Monday, November 21, 2016

July 21: A bad, bad day.

A reader sent the following item to me - and depressed the hell out of me. - Because I think what it say is true. It doesn't mean that Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice. It means there was no choice. The U.S. election of Trump is simply the last step in a development in the U.S. that has been going on since 1776.
With Bush and Obama, the U.S. has had two disastrous presidents in a row. Now, this is the last step to rule by an aristocracy of corporate bosses. Like the old aristocracy of Europe, they are arrogant, dismissive of lesser people, see themselves as having a right to rule. Also like the old aristocracy of Europe, they occupy their lofty positions not by any talent, but usually by grace of inheritance. Like the old aristocracy of Europe, inbreeding has reduced their intelligence - but they rule anyway by right of birth. For the few born with the right names, high positions and power are guaranteed - as are dinners in their honour hosted by the kiss-ups of the chamber of commerce.

If one of us was a bank teller and made even a small error, he or she might well be fired. American banking executives, through incompetence and greed destroyed the U.S. banking system. But they didn't get fired. No. They got bailed out by the taxpayers, and then gave themselves multi-million dollar bonusses for their good work.

The result of all this is a U.S. with rising poverty even as the small  incomes of the average American get swallowed by the greedy maws of the rich. Nor is Canada so different as we would like to think. We are going down the same path with the same sort of slack-jawed and arrogant leadership that one sees in  the U.S. business world.

What is happening  is obvious. But none of those high-paid talking heads of TV who covered the election noticed it.

Forget Trump. Forget Clinton. (And forget Trudeau.)  it's going to get much, much worse. In fact, it already is. Check out CBC news for the story of what's happening at Standing Rock, the story that none of the irvings appear to have noticed though they are likely preparing for a New Brunwick version of it.
Or, if  you'd rather not thinkg at all,  you can read the irving press for a more than full-page story about how local artists have just produced a comic book. it's the biggest story in today's issue.
Earlier, I spoke of how the brainless sons of the wealthy could get ahead in the world without needing brains. Here's the story of Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in -law of no great talent who was able to get into Harvard without anything close to the usual qualifications. (And he is now officially Trump's closest adviser on world affairs.)

Generally, The Guardian hasn't been a whole lot better than the irving press on the issue of the U.S. election.
During the election, the only intelligent policy (and almost the only real policy that Trump mentioned) was to seek more peaceful relations with Russia. That makes his cabinet choices odd since they are heavily  loaded with warhawks and Russia-haters.
Obama was one of the great failures in the history of the U.S. presidency. In fact, he is a major reason why Trump won, and why Clinton was all the Democrat party had to offer. He achieved almost none of his promises. And even his wildly expensive Obamacare was a farce designed to make the health industry even richer.

So what will happen to Edward Snowden, the man who did the ultimate unAmerican thing? He told the truth.

Here's a strong possibility of what will happen.

The new head of the CIA wants him executed.
American politicians are fond of referring to Muslims as murderously evil. They play up the brutal executions by ISIS. Americans eats that up as Trump demonstrated. But Americans and their politicians and their news media never look in a mirror.

Christians, too, have a long record of murderous and greedy behaviour.
One of the outstanding features of the post-world war two period has been the remarkable failure of rhe U.S. military  to accomplish anything -   even with its massive power which it has used against millions of the most helpless people in the world. Obama has spent more years  at war than any president in American history - and he has virtually nothing to show for it.

The U.S. has been able to kill millions, to cripple millions more, to create generations of orphans, and to create the most terrible hardship for tens of millions. Bit it can't win. And Trump has learned nothing from all that. (Nor has Clinton.)
I'm aware this blog today is short ofgood news. That's because there isn't any. We are now openly dominated by a new aristocracy that has the same arrogance, greed and  stupidity of the old one. Again, it's not Trump and it's not Clinton.

 Those two are just part of the sewage bobbing about on the surface. Watch for domestic violence in the U.S. as Trump fails to deliver on his promises. Watch for initernational violence as Trump uses that  to distract Americans from the domestic violence.
And note the close connections of politicians (and news media) with the new aristocrats. The new aristocrats are the product of a capitalism let free to run wild. That's what most of t he free trade deals are about- to free capitalists from following any rules -  to let them destroy plant and animal life with spraying, to let them increase the use of fossil fuels even as the politicians and the wealthy know the price of that, to help them rob the general population, to avoid paying taxes, to let them sign up  the young to fight wars for them - and call it patriotism. And notice that the Norbert Cunninghams of this world will never criticze them.

He will rail at teachers. But he would never write a word critical of  the people who own - and abuse - this province.

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