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Oct. 21: "Not with a bang, but a whimper"

The lead story in the irving press Canada and World section is that a New Brunswicker is among 4 new members of a (rigged) panel studying an oil pipeline scheme. I rather thought the following story (CBC) was more important. But you'll never see it in the irving press.

Strut  your pride, Canada. Canadian armoured cars will soon be killing children in Yemen thanks to Trudeau's decision to ignore our signing of a treaty that bans us from selling weapons to murderous regimes. the treaty specifically names   Saudi Arabia. (Doesn't Mr. Trudeau;s hair look nice?)
The headline in  the irving press for Oct.20 was "Neighbour tells murder trial she heard banging and screaming". For Oct. 21, it is "Murder trial jury shown dagger, shard of glass, curtain rod".

This is gutter journalism. Cheap and useless information, it appeals only to those who love the thrill of gossip. These headlines (and the rest of paper) tell us that the purpose of the irving press is not to inform but to keep us ignorant and uninformed of what we need to know.  It's called sensationalism.

And it works. New Brunswickers haven't the faintest idea what problems this province faces.

Oh, in Commentary, Oct. 21 has its usual propaganda piece from that billionaire's mouthpiece, the Fraser Institute. Oct. 20 treats us to a group called Cardus which does 'research' to prove that religious schools are superior. (Of course, the irving press doesn't tell us what these outfits are.)
The news on the American election is pretty superficial, too. Of course. Nobody is ready to face the reality of what that means.

We get lots of bilge on how the election of Hillary would be a great advance for women. Right. If she wins, this will inspire other rich women who are well-connected politically and well-funded by big money in oil and banking (mostly male) to run for office, and kill whoever big oil and banking tell them to kill.
Of course, it won't do a hell of a lot for the women who have to sleep on the streets of Los Angeles. Nor will it help all those millions of women who have to work for minimum wages at  places like Walmart. Nor will it help the unmarried or abandoned mothers who raise their children in deep poverty.

We have had national leaders before who were women, from Queen Elizabeth 1 to Mary Queen of Scots to Catherine the great to Margaret Thatcher to the current British p.m. None of them did a thing for women. Nor will Clinton. She knows well who she serves.

Donald Trump, even if he were sane, would be a disaster. As a billionaire, he is an ardent believer in neoliberalism, the right of the wealthy to rule, to avoid taxes, to escape regulation, to prosper by sheer greed. How could a country with so many millions of people produce such a pair as the only serious candidates for the presidency?

That's because of something else the irving press has never told us.

The American political and economic system is rotten to the core. It is corrupt. It is anti-democratic. It is murderous. And it is hopelessly out of control. No matter who wins, we are watching the collapse of American society. The only question remaining is - how many of us it will take with it.

And the answer, as I watch the kiss-ups of Justin Trudeau, is it will take all of us Canadians with it.
And, oh, I agreed with this next one. Canadians have an image of themselves as false as the image Americans have of themselves. And Canadians have routinely shown a political sense just as bad as that of Americans. Of course. Both countries are controlled by billionaires who own media to keep us ignorant, and who buy politicians.

Right now, Trudeau is holding energy board 'consultations' with the public about pipelines - and with implications for fracking. It's pretty clear that these are an attempt to wiggle around those opposed to such development.  (They will certainly not discuss the storm of earthquakes that has hit Oklahoma City since its development of fracking.)

The fossil fuel industry has not the slightest intention, ever, of cutting down to reduce climate change. It has even, with the help of newspapers like the irving press, convinced many people it's not happening. Greed will beat common sense every time.
I'm afraid that, each day, I notice that The Guardian has a little less worth reporting on.
Reuters has reported on a story that the  irving press has not bothered to notice. The Phillipines has placed its future in an alliance with China. The American response is to act suprised, and say that the U.S. and The Phillipines have been close for over a century. In fact, the U.S. conquered The Phillipines in an extraordinarily brutal war, then ruled it with an American military dictator until 1942, then with local puppet dictators from 1945 until recently. This is a huge defection of what had been a major American foothold in Asia.
The wars in the middle east are increasingly bizarre. The U.S. is supposedly attacking ISIS. But it isn't - not usually. In fact, it's supplying ISIS - as is Saudi Arabia. It wants ISIS to defeat Assad in Syria. And it is criticizing the Russians for bombing the city of Aleppo precisely because Russia is bombing the ISIS terrorists.

So why is the U.S. launching the Iraq army to fight ISIS in Mosul?
Well, that's because the U.S. wants itself, not ISIS, to control Iraq. It also wants those ISIS troops in Mosul to join in the fight against Syria. It doesn't want to kill them. It wants to evacuate them to fight in Syria.

It gets even more difficult to follow because the U.S. does not want its own troops fighting on land. Americans get very, very nervous at casualty lists. That's why it's bombing. In these wars,  the air force suffers very, very few casualties. Bombing, of course, kills a lot of civilians. But nobody cares about that.
To make it messier, the Kurds are involved in the Mosul attack because they want a new Kurdistan which will necessarily mean taking territory from Iraq and Turkey. And Turks are involved because they want to squeeze out Kurds, and to take over some of Iraq for Turkey.

I hope that's all perfectly clear. American strategic planning over the last fifteen years has been of a sort the world has rarely seen. It has destroyed the stability of the whole region, and that may never be recovered. And, en passant, it has killed or refugeed over 30 million people (mostly civilians)  - which have carried that destabilization to Europe. And it's all to satisfy oil billionaires.

Oh, and millions of children have effectively been orphaned, and will have little chance for any significant education. But that's their problem.

And that's okay because we all know that burning fossil fuels is good for us.
Here's a story dating back to 2003. It's important because it's the key to all the wars of the last fifteen years.  It's the reason for "American Exceptionalism", the belief that the U.S. has the right ( a right denied to all other nations) to ignore international law, and to kill whoever it wishes to. And it has the right to kill in order to gives the U.S. control of the whole world. (That's not my opinion. That's what the document says. That's what Both Bush and Obama have publicly said. That's what the irving press has never reported.)

Clinton shares this view. That's been obvious in all her years in government. Trump has never explained anything clearly enough to be sure of what his views are - but he would almost certainly follow the same policy. This document is the key to understanding American policy for the last 16 years.
_________________________________________________________________Here's Russia Times, the web site that British and other leaders are trying to destroy because, they say, it's Russian propaganda. well.....

almost all western news is propaganda. In any case, take a look at today's edition of Russia Times. Does that look like lying propaganda to you? In fact, almost all the stories in it have also appeared in the western news media.
Ever read or heard any news stories about the use of torture by Canada's spy agency, CSIS?

Here's a chance to catch up on reality.
Canadians just love Justin Trudeau.  His hair is so nice...... here are some different viewpoints. The one that most interested me is about his pledge to undertake electoral reform. That's an important issue  because we aren't getting election results that reflect public opinion. We also have extremely lax rules on financing which can (and do) produce government as corrupt as those in the U.S.
But Trudeau has decided to drop electoral reform because - well - the public isn't demanding it.

The job of the prime minister is to see our needs, and act on them. It is not to do only what we tell him to do.
On the same issue.
In the greatest theft in world history, the wealthy can escape taxation using tax havens. They can also register their companies as foreign - using countries that have   few or no taxes. Americans want that money paid as taxes. So Clinton is responding with a sweetheart deal.- to get them to pay the money - but at very, very low rates.

Millions of Americans are living in deepening poverty. Universities are so expensive as to be unobtainable for most famjlies. Record numbers are living on the streets. The money hidden overseas amounts to some 23 trillion dollars. That's TRILLION.  But, oh my goodness, we musn't take money from those poor rich people. Professor Saillant of Moncton U. could write a book on the importance of making the rich happy. (He probably will. And Norbert Cunningham will drool over it.)
Funny how our news media missed this story.
Here's an account of the Mosul offensive that you won't find in our private news media. Incidentally, Canadians are doing some of the bombing. Gee. How did the irving press miss that? Of course, our air force would kill only adult male members of ISIS. (It makes them hold up their IDs before bombing them.)
And this is what is happening in Mosul and Aleppo.
Long ago, I promised a list of the sources I have been using. Here it is,  though missing a few I have misplaced. It includes some, , like The Saker, that I use with caution.

The Guardian
Information Clearing House
The Intercept
Countercurrents (English and French)
Russia Today
Media Lens
The Saker (with caution)
 Consortium News
Al Jazeera (with caution. Its formation was excellent - but one sometimes sees the influence of the boss.)
Haaretz - narrow in its coverage, but still the most honest newspaper in the world. Unfortunately, I cannot send it because it will not send stories unless the person I send it to is a subscriber.

And I'm always looking for more sources.

Most discouraging is the Canadian/American ignorance of what fossil fuels are doing. Scientific opinion is close to unanimous on this. Climate change is happening. It is already affecting agriculture in large parts of the world - including California. Storm patterns are changing. The ice caps are melting. Animal and fish populations have been noticeably disturbed.

But a majority of Canadian and Americans don't believe it's happening. They prefer to believe th oil barons  who have no scientific credentials whatever.

'This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang, but a whimper.'

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