Monday, October 17, 2016

Oct. 17: The most amazing thing.....

The most amazing thing....

Today's irving press has no news at all in it. What it has is more pictures than even those scandal mags with headlines like "Camilla dances nude in courtyard of Buckingham Palace."

A3 is almost entirely made up of photos of firemen demonstrating how they cut open a car. All the photos look much the same. A4 is over  90% photos of people riding bicycles, each one looking pretty much like the one before. A10 is dominated by almost identical photos of men standing on the riverbank carrying surfboards. I mean - hey, you see one guy standing by a muddy river holding a surfboard, and you've seen 'em all.

Section B, Canada&World, is almost as bad. And, like the others, these are photos that tell us nothing. What's going on?

Well, for openers, it's cheap. Just tell your reporters to take lots and lots of pictures with their cell phones. And all this news that really isn't news keeps the population of New Brunswick in a stupor so people don't ask awkward questions like, "Who are these people with tax havens who don't pay income tax? How much does this cost us? What, if anything, is this province doing about dealing with climate change? What kind of rebates and other gifts do we give to the wealthy of this province in return for their goodness in staying and robbing us? Why wasn't the toxic filth of the railway yard cleaned out BEFORE building the events centre? For New Brunswick, who are the bagmen who visit corporate bosses to get political funding? And what deals to they make in return?"

There is no news in this whole, scumbag newspaper.

And the editor-in-chief of the chain has a master's degree in journalism, I believe. Take a deep breath, and smell the rot.

And New Brunswickers, always eager to conform so Mr. Irving will like them, just sit there and smile at this abuse of them - and their chldren.
Here's a story about the effect of climate change. But (in Scots diaclect), dinna fash -yr-sel'. If the climate were really changing, Mr. Irving would be leading the way in taking action. (He's a great Christian, has his very own church, and is highly thought of by all the saints of the chamber of commerce.) But he hasn't budged. So it can't be happening.
British banks have shut down the bank account of RT (Russia Times), saying it's a propaganda site. So it is. That's why, though I use it, I use it with caution. For that matter, every daily newspaper in North America is a propaganda sheet with the irving press only the most boring one.

Generally, I have found that while its aim is propaganda, Russia Times often tells the truth. In any case, in a free society, it's surely up to me to decide what I want to read - not up to British bankers who are up to their ears in their own propaganda.
Speaking of propaganda The Guardian is not above peddling it. Take this story about a Russian bombing of Aleppo.

1. The U.S. has often killed thousands in bombing raids. Russians kill 13 - and it's a big story. Where are similar stories about U.S. bombing?

2. Despite the garish headline, the story is not confirmed. There is no evidence whatever for it. we have only the word of Syrian 'rebels".
This is something worse than sloppy reporting.
Here's a story about Canada and a Canadian mining company. Now, wouldn't it be nice if the irving press were to do some digging and get the names of prominent Canadians who are major shareholders in this scandalous mining company? Why, we might even know some of them.
Here's a story about a story that has never made the irving press - the protest by native peoples in the U.S. against an oil pipeline. Maybe an editor at irving press will tell a reporter to do some digging on this one.

Nah... no irving editor wants to wake up a dozing province..
A world the irving press never sees. (But don't worry your little head about the wealthy. They have their money safely tucked in tax  havens.) When is our press going to ask questions about those? When are our governments going to show interest in this?
Something you won't see in the irving press.
And, just for the thrill of it, here's an item from the now forbidden Russia Times.
Mr. Obama is such a nice man. Always smiling. Just like that  nice Mr. Trudeau.

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