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Oct. 7: Insanity

This is rather an important story. If a heavily populated state like California - not only with a large population but also an important producer of food - runs out of water, the U.S. is going to demand water from, say, British Columbia. And if Canada says no.........

For education on that, check out the story of the Alaska Bounday Dispute of the very early 1900s.  That was the dispute in which Canada resisted the American claim to the finger of land that juts down the coast from Alaska. The U.S. threatened war.  Britain intervened to support the American claim. Britain did it because feared it would be required to defend Canada. And it didn't want to do that. This is the same Britain that, just a decade later, would call on Canada to fight for Britain in World War One.
Of course, the irving press doesn't have the California drought story. Nor does it have the story that the U.S. and Russia are sending anti-aircraft missiles to Syria to shoot down each other's aircraft. And guess what will happen if they start doing that.

The irving press doesn't have this story, either - though this would take us over the edge into a war between Russia and the U.S., a war that would certainly become  nuclear. What is this insanity all about? The irving press has never carried that story, either. So here it is.

In World War 1, the European powers -notably Britain, France and then the U.S. - moved into a middle east which had been controlled by the Ottoman Empire. When that empire collapsed, the Europeans and Americans moved in to create artificial nations out of the empire, giving each other control of countries that had resources - mostly oil.

Democracy in such countries was impossible. They weren't, in any sense, real nations. These were make-believe countries created by drawing lines on a map. In any case, the western powers weren't interested in democracy - and they made no pretence of caring about it. They wanted the oil. The people had to be kept quiet and obedient. So the western powers either ruled directly or established dictators. The western powers created and supported the Saudi family,and people like Hussein, Assad......

Trouble began when the people of the region and their dictators began acting as if their oil was - well - theirs. So they wanted to sell it to all available customers.
The first nation to do that, shortly after World War 2, was a democracy. Yes, Iran established a democracy to sell its oil where it wished - not simply to allow it to be looted (often without payment of any sort) by the British.

So Britain called on the U.S. for help. They overthrew the elected government and installed - a dictator. (So much for those who claim the U.S. is fighting to spread democracy.) But, after dreadful years, of dictatorship and looting, the Iranians chased out the dictator, and reestablished democracy.

And that's how Iranians became an evil people in our news media.

With the election of George Bush Jr., the U.S. made the leap to 'American Exceptionalism'  (the right of Americans to invade, kill, conquer whoever they wished to) and to conquer the world. The middle east was a prime starting point because of the huge profits to be gained from oil. And the first target in that region was Saddam Hussein of Iraq who had once been a prime stooge for the U.S., but was now acting as though Iraq was an independent country.

The war was won and, at the same moment, it was lost. The democracy that was created was largely a fraud set up by the U.S.  Groups like the Kurds wanted, as they had always wanted, their own country, and wanted nothing to do with any Iraq government. As well, the war and the extraordinary brutality of it sent a wave of fear and hatred around the Muslim world. And that's where 'terrorist' jihadism comes from.

The Iraq war, though a victory on paper, was a dreadful failure, and worse than a failure. It achieved nothing useful in Iraq, and It destablized much of the world. So the U.S. had take a new approach with it's next, major targets - Syria. The president of Syria was becoming too friendly to the idea of trade with Russia. But what to do?  The U.S. didn't want a repeat of Iraq.

The answer lay in a method developed  decades earlier when Russia invaded Afghanistan. The CIA established ties with Afghanistan muslims. (The same Muslims we now call terrorists.) It supplied them and trained them.  And they won. That was the modern origin of al  quaeda and of ISIS. So the US  decided to try it again.

Assad of Syria is a muslim - but not very observant of the faith. So the U.S. recruited Jihadist groups, then armed and trained them to rebel against Assad. These were the same sort of people who had attacked the World Trade Centre. In that role, our press called them terrorists. But as 'rebels' against Assad, they became 'moderate rebels'.

And when they proved inadequate, the U.S. financed, armed and trained ISIS and other groups to help out.

In short, the U.S. finances 'terrorism' in Syria. It's fighting Assad. But ISIS is a U.S. ally, not an enemy.

Enter Russia. It could see where this was all heading - the cutting off of Russia and China from any oil trade with the middle east, the colonization of the region - and then the economic and, probably, military attacks on Russia and China.
So Putin asked Assad for permission to intervene - and got it, making his intervention the only legal one.

The war in Syria  is one of the Russians against 'terrorists' and the U.S. against Assad. it's next step, quite possibly, is the war between the U.S. and Russia and, quite likely, China.

And what it's all about  is that insanity called greed.

Think about that next time you're worshipping at the irving chapel.
The irving press has its usual 'news'. Today, readers learn from the front page headline that the seats in the new Events Centre will be slightely wider than originally planned. Generally, it avoids lying in today's edition by reporting only trivia.

Oh, Canadian troops have been in action in Iraq, lately. But the irving press didn't have room to mention it. It needed the space for an important story about a fist fight between two British politicians.
The Guardian has disappointingly pale stuff today.
So let's go OffGuardian.
Here's an issue that, whichever side we are on, whatever prejudices we may have, is news we need. Alas! It wasn't in the irving press.
This is an interesting site. In the case of the story listed below, the source is a pretty good one.
The tone of this one is a little over-excited - enough to make one suspect a strong, teeny-bopper excitement.  I'm not sure it's as glorious as it sounds. But it's a  credible possibility.
Here's the story that wasn't important enough to make the irving press.

What the hell are we doing in this war? When did parliament declare this war? Isn't the requirement for parliament to declare war supposed to be one of the things our veterans fought for?
Yes, I know The Palestinian Information Centre is biased. But I know this story is true because it's been confirmed by many sources. Israel does not permit the Palestinians in Gaza to control their own coast. So Israel reacted with military power when a boat of unarmed womenn appeared. They won't be allowed into Gaza. The same thing can (and does) happen to food and medical supplies. Funny how the west does nothing about this. CAn you imagine the reaction if an arab nation were to block a ship trying to enter Israeli waters?
American police have killed 824 people this year. That puts them on track for a new record.
And, in case you haven't guessed that Hillary and Donald are the same old same old....
More than a little complex - but it's important to underst and this aspect of war.
There can be no doubt about it. The U.S. is planning for the nuclear option, and has been planning for it for some years. That's why it has, as much as possible, scattered its launching siites and, as much as possible, surrounded Russia and China with them. All the promises made in 1945 were lies. Nuclear weapons were never a deterrent to war. Indeed, we have been fighting  constant wars ever since 1945.

Now, the ultimate nightmare has happened The other side has responded with a warning that it, too, is prepared to go nuclear. And the reason the very existence of humanity is at risk? It's to protect a resource which will destroy us if we keep using it. Greed and stupidity. On both sides.

Greed, stupidity and, of course, massive corruption. That's why there is rising poverty even in a rich country like the U.S. The trillions the U.S. alone spends on war would decently feed and house the whole world. But that will not be allowed to happen.

But there are plans for a better future here in New Brunswick. That's why today's big headline lead was the news that seats in the events centre will be wider than planned.

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