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Nov.19: Trump is inescapable - and seemingly inconsistent.

I'm not a Catholic. But, sometimes, especially when I read the Faith Page of the irving press, I'd swap most of the the Protestant clergy I've ever met for one with the courage and common sense of the Pope.
For those unfortunates outside New Brunswick who don't get to read the irving press, Norbert Cunningham continues his (ignorant) rant against New Brunswick schools. This time, he's all agush because somebody sent him a letter from an 'expert' on education.

This expert says low levels of education in our schools are the fault of the schools. And Norbert says this expert knows because he has a couple of degrees, and he's taught elementary and high school. Wow!

Norbert, I have more degrees than that. And I've taught more than that. How come you never quote me?

Anyway, this expert provided powerful evidence for his point. Yes, he did. He said he saw a school motto on the wall. And it was too vague to base an education system on.  So there.

Norbert, almost any motto I have seen hanging on any wall is either vague or lying. Take the motto of the irving press. "Up-to-the-minute breaking news every day".  Now, close your eyes and think hard, Norbert. How can you have up to the minute news in a paper that doesn't even go to press until hours after you get that news? And, anyway, can  you seriously believe that fully describes what a newspaper should be?

No. The problem with New Brunswick schools was not caused by a motto somebody saw hanging on the wall. And it wasn't caused by teachers. it was caused by the intellectual and social atmosphere of this province. And those are profoundly affected by the propaganda of the irving press.
Trump has announced his first appointments for his administration. They are, if that is possible, even worse than those of Bush and Obama. However, it is not likely they are worse than anything Clinton would have appointed. Neither Clinton nor Trump was ever a believable saviour for the U.S.
Here's an interesting article about a situation of the 1930's in the Scandinavian world that led to those countries becoming world leaders in really  effective and progressive government. And it came about because the far right and the far left had polarized against each other - and the left won.

I don't know whether that will happen in the U.S. because both the Democrats and the Republicans are parties of the far right - and of greed and corruption.
The story below is one we don't get much news on. It helps to understand that the western powers created Israel - not out of any love for Jews. On the contrary, Israel was created because after World War Two, European Jews  wanted to move to Britain, Canada and the U.S.  But Britain, Canada and the U.S., being as anti-semitic as Nazi Germany was, didn't want them. That's why they gave somebody else's land to the Jews.

It was bound to be a source of trouble for generations to come. And so it has been. But the fault lies with neither Jews nor Palestinians. It lies with us.
I added the followiing item mostly because of the last paragraph. The article is about Neo-Cons, those Americans who want wars against Russia and China but who, for some reason, Trump is inviting into his cabinet (even through Trump has been talking of a peace deal with Russia.)

The last paragraph mentions a point I have been aware of for many years, but had forgotten. Evangelical Christians  (including some Catholics) almost dance with glee at the thought of a nuclear war. They believe that this would signal the second coming of Christ, and the sorting out of all us humans for heaven or for hell. So, if you have a choice, opt for hell. Otherwise, you get stuck for eternity with with only Neo-Cons to talk with.

These are also the people (again this is never mentioned in the private news media) who believe that God wants the U.S. to conquer the world. Talk about a society driven by religious hysteria!
And here's a story about working class salaries in Canada that you won't ever find in the irving press.  The outstanding feature of the last thirty to forty years in Canada and  the U.S. has been the relative decline of working class salaries as the wealthy take an ever-bigger bite of national wealth. In the U.S. that was a big factor  in Trump's winning of the working class vote - though they were suckers to think Trump would help them. However, they were quite right to think Hillary would not help them, either.)
And will corruption end under a Trump government?

No. In fact, there is every sign it will get worse.
Here's a short item. Britain will take over the training of those Syrian rebels it pleases the American government to call 'moderates'. In fact, most of them are al quaeda terrorists.

God save our gracious queen. long live our noble etc.
Jews in the U.S. and Canada have seen enormous changes in their leadership over the past fifty years. Once a broad-minded and socially concerned community, the pro-israel faction has abandoned that stance to become a simply an 'Israel is always right" lobby group.
Haaretz so far seems to have the best commentaries I've seen on Trump's staff appointments. I've long admired the courage and honesty of Haaretz.
Radio Free Europe is the American propaganda equivalent of Russia Today. It has been improving - though its propaganda roots are still pretty obvious. In this case  (and without actually quite saying so) it admits there is a powerful Nazi movement in Ukraine. And that it's on our side.
So far, Trump's apppointments are a pretty frightening lot of racists, muslim-haters, and cold warriors. It's hard to see thow they are compatible with his promises to seek peace with Russia and in the middle east.

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