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Nov. 30: The self-blessed sinners of America

Big story on the front page of the irving press. Moncton city councillors voted themselves a pay increase of thousands of dollars.  Isn't it honest and brave of the irving press to speak out like t hat? Of course...... would be braver still if it ever spoke out about the much bigger raises billionaires give to themselves without bothering with a vote. But we have no idea how much money the wealthy of this province give themselves. And, though we've known for years about tax havens wear the wealthy can hide their money from taxes, we have yet to see the slightest interest from our press about exactly who those wealthy are, and how much they hide.

If you're starving an homeless, and  you shoplift a chocolate bar, that's a big story in the irving press. But if hide millions or even billions in tax money - not a word.

Next to it is the story about how the auditor general of the province says the provincial government has to cut down on spending. As usual, the auditor general makes no mention of what the human needs of the province are. Just cut the spending. And she certainly doesn't not call for making the rich pay taxes.
That was the standard approach in the great depression of the  1930's, too.  As the poor got poorer and hungrier, and as the rich got richer and didn't pay taxes, the demand was to cut spending on the poor. Gotta balance the budget.

World news? One of the big stories is that Trump's former  campaign manager will be visiting Alberta to give a speech to rich people. Wow!

The only real story in the whole paper is that Justin Trudeau has just approved some nice, new oil pipeliness over the mass objections of people who live along the routes. The approval also means that expanded fossil fuel production will continue for at least the forty years it will take to pay the cost of those pipelines. So forget about dealing with climate change.

And that takes us to a bone-headed commentary on CBC news. it criticizes Trudeau for making a statement of regret for Castro's death. And then praises him for refusing to attend Castro's funeral, saying this shows he has the stuff to be a world leader.

By the writer's logic, one could say that Trudeau should publicly refuse to express regret or to attend the funeral for the death of George Bush. After all, George Bush was one of the great mass murderers of history. Castro did enormous good for the people of Cuba.      Bush did no good at all for anybody except himself.

Castro was a dictator? So is the buddy we cuddle up to to and sell weapons to - the king of Saudi Arabia. - not to mention all the American-controlled dictatorships of Latin America.

Castro is a villain only because our propaganda news media make him a villain.
The writer then says that by refusing to attend Castro's funeral, Trudeau has reformed himself to become worthy of a being a leader in the western world.

1. There is not the slightest chance Trudeau will be a leader of the western world. He will always be what he is now, a puppet for the president of the U.S. (and for oil companies.)

2. And the refusal to attend the funeral of a man who attended his father's funeral just shows him to be gutless.

There is something we have to learn about Trudeau. He is his father's son only in a biological sense. Beyond that, the resemblance ends.

Pierre Trudeau admired Castro for the good he had done. And Pierre Trudeau didn't give a damn  what the U.S. thought about it. Pierre Trudeau was a man of principle.

His son is not. To him, the political life has only one purpose. It has nothing to do with the needs of the people or the nation.  The point of politics, the only point, is to please the powerful and so to win the next election.

He's the irving press' kind of guy.

Incidentally, if it is so terrible that Castro was a dictator, then how come nobody every criticizes the US for having created the dictator he displaced? In fact, very few news accounts mention that Cuba was a dictatorship imposed by the U.S. since before Castro was born. Latin America is full of dictatorships - all of them imposed by the U.S. And, unlike Castro, none of those dictators has ever done a damn thing for  anybody except American billionaires.
Nelson Mandella was one of the great leaders in world history. He admired Castro for his accomplishments. Justin Trudeau (not one of the great leaders in world history) has renounced his admiration for Castro. Case closed.
Justin Trudeau is expanding our use of dirty fuels - just like his good friends in the U.S. oil industry. And I'll bet he'd make it a point to mourn at all of their funerals.
Here's a story about how American 'democracy' can be worse than any dictatorship. It's about Standing Rock in North Dakota - and it's a story that may well be played out near you very soon, Canadian readers, as Trudeau shows he can be as backward as any other western leader.
The U.S. military has a Joint Special Operations Command which it uses to murder people all over the world, including in countries the U.S. is not at war with. The purpose is, generally, to take out anyone who might be opposed to  what American corporations want. Nobody knows who or how many they have killed because the American government won't say, and the American news media don't care.

Isn't it just terrible what that Castro did? I mean - all that money wasted on schools and hospitals?
The U.S. congress has just passed a no-fly resolution for Syria. In effect, this would mean only U.S. planes would be allowed to fly. Now, the U.S. has no right  under international law to fly over Syria. Russia does have a right. So - will the president give the U.S. airforce permision to fly over Syria - and to shoot down Russian planes?

If he does, that means a world war with Russia.
Here's an item I know is true because it has been investigated and condemned in Britain by many inquiries. While prime minister of Britain, Tony Blair lied in order to justify the US/British invasion of Iraq that murdered   one and a  half million people. Subsequently, he became an extremely wealthy man for favours to various middle east thugs like Saudi Arabia. That much is known - but, seemingly - not known to most of the North American news media.

Now, the British are taking a much more serious look at this man who was such a good buddy to Bush.
The Washington Post doesn't like Paul Craig Roberts. It listed  him as one of a huge group of bloggers and independent journalists who conspired with Putin to get Trump elected. I'm familiar with a large number of the sites the Washington Post names. It's charges are absurd. In fact, one of the most lying news services I have come across is The Washington Post. Roberts  (below) didn't take its report very seriously.
One of the most bizarre candidates Trump has pondered for his government team is General Petraeus, a man whose military career has staggered from incompetent,  to pandering, to giving away classified information, to low comedy. It really is quite noticeable how Trump leans to people of this sort.
Here is a new item that doesn't say as much as it should. It's about the (strong) possibility that the people that Trump is apppointing to his government want an all-out American war on Syria. But any such move would be almost certain to provoke a world war. That's the kind of people - whatever Trump may say about his aims -  that Trump is appointing.
Here's a story about the climate change that isn't happening. I haven't seen anything in the irving press to suggest that either the press or the irvings give a damn about it. We know that oil companies hire expensive lobbyists to make sure that people like Trudeau go on building lots and lots of oil pipelines But I'm sure the Irvings of New Brunswick would never, never do that. I mean, these are the people who maintain a family chapel (with special music) just for us. And the Chamber of Commerce speaks very highly of them.
The next item has some truth in it - but it may be too harsh in its treatment of American military leadership. It has been, as the article says, pretty ineffective in the past 16 years. But the reality is that it's been pretty ineffective for the past 70 years.

The American military performance over a tiny North Korea - and with lots of help -  was not brilliant. Vietnam was a disaster. So was Afghanistan, though we're still pretending. Ditto Libya and Iraq and, probably, Syria. But that may not be due to the generals as much as it is to the almost world hatred that the U.S. has created for itself - as well as to the the natural development of military leaders in countries fed up with American aggression, and adjusting themselves to how to fight against a modern enemy.
I attach the following site not because of any particular story in it, but because it looks like one worth following.

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