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Oct. 15: How to spot propaganda 'news'.

Page B5 - irving press "Fresh wave of airstrikes hit Syrian city of Aleppo".
The large photo features an obviously posed boy sitting in the rubble. There's ruin. There's 'dozens' killed (according to  unnamed sources). Food and medicine are running out. Poor president Obama has been at a loss to stem the violence. And who's doing it? It's them there Russians, that's who.

1. the boy in the photo is posed. He's far too neat to be a casualty. And nobody sits on rocks to look around.

2. There's dozens killed. No doubt. That's what happens in bombing. And it happens no matter who is doing the bombing. The U.S. has specialized in carpet bombing of civilians by the million.

3. Food and medecine are running out in Aleppo. True. They've been running out all over Syria for over a year. That's because the U.S. has cut them off. It's done the same to the people of Yemen.

4. Obama is at a loss to stem the violence? Oh? Didn't he start this war? And the one in Yemen? If he's so eager to stem violence, why does he start it?

5. The Russians are bombing jihadist troops (terrorists) which our press prefers to call 'rebels'. Isn't our side supposed to be fighting terrorists, too? Well, it was. but for over a year, the U.S. has been supplying and training the terrorists. It's also been supplying the bombs that kill people in Yemen, and provides the courses for Saudi bombers to drop them.

Oh, and it also helps the terrorists with bombs it drops on Syrian government troops (and civilians.)

There's lots of evil and cruelty in Syria. But this story sees it only on the other side. That's propaganda.
Section A is a collector's item. The story and photo of a local prof who won an award is on A7. A9 has the same story.

A11 has the story with  photo of people walking in socks to raise money. A13 has exactly the same story, and almost the same photo. The only paper I have ever seen this level of editorial incompetence in was also the irving press - and that was two other stories earlier this week.
In his Commentary, Brian Murphy is again everybody's friend with an attack on Trump for being a lout. Trump is, of course. He's also a safe and easy target. Hillary is a mass murderer. Any thoughts on that, Brian baby? Any thoughts on billionaires who hide their profits so they won't have to pay taxes?

No. I didn't think so.
Let's face reality about the U.S. election. The American political and social system, after generations of gross corruption, has collapsed. It's gone; and it's not going to come back. It's over. And it's not just Trump and Hillary. It's the greed and callousness of the very wealthy. It's the corruption of the news media they own.

 The only question is whether it will take the rest of us with it.  (And Canada is much, much closer to the edge than we might think.)
The good news is that the Faith Page doesn't have a sermonette. It's amazing how our churches can accomodate themselves to the behaviour of our wealthy and greedy and murderous - and never mention it or discuss it. Hillary has murdered and refugeed  in the ten of millions. The wealthy of our society hide their tax money while leaving large numbers homeless and hungry. The wealthy also demand cuts to medicare. And the response of the churches? "Jesus loves me yes I know...."

I could wish our clergy would read The Bible and take it seriously.

Most of the churches of Germany supported the Naziis. The churches of Britain, France and Spain supported the vile empires of those countries. The churches of the U.S. supported their country even as it murdered Christians and clergy in South America - not to mention Vietnamese and Iraqis and Libyans and Yemenis and Syrians.
The U.S. has entered a new war (without declaring war), and nobody has even noticed.
This one will sound insane. It is. It will sound like a stretch.  It is not. The U.S. has clearly threatened nuclear war. Russia and China have clearly indicated they will no longer back off.
This is one to take very seriously. Canada does not have a foreign policy. It has rarely had one of its own. Historically, it's policy was to follow the British. Since 1945, it has usually been to follow the U.S. The only  (brief) period in which we had - sort of - a foreign policy of our own was in the Pearson peace-keeping days.

Trudeau is very much a U.S. puppet.
Trade sanctions are an act of war. The US has never declared war on Cuba. It still imposes sanctions on Cuban trade, and it still enforces poverty. So it's not only an act of war; it's an illegal act - a war crime. That's the kind of arbitrary behaviour all of South America gets from the U.S. And Canada is safe only as long as it is good and obedient. That makes Justin an ideal prime minister.
Here's an item in favour of Trump. I don't think it's enough to justify his existence. But it does counter the campaign to elevate Clinton simply by destroying Trump. It's not just Trump who's wrong. It's not just Hillalry who's wrong. This is a general collapse of all ethical and moral standards.
There is not going to be a happy ever after ending in either case.
Virtually all scientists in the world are agreed that climate change is happening, and that it's very, very dangerous for all of us. But billionaires tell us its okay. So who do we listen to?

Propaganda has made us stunningly gullible.
Here's a story about tax havens which are holding something over 2 trillions dollars in U.S. accounts alone. Canada has its own wealthy spongers and whiners. It was, I think, just yesterday that the  irving press carried a story from The Fraser Institute which claimed average Canadians were getting wealthier (even as they were being massively robbed by wealthy Canadians.)
The news we get on Trump is simplistic. Of course, he's a despicable person. But that scarcely explains why so many are ready to vote for him.
One of the great failures of history has been the failure of 'neoliberalism', a  corporation-friendly economic system, to produce prosperity. (Of course, the irving press hasn't yet recognized that it has been a wretched failure.) It's an extreme form of capitalism that has been pimped to us for some 40 years. And it has imposed poverty all over the world.

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