Friday, October 14, 2016

Oct. 14: An exciting day ---

--for fools.

A private clinic is in court challenging the right of Canadians to receive government medicare. If it wins, that means we go back to the days when most Canadians got no medical care at all. Nor is this the only attack. Expect continuing attacks on medicare. Expect private business to continue attacking medicare. Expect the Liberals and the Conservatives to support private business.
The irving press has carried four, propaganda reports on this in recent days. Two were from the Fraser Institute, and two pretended to be news reports. All four were in praise of cutting medicare, and switching to private health care.

Yesterday, Trudeau warned the European Union it had better sign a current trade deal with Canada and the U.S. You're wondering what's in the deal? So am I. It's been over a year since the deal was arranged - and nobody has yet told us what's in it. (But corporations know, and they have lobbyists working on it.)

In the same way,     Trudeau is waving the flag for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal that would allow corporation to hide even more money than they do now, and would allow them to sue us if we do terrible things like protecting our environment and the whole planet from destruction.

We'be been told nothing about this one, either.  Here's an e mail I received on it.---------It concerns Canada - but is also -true of the U.S.

This is not your ordinary email. This is an email to update you on what’s going on with the TPP this fall, and to bring you into the loop about how we’re going to work together to beat it.

2,266. Two thousand, two hundred and sixty six. That’s how many communications lobbyists have registered with government to lobby on trade since the last election.[1]

Many of the most active lobbyists -- representing Big Pharma, the mining industry, and fracking companies -- admit that the TPP is one of their top priorities. [2]

The worst lobbyist of them all? Lone Pine Resources, the fracking company that’s suing Canada for millions under NAFTA because Quebec banned fracking, has met with government officials 13 times in the past 6 months. [3]

And those are only the ones we know about. A recent freedom of information request revealed that fracking companies have been secretly communicating with the government on trade since November; meeting and exchanging notes with the government without logging them in the lobbying registry.  [4]

In other words, we actually don’t know the full extent of corporate lobbying efforts on the TPP. What we do know is that it seems to be working, since Trade Minister Freeland is “edging towards public endorsement of the TPP.” [5]

You might be asking: “Wait-- what?!? What the heck is going on??”

Over the past few weeks there have been a bunch of big developments on the TPP, and all signs are pointing to a decision coming down the pipe very, very soon.

Why this fall matters: TPP update and current political context

1. Global Affairs Canada -- which houses the office of International Trade -- just released its study on the TPP and it wholeheartedly endorses TPP’s ratification. [6]

The report, which emerged two weeks ago could easily have languished on the government’s website, a victim of the “Friday night dump” perfected by Harper’s Conservatives -- but instead it was publically released in what analysts are saying is laying the groundwork for TPP ratification. Why else flag for the media an internal Global Affairs Canada study that fully supports ratification? [7]

2. The US election: President Obama spent his summer shoring up support for TPP from members of Congress, while he and his trade representatives have been meeting with other governments pushing for the TPP’s swift ratification in those countries.[8-9]

The scoop is that Obama is getting ready to ratify TPP after the election, but before a new President takes office -- so either in November or early December. This is because both Trump and Clinton are opposed to the deal and Obama wants to get it ratified while he can. For whatever reason, the TPP has become a legacy project for Obama, and he’s been pressuring the Liberal government to join it since they were elected last year. [10]

If Obama ratifies the TPP in November, political analysts are saying Canada will soon follow suit unless the Liberals feel like there will be a massive public backlash.[11]

3. CETA, or the Canada-EU Trade Agreement - what we like to call the TPP’s dangerous cousin - is slated to be signed at the end of October. The Trudeau Liberals have never been on the fence about CETA; they have been staunchly in favour since taking office.[12-13]

The government has never promised TPP-style consultations to help decide whether or not we should ratify, even though CETA includes toxic ISDS mechanisms, and will have similar impacts on our jobs, medicine prices, and policy making.

With an October approval date for CETA, it’s very possible that approving CETA is one small step for the Liberals to placate business interests and one giant leap in the direction of ratifying TPP.

4. TPP consultations are winding down. The Parliamentary Trade Committee’s hearings (which many of you spoke out at) have concluded, and it’s closing down its written submissions inbox on the 31st. With the consultation era winding down this month, we’re getting ready for an era of big decisions from this government. We need to ramp up the pressure, and be ready for whatever comes our way.
With TPP consultations wrapping up in mere weeks, lobbyists revving their engines, the US election under a month away, and our government already inching towards ratification with its impact study -- the decision on TPP is coming down the pipe and it’s going to happen fast.

We need to be ready, which means we need to build now.

The Plan, crafted thanks to you

The only chance we have to stop this thing in the fall is through a massive, strategic public mobilization. Back in July we asked you what kinds of things we should be prioritizing for a fall TPP campaign. We took your feedback, did a ton of research into the context, and put our collective heads together to come up with a powerful, strategic, and people-powered campaign to win. Here it is:

We need to make the TPP so politically toxic for the Liberals that they’ll feel scared to ratify it. We need to show the new government that ratifying the TPP would be a game-changing betrayal of trust for hundreds of thousands of progressive voters -- one that will follow them all the way to the ballot box in 2019.

To do this, we need to get thousands of people into the streets, and amplify a diversity of opposition in a hard-hitting media strategy. We need to make the case that the TPP is a bad deal for Canada, and that the public won’t stand for anything short of a rejection. We want to:

Work with partners at other organizations to organize national-scale rallies as well as local actons in strategic Liberals ridings to make our opposition impossible to ignore
Flood mainstream media with a diversity of voices opposing this deal, from farmers and environmentalists, to workers and issue experts
Launch a national ad blitz highlighting TPP's various impacts and how it conflicts with Trudeau's key promises - from First Nations relations, to climate action, to middle class growth and jobs.
Stage big, creative stunts to get much needed media attention on the TPP and the public's growing opposition
Pro-TPP forces including the biggest corporate lobbyists want us -- need us --- to be silent.

The math is pretty straightforward: with enough numbers and enough noise, we can make this campaign explode in the next 3 months, and shift the political calculus for the new government on the dangerous, costly, and lopsided TPP.

Time and again, the Leadnow community has come together to push back against shady corporate power grabs disguised as trade deals. While we lost some of the battles under Harper, this time is different. This time we have a government that will respond to public pressure if it’s strong enough to make them fear losing the progressives they need to maintain their good standing as well as their seats.

Now more than ever, we need to keep building our movement. A few of us taking action might not make a difference, but if we all came together, we could tip the scales and make sure that the voices of the many people calling for lasting progress are stronger than the powerful interests working behind the scenes to maintain the power of the few.

Together we can win, and only if we do it together. Please stay tuned for ways to get involved in our exciting fall campaign.

Let's do this!

Brittany, Jolan, Fatin, Logan and Jamie on behalf of the entire Leadnow team

P.S. Our plan is big and it’s bold -- it has to be when we’re up against such powerful opponents. To be able to pull this off, we need all the help we can get. Chip in to help turn our plan -- the one you helped design -- into action. Every dollar counts. Click here to chip in what you can, and let’s launch a massive mobilization against the TPP this fall.

If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send your cheque payable to "Leadnow" to:
PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3T2

Please include a note with your cheque, so we know who it's from.
To donate by phone you can call us toll-free at 1‐855‐LEADN0W (1‐855‐532‐3609) ext 2.

We also accept donations by PayPal, Interac e-Transfer, Vancity Credit Union instant transfer, or pre-authorized payment from your bank account. See here for details:

Thank you.



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[13] Minister of International Trade Mandate Letter, is an independent campaigning community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. To contact us, you can reply to this email. This message was sent to, because you previously signed on to a campaign. If you no longer want to be part of our campaigning community, you can unsubscribe from at any time. - À l’Action est une communauté indépendante qui souhaite réunir les Canadiens afin de demander des comptes au gouvernement, approfondir notre démocratie et passer à l’action pour le bien commun. Suivre sur Twitter, Facebook, et Google+. Ce courriel a été envoyé au Vous pouvez vous désinscrire à tout moment., PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3T2 — 1‐855‐LEADN0W | 1‐855‐532‐3609
Or you can continue to count on your good friends in the irving press to keep you fully informed as always. But there is nothing worth reading for either Oct. 13 or 14. Oct. 13 is particularly disgusting for a lying commentary by the Fraser Institute. Even worse is the failure of the irving press to even mention the biggest refugee crisis in history, a crisis created by business greed, and one that will  create instability, misery and death all over the world for generations to come.
Today, a change of approach. I'll talk about the world war we are in - and have been in for a hundred and fifty years. Yes. World Wars   1 and 2  (and 3) are all the same war.

Before these wars, the  major western powers - especially Britain, France, the U.S. Spain - with Canada's help - had been busy stealing other people's land and resources  in order to make their  wealthy even wealthier. They called this national empire-building. But it wasn't national. It was entirely for the benefit of a small number of capitalists (sorry - entrepreneurs). Then came the shock.
From 1850 to 1871, Bismarck of Prussia united the German states into a nation of Germany. The threat was clear.

A united Germany would have the industrial and military power to compete with and even to challenge the capitalists of Britain and France - and the motive to move in on their empires. Churchill never  says so directly in his History of the English-speaking Peoples. But this is the challenge that would preoccupy him for life. And this is why he was so anxious to unite the English-speaking peoples of Britain, its empire, and the U.S.  This is why, even in the Sherlock Holmes stories, Sherlock yearned for the reunification of Britain and the U.S.This is why why Britain wanted Canadians to take part in the Boer War though it had nothing to do with Canada.

This was the root cause of World War One. This is  why Britain and France allied for the war. (It certainly wasn't because of any love those two countries had for each other.) The war was triggered by the massive armies and assembly and train schedules that had become necessary  But neither they nor an archduke was the cause. The cause was German rivalry in the old boys' club.

Of course, we invented hatreds and sympathies to rally citizens to the war. The Germans were cruel. Tiny Belgium was brave. (In fact,   tiny Belgium is the country whose capitalists had murdred, tortured, enslaved millions in Congo - a task now carried out   by Americans, Canadians and Europeans. Read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.)

The U.S. took its time about entering World War 1.  At last, it did enter, but it was hardly to help anybody. Britain and France owed the U.S. heavily for war supplies. That meant that a British and French loss would be a disaster for U.S. business. Besides, entry into the war would give the U.S. a seat at the peace table - and possibly a share in the booty.

World War Two was really the same war - for the same purpose. And it followed much the same lines - but with modifications. World War 2 gave the U.S. its biggest chance to grab the empires of Britain and France for itself. That was particularly true or the Asian empires - mostly China. But Japan was the one capitalizing on European weakness. That's why the U.S. cut off Japan's oil supply - to provoke a Japanese response  (and getting a bigger one than had been planned for.)

(No. We did not go to war to save the Jews. On the contrary, neither Europe nor Canada nor the U.S. gave a damn about the Jews. We all discriminated against them. We all refused to offer them any help before, during or after the war. We may have forgotten that. Israel has not - which might help to explain its sometime difficult behaviour.)

It was clear that the British and French empires would be severaly weakened by the war. Then the U.S. could grab the middle east, China, French IndoChina (Vietnam) and that dream of dreams, a universal American empire.
The British and French were actually warned NOT to retake their old, Asian empires. These were to be gifts to American puppets.

Well, some of this worked. Europe, especially Britain,  has pretty much been forced to become a part of the American empire.  But much of hasn't worked. Thus the wars that have followed in  Vietnam, the hostility to China, the invasions of the middle east, the hatred of Cuba for breaking free, the destruction of democracy in Haiti....)

The U.S. has also learned that the American public will not accept huge casualty lists. That was the lesson of Vietnam. That's why it now uses others to fight its wars as much as possible - others  from Britain,  for example, from Canada, and even from ISIS and other groups it pretends to be fighting against.
The partners change. But the dance goes on. We are still in World War One. And that means we have betrayed all that we told our people they were fighting for in the years leading up to now.

There are no limits to greed. There is no 'enough'.  And the only end to war can come in the silence of a nuclear winter.  'We'  have to stop this because 'they' never will.
Is this terrible?

Of course it is. But think. How often have you read such critical stories about the U.S. bombing hospitals and civilians in general? (Yet the U.S. has been the world leader in such killing.)
One of the examples of  Canadian mining companies that are so 'kind' to workers.
North American would never accept a military/police state? Better tell the U.S. army.
A bite of reality.
Foood from super-corporations----something for our hospitals to look forward to? No, just greed, and its utter indifference to human need.
Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world. It is being intensely bombed and deliberately starved by Saudia Arabia. (No-one seems quite sure why.)

 The U.S. has supplied the bombs to destroy Yemen. It has also supplied bombing and other military iniformation  to help Saudi kill men, women and children of Yemen. And it has assisted in making sure that no medical supplies or food reach Yemen.

Yesterday, a missile fired from Yemen missed an American destroyer. Nobody is sure who fired it. But the U.S. has acted, anyway.
And the RAF has been given a green light to shoot at Russian aircraft.

Guess what would happen then.

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