Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nov.5: Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

The problem is not Trump. And it's not Clinton.

The problem is much worse because it's a permanent one. The problem is the final crash of American society and morality. And the crash has allowed Trump and Clinton to float to the top. Even in a healthy society, people like them might float into prominence. But two of them? Rising to the top of the only significant parties? No. This is a complete collapse of all values. And a major cause of that collapse is news media which have stirred panic, racial and national hatreds to justify endless killing and, most recently, have made a farce of any sort of reporting and analysis of what is going on.

The crash is the result of a long, moral decline largely because of an economic system based on greed rather than on human needs. The real purpose of the system is to make a few very , very wealthy. Our news media, almost all of them owned by the very, very wealthy, spread the word that making the wealthy even wealthier benefits all of us. It doesn't. And it never has. (If it  did, Congo and Guatemala would be rolling in cash. Haiti would be a paradise.)

No. A system based on greed can benefit only the greedy and unscrupulous. And that's what is happening in the U.S. where poverty is rising even as the rich get richer,  where social services can't really exist because the rich don't pay any taxes and, anyway, spend all the available tax dollars to kill people who are in the way of bigger profits.

At this point, Canada should be scrambling for a way to disconnect from the U.S.

But it won't. Canada will be doing what Britain has been doing ever since its own empire collapsed - serving the interests of a dying American empire.

The only question remaining is whether the U.S. election will lead to internal violence. Until recently, I didn't think it would. But the Trump supporters are very, very angry. They don't seem to know what they're angry at so their anger takes the form of racism, of aggression. They become, in effect, an even more extreme form of what  Clinton is about. The result has been hundreds of 'militia' groups carrying out weapons training to prepare for the day that Clinton takes power.

Their chances of winning such an uprising are minimal. But the effect of it will drive the government to make the U.S. even more a police state than it is - and so to heighten the fear and anger.

Vote either way. There really is no sane choice. We are watching centuries of false history, of exagggerated and false patriotism, of violence and of greed coming to their only possible ending.

Or you can read the irving press so you won't ever have to know what's happening.
As the article below suggests, Americans have very little idea what the issues in the election should be. They're a lot like Canadians that way.
The next is not a major story. But there's a value in it as a reminder.

Pinochet was a military dictator who ruled Chile from 1973 to 1990. He seized power, killing over 3,000 people in the process. imprisoned 80, 000, and tortured many tens of thousands. And who was it that supported Pinochet in his rise to power by overthrowing the elected government? That would be the "Sweet land of liberty", the U.S.

The rot in American society and politics began long before Clinton and Trump.
If you go to The Guardian, go to the top of the page an click on Americas, then scroll down to look at stories about Canada, you will find quite a few that have never appeared in the Irving press. Some of them, including especially those relating to our domestic spy service and our police spying, are disturbing.( I have known a few 'intelligence' officers. They seem to be of a type. They consider themselves above the law, terribly clever, and they see anyone who crititicizes the government as a threat to peace and order in the country. Lovers of freedom they ain't.)
American politicians frequently tell us that the Russian bombing of Aleppo has been brutal and indiscriminate in its killing of civilians. John Kerry has suggested that Russia should be charged with war crimes. And this theme is routinely echoed in the western press. And I have no doubt that it's true. (It's hard to imagine kind bombing.)

Yes. Russia has killed civilians by bombing. Now, name me a country that hasn't. Killing civilians became the major purpose of bombing by everybody in World War Two. The US, since then, has set world records for killing civilians by bombing in Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Iraq. And through drone bombing. In the case of North Korea, one third of the whole population was killed by bombing. (For contrast, Britain lost less than 1% of its population - both at the front and at home in World War Two.)

We certainly should be critical of this. But let's skip the tone of moral superiority.
One of the effects of US invasions has been to de-stabilize countries all over the world. One of those countries is Turkey which  has become a stunningly dictatorial country as a result. This destabilization is settling in to make the whole region dangerous and even unlivable for generations to come.
And this should come as no surprise.
Some will say this next column is extreme. It is. That's because it's dealing with an extreme situation.
The next item is long, and it's not an exciting read. But it is important in what it says about the nature of U.S. government. It is not a democracy. it is a quite old-fashioned aristocracy.
A country that the U.S. has expressed great concern for - and that it is willing to risk nuclear war for - is Ukraine.

Funny how most of our news media has never told us much about that country.
I hate to run this topic. But it's one that has to be faced.
And here is some more disturbing and disgusting propaganda from that awful Russsia Today site. One certainly would see nothing like this in our own irving press. No wonder the U.S. and Britain are determined to cut off its money supply.
And here's an up to date story on how, in Canada,  police are spying on journalists. It's a new story to the press.  It's an old one to journalists who have been spied on for a century and more.
Haaretz, alas, is back to making it impossible to email copies.
Here's an issue the U.S. election campaigns  have ignored.
Six million Americans cannot vote - some because they're in prison, some because they have been in prison at some time. That happens to a lot of people in the country with the world's biggest criminal population.

Now, why would a free and democratic and peace-lovinig nation have a large prison population?

And why would its police have found it necessary to kill 897 people (the largest proportional numbers of them either black or aboriginal) so far this year?


  1. Dear Graeme Decarie:

    '...the crash has allowed Trump and Clinton to float to the top.'

    Several aeons ago, I was sitting in a military and strategic studies class when someone observed, 'cream always floats to the top.'

    I interjected cynically, 'so does scum.'

    I can't tell you how vindicated you've made me feel.

    Your 'greed of the few over the needs of the many' analysis is, of course right on the money. And there isn't a think the bourgeoisie can do about it.

    The least likely outcome of Tuesday's election is that there will be a clear victor resulting in what is regarded as a legitimate government.

    What we expect is that Mr. Trump will continue to build his fascistic movement, that Senator Clinton will initiate a no-fly order in Syria resulting in direct military confrontation with Russia and World War III, and that the locus of political decision will shift outside the Halls of Congress into the street.

    One thing is clear: after November 8, 2016, we enter a new phase of social struggle. Riot police will be seen daily. Eventually, people will hate them so much, they'll shed their fear of them, and cannibalize their plumbing to manufacture shoulder-held launchers. The military will deploy tanks.

    The United States Republic is finished. Wise people will keep their heads down while the idiots do their thing and fill the streets with their blood. In time, People will tire of this and seriously want a stable society. If thermonuclear war hasn't annihilated life on earth as we know it, we may have a crack at a second republic, even if it runs 1900 technology [presuming we're lucky], and the rest of the world doesn't pound the living crap out of us for pounding the crap out of everyone else.

    Proud Socialist

  2. Well, that's pretty much my list of fears.