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Oct. 22: The Gutter that is the irving press Deepens.

Today, for the third day in a row, the front page headline story is another sensationalist one - and again on the same murder trial. "Deceased victim was stabbed more than  100 times, jury told."  Just the information we need to vote intelligently, to plan for the future, to understand the world around us. And this mindless, useless drivel is characteristic of the whole of the paper.

They have also added yet another think tank without telling us what it is. This is called Cardus Family. And it's a religious, fundamentalist propaganda house. Its general view is that religious fundamentalists should be allowed to force their views on others - but others should not be allowed to force their views on fundamentalists. In other words, they should have the right to force their values on voters. But voters should not have the same right against them. Apparently, we're now going to have this thrust on us, and we aren't going to be told what this propaganda house is really all about - just like The Fraser Institute.

Of course, there are probably advantages that come with Cardus and Fraser. I suspect that irving doesn't have to pay for these columns.

Canada and World is pretty much just Canada - and slim pickings at that. There is no mention that a powerful Russian fleet is on the way to the middle east. But who cares? Right? Nor is there yet any mention that Canada is selling armoured cars to Saudi Arabia to help kill civilians in Yemen. Nor is there any mention that the U.S. openly admits to wanting the government of Syria destroyed - but wants other people, notably ISIS terrorists, to do the destroying.

Today's sermonette on the Faith page is by the best of the regulars who write for it. But, as Christian churches have been doing for 2,000 years, it wiggles away from the point. It says the central point of every belief system in the world is that we should love everyone and help everyone.

As he wrote that, the very Christian U.S., Belgian, British (and Canadian) Christians were busily cutting off food and medical aid to much of the middle east, killing and refugeeing tens of millions. If fact, for the last 2,000 years, Christians have been killing and pillaging each other - and those of other religions. And in every case they have done so with the approval and even the blessings of their churches. George Bush, who killed a million and a half people in Iraq, is a real Hallelujah boy. The message of Cardus is we gotta stop them there transgendered sinners. But we won't mention bombing civilians.

What a pack of hypocrites!

Oh, where's the big story on how Montreal's Bombardier aircraft plant is asking the federal government for a couple of billion dollars? Isn't capitalism the system in which bold entrepreneurs risk their own money, and don't go around begging for handouts like those lazy slobs on UI? I wonder how many people on UI can expect to get 2 billion....
Here is what's happening to wine production as a result of climate change that our oil billionaires tell us isn't happening. And this is just a start. Grapes are not the only crop that is in trouble. One result of this is going to be mass migration - and a very, very messy one. Another result is going to be a general reduction in all crops.
American foreign policy since 2001  (and earlier) has thrown the middle east into a profound instability which is dangerous for us all. It's campaign against Mosul (with Canadian help) will make it even more dangerous.

The purpose of the campaign is not to defeat ISIS. No. The U.S. needs the terrorists of ISIS to destroy Syria. What it now wants is to move ISIS out of Iraq - and into Syria. Will civilians be killed in the process? You bet. Will Russia continue to attack Aleppo? No doubt about it. Will this heighten the possibility of nuclear war? Sure thing.

Will this end the fighting in Iraq? Not at all. The Kurds want a large piece of Iraq. So do the Turks. Expect Iraq to get much worse. Remember Bush strutting on the deck of a carrier to welcome the troops home from Iraq? In fact, that war was not over. It still isn't over. And there is no reason to believe that any of the wars that were begun in 2001 will be over in any foreseeable future.
Is Russia killing Civilians in Aleppo? Yes. Are these war crimes? Almost certainly. Is the U.S. killing civilians in Mosul and in Syria? No  doubt about it. Are these war crimes. Yes.

Here's an example of how tangled violent interference with other countries can get.
And here's a pretty telling attack on The Guardian.

I have noticed more than a few The Guardian offences similar to the one above.
I've just taken a break to look at Haaretz. It's well worth a subscription. It has a fascinating range of articles and, oh, it's honest journalism.
Here's a story about Australia as a puppet nation doomed to fight other peoples' wars. In fact, this is almost  identical to the history of Canada.
Here's a gruesome account. It's not about any  'bad guys' in particular. It's about all of us.
Here's the current issue of Russia today. I see propaganda here in the sense that nothing is ever the fault of Russia. But as I read western papers, I read that nothing is ever our fault. What's the difference?

And, certainly, there's no lying in here. There often is in our daily news media.
Now, here's something that is highly biased. Sometimes, I think it goes overboard. But it does hit on a major issue never touched in our news media -  the profound corruption of American political and economic life up to the highest levels. And the corruption of all our private news media and their billionaire owners.  And the huge danger that places all of us in.
In our news media, we get very little sense of what war means. This might help us to understand.
Here is something that has passed right under the wobbling radar of the irving press. India and Pakistan are playing with war - again. No big deal? Both have nuclear weapons.
Now, here's a real problem for the oil industry. If true and acted on, this means 1. the oil industry, in accepting it, will be admitting it has been lying about climate change. 2. the oil industry could find itself facing competitors in the fuel business.

It's also an interesting test for your local news media. Will they  run this story?
One of the proud boasts I frequently came across in studying Canadian history was that Canada, by its performance in World War One, got the right to declare war on its own. And that's rubbish.

1. Britain agreed to full independence for Canada to get rid of us. It feared a U.S./Canada confrontation that could drag Britain into a war with the U.S. This was a worry the British had felt since the U.S. civil war. They wanted to get rid of Canada.

2. Canada, actually, was never required to go to war when Britain declared war - except in the most technical sense. It was required to go to war - only if Canada itself was invaded. The British put pressure on Canada to fight whenever Britain did when it drew Canada into the Boer War. The did that to establish a precedent because they know war with Germany was on the way.

Canada is now actively at war bombing bombing Iraq. It has played an active role in that war going back to the start. And it has never declared war. It has had naval ships involved from the start. It has special ops troops involved. Canadian aircraft are bombing Mosul. That's a war.

The Canadians are fighting a war without parliament ever voting for it or even discussing it. In other words, we have betrayed what we claimed our soldiers were fighting for in World War 1.   (And we betrayed even more the promises we made in World War 2.)

I must remember that for Nov. 11.

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