Monday, October 31, 2016

Oct. 31: What is a newspaper that uses lots of photos? Cheap!

The most important news of the day in the iriving press is that cranberry prices are down. To send that message home, the paper also offers three-quarters of a page of photos of cranberry fields. (You see one cranberry field, you've seen 'em all. But photos are cheap page fillers. There's also a full page of photos of people in Hallowe'en costumes.)

There's a small story, very small, about the European Union trade deal with Canada - and it tells us nothing. The only item worth reading in the whole paper is Alec Bruce's column in which he points out that climate change is real - and Canada is doing little about it.
If you want important news about Canada, skip the irving press. Read The Guardian from Britain.
And here's a letter to the editor of The Guardian about the Canada-European Union free trade deal.   This brief letter tells us more about it that we have learned through our government, and much, much more than we have learned from the irving press.

What's happening - and it's happening all over the world - is that big business is pushing hard to free itself from any obligation to be good citizens of any country. It intends to free itself from the law, and from any control by the rest of us. They are destroying government. And they are destroying democracy.  That's what the free trade deals are all about.
What is happening in the US is not so much an election as it is a social and economic crash. This is dangerous for the U.S., and dangerous for the world. And we're not getting even a hint of this from our news media. Nor are we learning how a very similar process is  happening in Canada.
And here's a reality that rarely appears in our news media.  Our side created the ISIS that we are supposedly fighting. It funds it. It equips the ISIS armies. Our side is furious because Russia is actually attacking the terrorists we claim to be fighting.
And this is useful for an understanding of why the wealthy need wars.
This is a long one, but worth the read to get a sense of how dishonest most of our news media are.
I  found this initriguing comment in an article from CounterCurrents about Bernie Sanders.

Quoting from Credit Suisse’s 2013 Global Wealth Report: “Two generations ahead, future extrapolations of current wealth growth rates yields almost a billion millionaires, equivalent to 20% of the total adult population. If this scenario unfolds, then billionaires will be commonplace, and there is likely to be a few trillionaires too — eleven according to our best estimate.”

There’s a new word in there for us, says Credit Suisse. The wealth of the capitalist class will race away from the worker class like a receding star.

              This is the inevitable result of our form of capitalism.
Here's one that tells us a good deal about the intrusion of billionaire propagandists in our education system. This one is linked to The Fraser institute, a propaganda house whose columns appear frequently in the irving press, just as if they were real, honest journalism.

As the article shows, these groups have the power to intrude into the public education system and, of course, into the universities (who will do anything for a price.)
Even some U.S. media mention that the U.S. is equipping and financing the 'terrorists' that they claim to be a threat to the U.S. But they don't ever mention it loudly or clearly.
We haven't had much news about Standing Rock - the anti-oil pipeline protest by native peoples in North Dakota. I was astonished, a few days ago, to see that the police had a large and heavily armed presence to deal with a relatively small and peaceful demonstration. More astonishing was their equipage of amoured cars with machine guns.

Interesting to see that because it's quite possible that Canada will see such demonstrations as the oil companies are determined to push through with such pipelines, and with more oil development.

(Incidentally, estimates are that it will take 30 years for an oil pipeline to pay for itself. So don't hold your breath watching for alternative energy  projects.)
Here's Russia Today. I would advise all readers to take a look at the whole site, and let me know if this looks like propaganda. In fact, in the story below, the propaganda version (largely in the form of silence) has been all that we've seen or heard from our news media. It says something when a Canadian has to read Russia Today to learn what our Canadian government is doing.
Here's another one that our western news media have ignored - though it's rather an important case as an issue of human rights. A US historian who revealed the extent of anti semitism in Poland is on trial in that country for "insulting the Polish people".  How's that for freedom of speech?  He could get up to three years for it.

In fact, almost all of Europe had little problem with Hitler's extermination of Jews. Nor did Britain or the U.S. or Canada. We all were profoundly anti-Jewish, not just during the war, but even after it. But we prefer not to be reminded of it.

The historian said that the Poles killed more Jews than they did Naziis. So? That's a fact. And the historian could get three years for saying so.

Israel's Haaretz, incidentally, carried this story. too. That puts it even further ahead of most North American news media.
And then there's Haaretz, itself. I always keep it for last because, despite my dislike for the Israeli government, Haaretz is always a breath of the fresh air of honest and intelligent journalism. Below is the only intelligent report I have seen of Putin's sending of an aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean.

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