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Dec. 12: apologies for lateness

I pass lightly over an irving press story that announces a study showing that the provincial government spends too much money on us  worthless slobs  who are the citizens. There is no mention of how much it spends on rich slobs. Worse, the paper does not tell us anything about the organization that released this study.
It is the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies. This is a propaganda house sponsored by the wealthiest people in the province. It's purpose is to tell us what the rich want us to think. That's why if never tells us about the taxes the rich (don't) pay, nor what they get in gifts from the government. This is propaganda directed against us, and they actually make us pay to read this crap.

Don't waste your time. If you want to read this sort of mindless blather, just read Norbert Cunninham's column. It's shorter.
Two crises hit today's blog.

The first is that I was feeling unwell as happens to the decrepit of my vintage.
The second was that I caught a TV clip of Obama looking very solemn and angry. He said the Russian's hacked into American computers, and thus interfered in the presidential election. He told the CIA to investigate.

It might possibly be true. Lots of governments hack into other countries' affairs. In fact, the U.S. is probably a world leader - except that the U.S. seldom lets it go at interfering. It frequently murders large parts of the population and installs dictators.

Question 1 - The CIA is probably the organization best equipped in the world to detect and fight such a problem. So how come it didn't notice this hacking?

Question 2 - Isn't it odd that, within hours, the CIA wa able to come up with full proof of Russian interference? I would be more confident if they had taken a little longer.

Question 3 - why are we not allowed to see the proof?

What game, I wondered, is really being played here?

Is Obama looking for a showdown with Russia? It's no secret that the other U.S. leaders want to conquer Russia. They have publicly said so. It's an essential part of conquering the world so that American business can rule supreme. This is an ambition that goes back to 1945. But it hasn't done well. It it's ever going to be done, it has to be done very soon.

And things are not looking good in the very soon. The U.S. has become bogged down - and outplayed by Putin - in the Middle East.  Every day, a war with Russia becomes less possible. Is Obama using this election incident to go now rather than later?

Another possibility is almost as bad. He wants to dispose of Trump. Very, very wealthy  backers of the of the Democrat Party find Trump in their way. And the money involved is far, far greater than the Trump fortune. And they want their girl, Clinton, in charge. We're talking many, many billions, and probably trillions.
Is Obama looking to make this into a constitutional crisis?

It has to happen soon. But the people who voted for Trump are already very, very angry people.Any such move against Trump would spark unpredictably strong violence.

As Obama spoke last night, I felt a terror. I was awake all night though in a sort of stupor, convinced I was writing about this on my computer - and actually seeing the pages on the ceiling.

It has not been a good day.
And here is an example of some VERY bad journalism by The Guardian.

This is a column made up entirely of lies. And, no. that's not just a disagreement. The use of bombing to kill large numbers of civilians is not, as the columnist says, contrary to western values. In fact, western countries pioneered in it. It began with Winston Churchills' bombing of the Kurds. It was picked up by Germany in Spain. In the Second world war it was highly developed by The British, Americans, Canadians, and Germans. From 1945 on, the U.S. has relied heavily on the mass bombing of civilians because killing civilians from the air cost them fewer casualities. That's why 30% of the whole population of North Korea was killed by aerial bombing.

And I don't know where he gets this trash about western values. But I do know know that western warriors have slaughtered, raped, starved and looted civilians for as long as we have recorded wars. This column is simply propaganda. And not very intelligent propaganda.

Yes. The bombing of Aleppo is terrible. Now tell us about Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Cologne, London, Cambodia, Iraq.....and the list goes on.
The Washington Post is not a trustworthy newspaper - to put it mildly. But it is the one that has carried most of the story about Russia hacking American election sites.
And here's a useful suggestion on the same topic.
---a story the irving press didn't have room for. It needed the space for---. well,....empty space.  Because empty space is what the irving press does best.

You'd think the irving press should show more pride in a war that we supply with armoured cars to kill starving children.
The North American reportinig on Castro's death was contemptible. Here's something better.
This is a very bitter and angry  column. But, mostly, it's true. And  those true parts never made it into our news media.
And this is the story the irving press would have published if it were a)honest and b)intelligent.

So far there has been no evidence whatever of Russian intervention in the U.S. election. But that's not the impression given by most of the North American press.
__________________________________________________________________________________In effect, nothing is happening in regard to climate change. The oil industry has shown no desire whatever to give up the profits on a resource that could kill us all. Wouldn't it be reassuring if Mr. Irving were to make a nice, public statement about this? I know he can write one because he once did a column for his newspapers telling us that he was going to be generous enough to become a member of the government, and run the province without us even having to elect him.
An election race which produced a Donald Trump and a Hillary Clinton as the ultimate contenders is not something that should be blamed on either Trump or Clinton. The blame rests of the whole system and society that could produce only those two. No matter how this turns out, one feature is what what counts.

American political, social and economic life has collapsed. It's not cominig back.

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