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Oct. 29: Monton's wealthy admitted to hall of fame. clap, clap, clap

The irving press is its usual, sloppy and ill-informed self.

The headline says that the leader of New Brunswick's     'leading literacy program for children' is outraged by falling literacy scores at the grade 2 level. "Leading literacy program"? In fact, this is a volunteer group - and a worthy one - but what makes it the leading literacy program? Does it have more expertise than the education system has? And just how many literacy programmes are we comparing this to?

And why be shocked at the drop in literacy?

This is a province which really doesn't give much of a damn about literacy. It never has. Of course there's a literacy problem with children.  The children grow up in a society with little interest in literacy. The libraries are the worst funded in Canada. The parents show little interest in reading (or discussing) anything. In fact, the parents have a very low rate of literacy.

In my elementary school days in Montreal, most of my friends were functionally illiterate. Illiteracy was a social feature of the district I grew up in. I was just lucky that my father read, and encouraged me to read.

Schools can have only a very limited impact on a society that doesn't want to learn. And that's what New Brunswick's problem is. It's not the schools. Its the people of New Brunswick. Even the newspapers are notable only for trash news and triviality.

The Commentary page, for example, has yet another column by Brian Murphy guaranteed not to make anybody think or to feel offended. And below him is yet another Fraser Institute column from Canada's major propaganda house for billionaires.

Page three has yet another story about a business  hall of fame gala to honour some rich people. (This province seems to spend the time it should spend reading on creating halls of fame for rich people.) I wonder whether they keep their money in tax havens. Have you noticed that neither our private news media nor our governments have had anything to say about how the very wealthy avoid paying any taxes at all?

 For an even greater thrill, check out section B, Canada&World, which has nothing worth reading about Canada or the world.  But it does have a two-page spread for the 'Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards'. With its Chamber of Commerce awards, Halls of fame, Orders of Moncton, this small city must have the world's highest proportion of awards for making money.

Now we need a hall of fame for those who pay their taxes.
I'm not quite sure how seriously to take this next story. But I suspect it has to be taken very seriously, indeed. The American social and economic system is crashing - and this might well be part of the crash.

For contrast with the above, check out North Dakota Pipeline on google  to see how native people protesting a pipeline are being treated.
The wars in Syria and Iraq defy any logic. The U.S. is supposed to be fighting jihadists ( as it is doing in Iraq.) But it is also fighting for them (as it is doing in Syria.) It pretends it has a right to be in Syria because it is helping the so-called 'rebels' against Assad. In fact, many of those rebels are jihadists. And, anyway, the U.S. has no right under law to help any rebels anywhere. One can go to war with a country if it is a threat to your country. (And it's hard to see how Syria is such a threat to the U.S.)  Or you can intervene if the government asks you - but the government of Syria has certainly never made such a request. Russia is the only foreign country that is there legally.

Then there's the doubletalk of the news media.   Rebels supported by the U.S. are called 'moderate rebels'. I have no idea what that term means. Nor do our news media. But they routinely use it. News reports commonly feature material from the Syrian Human Rights Watch. They never tell us that this is run by an anti-Assad haberdasher who lives in England, and who gets all his information from groups opposed to Assad.

The Canadian government tells us nothing about Canadian troops and aircraft that are involved in the fighting in Iraq. In reality, Iraq and Syria are the same war for the same purpose. If, as seems highly possible with a Clinton presidency, this leads to a war with Russia, and even anuclear war, Canada will be in it. This is a huge blunder committed by a Trudeau who wanted to kiss up to the U.S. government. Neither Iraq nor Syria is any threat to Canada. Nor have they ever been.

In fact, neither country is any threat to anybody except oil billionaires.This whole  episode is a quagmire of lies, greed, starvation, mass murder largely by our side. And constantly lied about in our news media.
One of the most striking features of the last  40 years has been the drive of corporations to destroy the power of the governments that we elect. And that means destroying the only power that we have. That really takes us back to medieval days when aristocracies made us their slaves. The major device for this destruction of us has been the trade treaty. Trudeau is signing one with the European Union as I write this. Here's cautionary tale about it.
Here's a story that really is common sense.  Why do those terrible Muslim terrorists attack nice people in the U.S., Canada, France, Britain?

Well, it might have something to do with the fact that us nice people have been killing Muslims at a frantic pace ever since 2001. In fact, we have been killing them since 1914, at least.
While our news media have been clapping their hands for more war in Syria, others have been more questioning. Here's an interesting example of the questioners.

Almost all wars have been essentially economic, and driven by greed. That's what the Greek empires, the Roman Empire, the British Empire were all about. The crusades were fought to steal land for European knights. The British/French wars of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were efforts for each to beat the other at killing native peoples all over the world to steal their land and resources. The so-called 'indian wars' of the US were fought so that land speculators could take native lands. World War 1 was caused by Germany's drive for industrial dominance, and by the determination of its neighbours to maintain their own dominance. World War Two was the same.

The wars in the middle east have nothing to do with bringing democracy or freedom, and nothing to do with Muslims being 'bad'. They are being fought to give oil barons, mostly American, abolute control over the resources of the middle east. But recent wars have added a new angle.

Millions had died to make oil barons richer before this. The new angle is that the oil barons can now avoid taxes with tax havens. That means, among other things, they don't have to pay a cent for these wars that are costing trillions of dollars. The whole cost is picked up by us - the people who do pay taxes. We pay for the wars. And some of us die in them. But we win nothing.

Much of this is connected to the fact that our governments made tax  havens legal. That should be an issue in the U.S. election. But it won't be. Not with Trump. And not with Clinton.
Australia, like Canada, is and has been a puppet state to fight the wars of Britain, and now those of the U.S.
I am not one of Trump's admirers. But I suspect the argument below is correct about who is manipulating this election, and how, and why.
As I read through Russia Today, I was struck by its resemblance to just about any western news site. Here is the page of photos of Haitians struggling to get food. Is this in any way subversive of western values?

Type Russia Today into your search engine. Take a look at the whole edition. Why is this such a threat that western banks and governments are trying to kill it? Almost everything in today's edition I've also seen in the western news media. It even has a kind word for Hillary Clinton. And it certainly beats the pants off the irving press here in New Brunswick.
The irving press hasn't paid much attention to this story. It needed the space to tell us the important news - about the Business Hall of Fame Awards  for rich people.
This item is a cautionary tale about how the news media use pictures as propaganda. Originally, this  appeared in Russia Today. (Incidentally, Larry King of U.S. fame as host of the Larry King TV show, is now employed by ----wait for it ----Russia Today.
Here's a letter from Roman Catholic nuns in the besieged city of Aleppo. It disputes the usual story we get that only Russians are doing all the killing in Aleppo. The say that our good buddies (the terrorists that we support) have carried out extensive killings.
With the cooperation of news media, the western powers, notably the U.S. and Britain, routinely encourage mass murder and torture all over the world. And we never hear about it.
I can only hope this next one gets through. Its from Haaretz - which can create problems for sending out copies. In short, it makes the point that the battle for Mosul in Iraq will be a difficult and costly one. Part of the reason is that some of the forces on our side (like the Kurds) are poorly armed because the U.S. has no wish to see them become a force in the region. As well, ''our side" is by no means united in its ambitions.

At best, this battle is going to produce a very, very large number of civilian dead.
Israelis, with Haaretz, get an impartial quality of reporting that we rarely see in North America.
(and I hope these last two get through.)

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  1. Mr. Decarie, Trump proved that half the American voting public is "uniquely unqualified" to vote. So unfortunate but hardly surprising.