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Oct. 10: It doesn't matter whether they're named Hitler or Stalin or Mao or Clinton or Trump

It took me two minutes to  read today's irving press. It was all, typical  holiday coverage - with the exception of a commentary by Steve Malloy which is well worth a read. The big story in Canada and World news took me all the way to New York where some Girl Scouts are raising money to erect a statue of a woman in Central park. The story is mostly pictures of people walking in Central Park.

The lead story  was about the most childish leadership debate ever. So let's turn to that.
The United States has created monstrous problems for itself and the whole world. In the midst of this, it has also created the two most hateful presidential candidates it has ever had. Neither has yet announced any significant policies to deal with the problems. Nor has it said what the problems are. The American people are so dazed by the myth that they think their history really is, by a brainless patriotism that shuts out judgement, by a lying propagandizing news media, and by billionaires who own all the above, that all they can do is hate and fear   - and even those in only a vague sort of way.

What are the the real aalternatives they have to consider? Nobody knows because there is no free discussion of alternatives. You just put your hand over your heart, and murder and loot anybody you're told to murder and loot. And that makes you a patriotic hero.

What are the problems the U.S. faces? Well,

1. how about the shambles it has created with history's clumsiest and most brutal wars and most ineffective ones in the middle east. These wars have also been illegal under international law which means they are war crimes. When the Naziis did it, we tried them and hanged them. When American leaders do it, billionaires pay them off.

2. Trump says he's going to crush ISIS. Is he crazy? The U.S. created the ancestors of ISIS  (including Osama bin laden, training and equipping them to fight the Russians when the latter invaded Aghanistan a couple of generations ago.  The ISIS Jihadists in the middle east are trained, financed and equipped by the U.S., Britain, Saudi Arabia.....  The reason the U.S. is mad at Putin is because he's been attacking ISIS. Everybody knows that except, apparently, Donald Trump and the American people.

3. As a result of all the above, we are on the edge of nuclear war with Russia and China. That is not rhetoric. The U.S., for some years, has been moving up its missile sites to Russian and Chinese borders, and has been staging very provocative military exercises in those regions. That's why puppet Canada has troops in latvia, Iraq and Syria - even though our Canadian private press has little noticed that. Just hold your hand over your heart, and praise your country.

4. The U.S. and Canada are way behind on dealing with climate change. And it may be already too late to deal witih it. That's because oil billionaires don't want it dealt with. It can murder millions - maybe billions - but, duh, it creates jobs.

5. The U.S., with the help and approval of Britain and Canada and others. has created the biggest refugee problem in history. That, combined with the effects of climate change, will create growing chaos and misery for generations - if we have generations left.

6. The shift of money from the poor to the rich has reached epidemic levels. And it's made worse by newspaper approval and support of tax havens for them. Nobody knows how much of our poverty comes directly from that. That money is certainly bigger than any national budget.

And clap, clap, clap responds the Chamber of Commerce at its dinners in worship of billionaire 'philanthropists'.

7. The result has been a rapid growth of poverty for the rest of us. And those who suffer worst from it are single mothers. So why hasn't Hillary, the defender of womenfolk, said a word about that?

Instead of hearing about answers to these problems (or even mentions of them), we got a debate so juvenile it would have embarrased an elementary school debating club. And it wasn't just the debaters that were juvenile. It was the moderators, the audience, and anybody out there who could stand watching for more than two minutes.

Is Trump crude and sexist? Oh, yes. So were Kennedy, Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson,   Clinton....And some of those with a special taste for adolescent girls. He's certainly unfit to be president. So is a mass murderer like Hillary who has spent her life kissing up to people who want wealth and power no matter what it does to others.

There is no choice. Neither of them is better than the other. The U.S. faces dangerous times no matter who it elects. In either case, it gets what it has been getting for many years - a Hitler - the person who was the model for modern government.

What can Canada do? Not much. But we have to, somehow, have the courage and pride and integrity to break our connection to the new Naziis. Neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals have shown any sign of doing that.

Yes. That will be hard. No, I haven't seen many Canadians ready to do that. Canadians, after all, are served largely by the same kind of news media that feed the fear and hatred in the U.S.

When you think about what is really happening and what a newspaper should be reportiong,  it's possible to read the irving press in two minutes.
The Guardian had many, many stories about the  debate - all of them as childish as the debate. They were all about a debate that said nothing, and none about the issues it should have raised.

And a lead story is about Yemen, a country the U.S. has been murdering and starving for years with the help of its friends. And you know what The Guardian saw as important in all this? Some of those terrible people in Yemen shot back at a poor, little, helpless U.S. destroyer.
This next story is a good example of how the U.S. has created instability throughout the middle east. A whole, new world is in the making and continual breaking there.  That is not likely to go away.
American police have, this year, killed  827 people. That's well on track for a new record. I'm  no expert on whose fault this is. But it suggestsa  tendency to greater violence within the U.S. as it continues to manufacture poverty, hatreds, fears.

And here's a story you won't see in most of our private news media.

The U.S. has been very, very aggressive all over the world. Russia and China have obviously reached the point at which they can no longer back down.
John Kerry says, "Russians do not care about international law, but we do"

In fact, breaking international law has been openly advocated by every American government since 2001 - including by Kerry and Obama.  That's what American Exceptionalism" means. And it's been openly stated by both of them. The U.S. gives itself the right to invade any any country it wishes to with no regard for any law.

The wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, the drone attacks on more countries than we ever hear about, the mass murders have all been illegal under international law. But our private news media never mention that. That's what the website, "Project for the New American Century" is all about. It's no limits warfare for world conquest, and more countries that U.S. billionaires (and some of their lacky billionaires) can loot.

 So put your hand on your heart, praise God, sing God Bless America, and become a hero.
There is no climate change. Don't worry. Be happy.

Much of the U.S. is suffering water crises, too. Guess what that means for Canada.
Much as I like Haaretz and think it's one of the best and most courageous papers in the world, it's a tough source for a blog. First, you have to pay for a subscription. That's reasonable,  of course. But, when you do have a subscription, it becomes almost impossible to transmit any story because the audience usually just gets a headline and an ad for a subscription.
Here's the best way to discuss the presidential debates. Don't talk about them. Talk about reality.
Here's a good antidote to John Kerry's nonsense that the U.S. respects international law.
This is an interesting comment by a reader of The Guardian. The boy in the picture heading the story (the one that spread around the world) shows him as he really was, a victim of a war who is being manipulated for propaganda news.
Here is a very solid and reasonable account of what is going on in the Middle East, and what to watch for.
We are facing a world that has  happend before - many times.

Very few government in this world have even been ruled for the benefit of the people who live in them.  They are commonly ruled by some sort of aristocracy. Through most of world history that has been an aristocracy  by birth which set the rules to benefit itself. That has been true of Britain until well into the twentieth century, even as that aristocracy had long been proven to work only for itself, to justify its greed as something ordained by God, aven after it began to produce generation after generation notable for incompetence - and even with a  high degree of insanity and perversion. Someday, there could be a really interesting book about the British aristocracy.

The American revolution was not really a change. The constitution was designed by wealthy men to meet the needs of wealthy men. Women were inferior. The poor were inferior. blacks were inferior, native peoples were just for murder of for planting them on land the wealthy didn't want. That has changed much less than one might think.

Much of the world turned to rule by a news aristocracy by birth, but, in the nineteeth century, to an aristocracy defined also by wealth - the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers - and you can fill in some of the others.  P olitical parties, news media are simply fronts for them. Almost all wars are fought to satsify the greed of the wealthy.  A government that rules for the people has been extremely rare.
The wealthy get away with killing, impoverishing and exploiting the rest. The rest commonly react in one of two ways. One is to admire the wealthy - and maybe get jobs at the irving press. That kind of reaction is called fear.

The other is to hear nothing, think nothing, say nothing. And that's another reacion called fear. Most of New Brunswick has opted for the second reaction. And that means things can only get worse.

Nobody is going to stand up for us unless we stand up for ourselves. New Brunswick has a weak record in that respect, perhaps the weakest in Canada. it doesn't have much time to grow some courage.
Oh, an afterthought...  I heard news today that after the Events Centre is built the land around it will be cleaned of its layers of dangerous railway yard usage. That is not was the law says. I know this because of personal experience.

My ancestral home in Canada was a farm in what became an urban district in the late nineteenth century - with a large railway yard replacing the house and the land around it. The law required that land had to cleaned of all the railway soil before putting up a hospital on it. In the process, contractors discovered the old Decarie basement of 1655 or so. Global TV asked me to visit it, and to do an interview about it. That was my first expereience of what such a clearing was.
It involved hundreds of trucks making thousands of trips for a year or so to dispose of a good three meters of infected topsoil over a huge area. It was so toxic that street cleaners followed the trucks down the street. All that HAD to be done BEFORE even thinking about building.

Oh, and it had to be trucked hundreds of miles to find some region foolish enought to allow the trucks to dump it there.

Even if Moncton now does such a job of clearing poisoned soil, it's too late. It can't ever clear out that large part under the new centre.  And most of the city councillors didn't care.

The events centre was never intended to benefit the people of Moncton. It was intended to benefit hotel chains and hockey owners because they are what our governments serve.

Over a hundred million dollars. That could have done a lot for the people of Moncton. Now, it won't. Not ever.

Don't waste your time on politicians who have "neat ideas". Look for the ones who only want to serve the people they claim to represent. After all, you can also create jobs without giving most of the money to very wealthy people.
__________________________________________________________________________________Soon, I should publish a list of the sites I use every day. And I'm alway looking for more to add.

But not today. Donne-moi un break.

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