.

I do not suggest there is anything nice about the fighting and the bombing in Aleppo.  It is the nature of modern warfare that its greatest slaughter is carried out against civilians. The pioneers of this kind of warfare were not Syrians or Iraqis or Jihadists. The pioneers of it - and the most ruthless users of it - have been the western, Christian nations. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both chosen, quite deliberately, because they had no significant military presence. The world record for such massive and deliberate killing of civilians has the U.S. way aheard of the rest of the world. - except in our news media.

We have read and heard very little of the killing we  have done - especially with bombs that go on killing children years after they have been dropped.  And that, too, is deliberate.    

Offhand, I cannot remember a single article in the popular press that has ever been critical of our behaviour. But when the other side does it - oh - it's so unChristian.  

And in every war this has happened since 1939, the purpose of the war has been economic - to grab resources and economic control of the world for those wealthy enough to buy power in their own countries. We have reached levels of greed and exploitation that the Hitlers of this world could only admire from a distance.  

Whole nations have been effectively destroyed; millions have been murdered; tens of millions have been been refugeed, uncounted millions are starving even as we read this.

Of all the evil greed and slaughter of the past, none has ever matched us. And the airmen we send to do it are called 'heroes".    It gives a whole new meaning to "Onward Christian Soldiers".
And we remain impossibly oblivious to the horror we have created. Partly, that's because of our lying news media. Partly it's because we lack the courage to speak openly (or to see) what we have become.

The western powers have become nations of murderous robots whose only virtue is that we don't get the rewards of our killing. The rewards go to meet the stunning  greed of our very wealthiest citizens who, in their spare time, also loot us. And who, no doubt, go to church every Sunday.

And our news media lie. Get used to it. The news media are owned by the same people whose greed drove them to destroy Iraq and Libya and Yemen and Syria.... Nor would I excuse Russia from having some of the same faults.  The virtue of Russia in this case, though, is that it tells some of the truth of what is going on.
In it's earthquake crisis of some years ago, Haiti never received much of the foreign aid that had been promised to it. In fact, much of that aid money went in to the pockets of wealthy contractors, especially U.S. ones, who were supposed to be providing aid. Almost all of Latin America has lived in poverty and dictatorship for close to a century, mostly due to U.S. interference. But Haiti has been one of the worst.

Now, it's facing starvation after a hurricane - and nobody is even showing much interest in helping. (And those who aren't showing much interest are prominent among those who recently were chanting, "Wasn't Castro a terrible man?"
And here's a very suspicious one that gives no hint of what the White Helmets are about or who it is that supports them. It is at least possible  that the ones they want to get out of Aleppo are themelves and their 'rebel', jihadist friends.

The Guardian should at least have given us a hint about the role source of the White Helmets.
Meanwhile, those nice people in the U.S. are still supply the cluster bombs that will destroy Yemen children today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.
From the start, it's been obvious that we have not seen any proof that Russian hackers interfered in the American election race, or that Clinton was the target. But just about every news medium in the western world gives the impression they did.
The Trudeau government is showing interest in banning asbestos. I was astonished to read that. I didn't know that workers still had to handle a material long ago known to be a major cause of cancer. I   don't know how far back that knowledge goes; but it must be as early as sixty years at least.

So can you guess how long it will take Trudeau to act on climate change?
When Castro died, few news media in the western world praised him. Quite the contrary. They lied constantly. giving an absurd version of the aims of a very tiny country fighting off the power of the the most powerful nation in the world. And succeeeding for fifty years.

That tells you something about our news media.
The Donald Trump who pledged to be the voice of the poor and neglected will, of course, be nothing of the sort. The U.S., already one of the most backward countries in the world in providing for the basic needs of its people, is going to step way, way further back.

Will that rouse his followers to take action against him? It's possible. But American voters have been well hypnotized for over a century. They should be be furious now at the people he is choosing for his government. But, so far, there's not a whimper.

He also made it abundantly clear he intends to show no concern for the environment, to destroy the very feeble, public health care the U.S. has and, almost certainly to seriously weaken public education in favour of some privatzed schools for profit scheme to further enrich the obscenely rich. How that is going to help the poor and the middle class isn't clear - and never will be. And you can be sure the US news media will be not be any help to anybody in clarifying that.

The greed of the wealthy that is starving, killing, debasing human life all over the world will soon be very noticeable in the U.S. But there is not a sign that anybody  has learned any lessons from the savagery of the last  severnty years or so.
Here's a bombing story our news media haven't bothered to tell.
Capitalism is an economic system that is inherently self-destuctive. It's fundamental motive is greed. And once  greed takes hold, sanity disappears. Greed, in time, destroys most of any population, then turns on the greedy to destroy them.

What has happened in the U.S. is that capitalism very early in American history became defined a right for all, To say otherwise was to be anti-American. From the start, the weatlhy used their wealth  to buy control over governments. That was  the beginning of the end of American democracy. The politicians ceased to represent the people, and came to represent the wealthy who owned the politicians.

For years now, the American wealthy have worked hard NOT to be part of the American people. They use the American people. But they refuse to submit themselves to the discipline of the American state. Capitaliststs do not exist to serve the state. They exist only to serve themselves.

That's why the emergence of two hoplessly incompetent and unworthy people as  Democrat and Republican leaders happened. Don't blame either Trump or Clinton for what has happened. Their emergence was simply the collapse of any social structure  that could be called American society. It's gone. It's over.

The next stage, of greed turned loose, is going to be very, very ugly. Nor am I at all sure the U.S. will survive it.
And here, by any standard, is a stunning piece of news about American weapons sales to jihadists.
There's much more in the news - though not in the irving press. We are in for deeper trouble - and I have seen no sign that the Canadian government or the Canadian people will show enough responsibility to stop us from plunging after the U.S. into its bottomless pit of   service to the very rich.

And, frankly,  I became disgusted and discouraged by today's news - and cannot stir myself to write more about it.

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  1. Yup, we were told about asbestos dust problems in our NS rural High School Science class, Grade 9, 1959/60. The book was called "Science in Action", and for some reason I can't find it to quote the relevant passage. That's because I've dragged it out before as reference and put it somewhere or other where I wouldn't forget it. Naturally.

    At work, the huge building I worked at for a provincial electrical utility had all its asbestos removed in 1986 - what an exercise that was. Two years later, we had removed all PCBs provincewide as well -I was involved in that exercise.

    Why it takes the numbskulls at Federal Public Works until 2017 to get around to examining their buildings for asbestos is beyond me. Of course Harper reaffirmed export of asbestos outside Canada, particularly to India during his imperatorship, looking for a few votes in the Scheffervill area. And Australia banned the stuff for brakes and clutches in cars back in 2003, so we're hardly bleeding edge here in Canada. As usual.

    As for Eva Bartlett, she's good, very good. Why the CBC doesn't interview her rather than all the desperately uninformed opinion-holders they drag on to programs like The Current or the idiocy that passes as The National on TV, is beyond me. Maybe they're worried that Hubert LaCroix would have a heart attack - he's the singularly useless CEO at CBC appointed by Harper which the almost equally stunned JT has kept on for reasons that nobody with a brain can work out.