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Oct. 24: Cheap journalism and the irving press.

The longest story on the front page of the irving press is that a former finance minister, now running for leadership of the Conservative party of New Brunswick, says he will do politics differently. How will he do them differently?  The story really doesn't say. But for lovers of stories that say nothing, there are two more big ones on exactly the same topic in section B.

The lead story -  hold on to your hats, is that school registration is up 2.4% this year. Then there's a page of pictures of people at the zoo. Well, it tells us nothing. But it fills space - and it's cheap.

For World News, once we get through the two non-stories about the provincial Conservative convention, there's a whole page about a prison break in Haiti. Actually, it's almost  a whole page of photos of empty places they escaped from. Great stuff for people who like pictures of empty places. Also great for newspaper editors and owners who are too cheap to even look for real news.
And that's about it. Well, there's also a big story that Canada has lots of work to do on indigenous issues. But that's surely not surprising given that Canada hasn't done anything on inigenous issues. And there's a big, big story that some people think some hallowe'en costumes are offensive.

Yemen? Turkey? Canadian bombers and special ops troops in Iraq? Never heard of 'em. War developing between India and Pakistan - and both of them nuclear powers? Yawn. Who cares? Nine thousand Syrian refugees of all ages being kicked out of a camp in France, and with nowhere to go? Who gives a damn?
And for local news that doesn't appear in the irving press, an oil pipeline from Alberta to New Brunswick would take thirty years just to pay for the line. And that means thirty years of no action on cutting carbon emissions. Boy, it's a good thing that climate change isn't really happening.
Here are photos of a story the irving press didn't consider worth reporting.

And the children.
Here's a bitter, but quite accurate, outline of world history over the last 75 years or so. Despite the myth of the American love of democracy, the U.S. has very, very seldom brought democracy to anybody. It does, though, have a record of overthrowing democracies, and installing dictators. Just a few examples of this have been Iran, Egypt, Haiti, Guatemala, Chile, South Vietnam....  (They like to call it 'regime change'.)

It is now engaged in conquering the world. That's not loose talk.It has announced that in Project for the New American Century. Obama has publicly embraced that idea with his acceptance of 'American exceptionalism' - the idea that the U.S., and only the U.S., has the right to invade any country it pleases to.

And that is why the U.S. is by far the world's biggest spender on weapons. That money could be spent on easing poverty in the U.S.. It could be spent on helping the nearly thirty million refugees the U.S. has created. (with the help of its toadies like Britain, Belgium, France, Canada...)

What the U.S. has done is to revive the cold war - and to revive it in a much more dangerous form. Russia backed away from a nuclear war over Cuba back in the 1960s. But Russia and China are not backing away this time. Though the irving press hasn't noticed it, we are very, very close to nuclear war.

Speaking of spy service, and Canada's CSIS, Canada now has troops in Latvia near the Russia border. They are there because CSIS said Russia is preparing for war. That's it.  Well,  isn't the U.S. preparing for war? Isn't almost every country preparing for war? In fact, the reason Russia is preparing for war is because the U.S. is doing things like planting troops and nuclear weapons on the Russian border. They'd be damned fools if they weren't.

In fact, if CSIS detected  Russia preparing for war, wouldn't that mean Canada, by spying, was preparing for war? And if the U.S. is planting nuclear weapons on the Russian border, doesn't that mean the U.S. is preparing for war?

But those five words that tell us nothing became our excuse to put Canadian troops in danger. CSIS was used to create a crisis where none existed. That's a large part of what spy agencies do.
Let's count the nations that have forces in Iraq and/or Syria. There's Syria and Iraq, of course. There's the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Kurds  (though not not yet recognized as a nation), Canada, Belgium, Britain, Iran, and there are Jihadists from many countries.

To add to the confusion, they are there for varied and often contradictory reasons.  The U.S. is there to defeat the Jihadists in Iraq. But it's also there to support the Jihadists (same ones) fighting Syria. That's why it's attacking Jihadists in Iraq, but  defending them in Syria.

Turkey is in Iraq mostly to prevent Kurds from getting a part of it. Kurds are there for the opposite reason.

Russia is there to help Assad - which is why the U.S. is mad at Russia. The U.S. wants Assad destroyed.

Everybody's there for a different reason and, for the U.S., the reason changes from one target to another. And this is a war not likely to end any time soon - probably not for many, many years. And in every one of those years there will be many times when the confusion could cause a blunder that would lead to World War Three. In fact, this may well be World War Three already.
There is a company which manufactures devices that record private conversations, phone calls, somputer files, you name it - and sells them to governments. One of its customers is Canada.  It's a wonderful way for governments to find out all about you. And the beauty of it is it doesn't just take down information about criminals and terrorists. It takes down information about everybody - includiing you.
It's been a slow day for news. One of the reason is that the U.S. is winding down a presidential race in which neither candidate has said anything about any major issue facing the U.S. The U.S. is currently fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen. It is also bombing an unkown number of countries.  Why? It is on the edge of fighting with Russia. Why?

(Oh, look at me, teacher. My hand is up. I know why. It's because Russians are bad people.)

Neither Clinton nor Trump seems to consider this important. U.S. living standards are dropping as the very wealthy get a bigger and bigger share of the national wealth. Government spending has soared above any possibility that the U.S. debt can ever be paid.

Fundamental social services, even education, are being destroyed as the wealthy privatize them for their own profit. Racism is far out of control. And there's surely something wrong with a nation that has far the largest prison population in the world.

We are watching the collapse of capitalism as it becomes a  system in which the wealthy are able to avoid government control (which means they are able to avoid citizen control.) The system is no longer capitalism. It's simply a primitive affair called unlimited greed.

Greed, nothing else, is the reason for wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya. Greed is the reason for poverty in Africa, South America, much of Asia - and right here in North America.

But neither candidate for the presidency mentioned this.

So it is that Hilary Clinton will probably win this election - because Trump raped women - and Clinton didn't.

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