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Sept. 23: Sometimes it's all just too vile.....

The front page headline in today's irving press is "NB Power customers owe nearly $5 million in unpaid electricity bills".

That's it. It's those damn, lazy poor people that are robbin' us. So we won't even bother mentioning the tens of billions of our money  stolen every year by the wealthy in this country. Nor is there any mention of the tax haven scandal in any editorial or commentary in this lying, gutless irving press.

There is, in fairness, an important story YOU need to know on A3. "Man gets probation for lying in road, urinating in cell."

A9 has a whole page devoted to a shallow and pointless story about how Premier Gallant and MP Leblanc are just good friends. Who gives a damn? What is most common in both the Liberal and Conservative parties is that their leading figures are not people with any sense of vision of what Canada should be. To them, it's a game of prestige and contacts and playing the game. And, who knows,  there could be perks and even senate seats on the way.

It's all a chance to give the candidates prestige - so long as they play the game and please the right people. That's certainly all that Justin Trudeau and Dominic Leblanc are about. There is no sense of what our society needs, what changes are essential.  And, in the end, the game comes down to pleasing the well-established.

A11 has its usual, propaganda 'Commentary' from the Fraser Institute. This time, it's a hymn to the virtues of private-for-profit health care. The rich are mounting a big campaign for it. (see below). Watch for the irving press to kiss up.

The Canada&World section is beneath contempt. There's no mention of the slaughter in Yemen, the chaos in Africa... No. The big story is that a cabinet minister recently discovered she was born in Iran, not Afghanistan. So bloody what?
Here are a couple of real stories the irving press missed - probably deliberately.

The idea that private health care is cheaper is absurd. The U.S. system is, in fact, monstrously expensive. (Remember the story of the woman from BC  who gave birth while visiting the U.S. - and got a bill for a million dollars?) I grew up in a society  with no medicare. And most people simply didn't see doctors. If they got sick, they went to bed and stayed there until they died. They couldn't afford anything else. I watched three members of my family die that way.

And here's similar story.

Private-for-profit for health care has a long history of cheating and extortion. But the push is on for the wealthy to grab everything. And the irving press will back them every step of the way.

(And, no. Voting Conservative next time won't make things better.)
And if you want more information about tax havens, see if you can get these through your local library.

Paul Martin & companies : sixty theses on the alegal nature of tax havens (2006)

Also of interest:

2) Offshore : tax havens and the rule of global crime (2011)

3) Treasure islands : tax havens - the darkest chapter in economic history since the slave trade (2011)

1 tax haven, 3 of Canada’s biggest banks, 2,000 offshore companies: A new leak of tax haven data lists firms that may be legitimate, but the sheer number has drawn the attention of watchdogs concerned about the relationship Canada’s banks have forged with island tax havens over the past half-century.

The wealthy of this world, especially in the Christian part of the world, are killing, impoverishing, and stealing at a rate that guarantees eternal violence.  It's time to wake up.

Or you could go to the Irving Chapel on Sunday.
Here's a story that hat been boiling for quite a while, now. But the irving press has ignored it.

The U.S. frequently boasts about how it has spread democracy to the world.  Here's an example of "U.S. democracy" in a country that has suffered decades of it.
Expect nothing from Justin.
This column is by Jimmy Carter, former U.S. president. unfortunately the killing is not going to stop. It's not going to because the whole purpose of this war is precisely the destruction of Syria.
And this is why the killing isn't going to stop.
This column accuses the 'right-wing' politicians of being the ones working for billionaires to prevent any serious dealing with the threat of climate change. And that's undeniably true. That's why the irving press shows no great concern about climate change. In the end, climate change will destroy billionaires, too. That's why it's unfortunate that greed and stupidity are often found in the same person.
I include the following piece because it illustrates the fundamental problem in police killings in the U.S. Maybe Keith Scott of Charlotte had a gun. Maybe he was dangerous. But that's not really the issue any more. The issue is that American police kill more people than any other police in the developed world. (They will easily reach 800 this month.) And the    proportion of blacks killed is always very, very high. That has to be dealt with. And nobody in power shows the slightest interest in dealing with it.
Expect nothing from Justin.
The U.S. and Saudi Arabia (and Britain and Canada) have cooperated in the deliberate mass murder of the civilians of Yemen. The irving press has never mentioned it - presumably to spare us the pain of what is being done in our names.

In the U.S. 27 senators have voted to oppose any more involvement in those murders. (Sigh). Only 27. But look on the good side.

That's  27 more than have even mentioned it in Canada. And the irving press doesn't even notice that there is a war in Yemen. It's staff is tied up tracking down those miserable wretches who are behind in their NB power payments.
Theresa May, (British Prime Minister) has, as one of her first acts, closed the government's Climate Change Office. Democracies, once founded on the principle of individual rights now exist to guard the rights claimed by corporations. As noted above, that's the reason for the current attack in the courts on the right of citizens to have medicare.

The shambles of the election in the U.S., with Mr. Hatred running against Mrs. Detested, is barely a sign of what is to come. The wealthy and greedy are determined to run  the world - and they don't care how many millions they murder, starve, cripple, orphan to do it. This has been going on since we 'won' World War 2. The score so far is at least 15 to 20 million killed - and many times that wounded.

The wealthy and greedy don't care how high the score goes.

We have to wake up very, very soon. And, here in New Brunswick, we have to start with countering the ignorance peddled by the irving press, and we have to dump the good ol' boys of the Liberal and Conservative parties.

We can start by taking the legalized theft of at least 40,000,000,000 dollars of our money damned seriously. But we won't do it so long as New Brunswickers sit around like a herd of sheep.

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