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Sept. 21: The rise of capitalism, and the collapse of Christianity.

Big headline for Tuesday's irving press. Our leading m.p., Dominic Leblanc, expresses hope that the Energy Pipeline will go through - even though there is no study yet to show this is desirable, and even though the government body appointed to do the study has been found to be tainted - to put it nicely.
In fact, there isn't enough in this story to rate a front page headline. But it's a strong hint  that  both Leblanc and the editors at the irving press work for the same boss.

For some reason not clear, a large space is devoted to a new. 'spiritual' party. The platform is not only simple-minded, but the party has only one member. Talk about trivial news! And this is more attention than either the Green Party or the NDP has received.

Wednesday's paper is no better. The front page has a shocking story that "Moncton paying consultant for homelessness report". Why is that a big story? Is it unusual for the city to pay for services it requests?

In Opinion and Commentary everthing is "nose in our own bellybottons" local stuff. Brian Cormier's column is a disgrace for a newspaper Commentary page. It's never a commentary . It's always a trivial little story of no value. Nor does Alec Bruce distinguish himself with a Norbert-like column which is a flimsy argument that public servants should copy big business. What are you suggesting, Mr. Bruce? That civil servants should base their programmes on personal greed?

Canada and World news is mostly shallow trivia - unless you really, really care that the British pay billions for a  royal family so Duchess Kate can wear expensive clothes so that we all can gasp - "Doesn't she look lovely?"  Meanwhile, within walking distance of the palace, families live in poverty and many children live in the streets.

Oh, and President Obama wants wealthier nations to pay more to help refugees!!!!  Hint, Mr. Obama. The U.S. is a wealthier nation. And it created those millions of refugees. Luckily, George Clooney brought a Christian perspective to the appeal when he praised business for not helping out of a sense of charity. No. They do it for the Christian reason that it's good business.
In the U.S., police are killing American citizens at a rate of close to a thousand a month. Ordinary homicides run at a rate closer to 1,500 a month. It's anybody's guess how many Americans die of poverty with its toll through malnutition and lack of affordable medical care.The U.S. govrernment, but serviing the greedy first kills more Americans that terrorists do. But none of these make the news.
This next part is long. Skip it if you find it boring.

As I write this, i'm listening to the story about a bomber in New York who injured 29 people. That story has been running for two days with more to come. In that time, thousands have died, not injured - died, killed by police or conventional murderers or died of poverty. But that doesn't make the news. Why not?

On 9/11, 3,000 Americans died in terrorist attacks. Since then, several millions of Muslims, almost all of whom had nothing to do with the attack, have been killed. So have thousands of Americans, British and Canadians who died while they were being patriotic and killing Muslims. That has made the news, sort of. But it's noticeable we, who know exactly how many were injured in New York, have not even a vague count of how many have died in Afghanistan,Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the many countries which have suffered drone attacks.

We don't even know why these wars happened - though, if you follow the news very closely, you can learn that the British and American governments both lied about the reasons for invading Iraq and Syria. (They didn't even bother to lie about Libya or Yemen or the drones - and nobody asked.)

Close to 30 million people, many of them orphaned children, have fled their homes to live in hunger and misery in dreadful conditions. A high proportion of them are in Greece, a country that can't afford to feed its own people. But there's very little sense of this in the news.

But we know all about 29 people injured in New York. And we have an exact number for those who died on 9/11 - though we have little idea of the millions murdered and tens of millions living in misery as a result of the revenge for 9/11.
What's the purpose of all this killing by us? Is it to scare Muslims away from attacking us? If so, it's been a colossal flop. The west has spent trillions of dollars, kllled millions, destroyed the lives of tens of millions of innocent people in the last 15 years. And there's no sign it has gained an inch. Nor is it likely to.
So why do we continue this?

It has nothing to do with ending terrorism. In fact, it is now well-known (though not in the irving press) that the U.S., Britain and Saudi Arabia have been financing and equpping ISIS and related groups. That's because they don't want functioning states in the middle east - or anywhere else. They want failed states. dysfunctional states, puppet states. It makes them easier to loot.

These wars are no more religious wars than the crusades were. The crusaders wanted land and they wanted slave peasants. The really didn't care who they killed. They happily murdered Christian clergy, raped and murdered nuns, and looted churches in Constantinople.  Our oil and other mineral billionaires are holding high the cross as they destroy nations. And Christian clergy who get in the way in, say, Latin America, get murdered. (But the churches have been patriotically American, British, Canadian. They don't say a word about it.This could be a point for our new, spirituality party to consider. But it won't.)

Democracy is being replaced by a new aristocracy. This one is an aristocracy of money but, like the old one, it's an aristocracy by birth. Education and intelligence have nothing to do with it. The next president of irving oil will be a person born with that name. And they will carry the blessing of the news media they own.

That's why we're seeing such a childish election in the U.S. where the issues are whether Hillary is sick or whether Donald is too fond of his daughter. Americans don't know what the real issues are because their news media don't inform them.
The U.S. is plunged into wars whose primary purposes are to create huge profits for the war industries and support looting by American capitalists. A side effect has been to create massive and worsening poverty in the U.S. as the wealthy (with the help of U.S. legislation) avoid taxes. The whole political system is powered by greed and corruption - and deprivation.

Heard much about those in the campaign?

The U.S. has aggressively moved its nuclear weapons right up to the borders of China and Russia, creating the most dangerous and accident-prone situation the world has ever seen.

Heard much about that in the campaign?

The wealthy have been increasing their share of the wealth for the last   forty years or so.

Which candidate has raised that point?

The result is that it doesn't matter who wins the election. Both candidates represent what we used to call evil and greed, but now call leadership. And the VP candidates are even worse than Hillary and Donald.
But nobody wants us to think about that.  And that's why we don't hear about, say, the slaughter that is Yemen. But we get regular reports on 29 people people injured by a Muslim in New York.
The emphasis is quite deliberate.
I had a couple of interesting notes from readers.
No. The war in Syria has nothing to do with a Muslim injuring 29 people in New York.
As a child, like everybody I knew, I worshipped Churchill. As a teenager, I was enhanted by his History of the English Speaking Peoples.  It took me some years to see the dreadful manipulation in that book. My admiration took another pounding as I came to learn more about his family and his personality.
He was a hero of World War 2. But it was a heroism based heavily on propaganda. He was, physically, a man of courage. But he never gave a damn for the Briish people.
Speaking of the glories of entrepreneurship...
The is a taste of what's wrong with the U.S. election campaign.

1, The reality is the the U.S. has been financing the 'terrorists'. 2. Police kill more Americans than terrorists do. So where's the campaign about that threat? 3. American killers kill far more than terrorist do. 4. Lack of adequate nutrition and medical care kills more Americans than terrorist do.

So why do Trump and Hillary spend all their time on terrorism?
They do that to create fear and hatred to justify the killing of millions and the displacement of tens of millions for reasons that had nothing to do with terrorism, only with greed.
The most interesting part of this excerpt is in the opening paragraphs on the cost of university education in the U.S. These must easily be among the highest in the world. Here, again, is a wealthy country that can spend billions on weapons, but cannot afford adequate education for any but the rich.
The following is true in Canada, too - if not so viciously.

It's quite amazing. The U.S. has been the world leader in illegal wars for decades. Often, it just kills without ever declaring war. And its victims have largely been smaller and poorer countries incapable of being a threat to the U.S.
But American politicians and news media effectively propagandize Americans that they are the ones who are defending themselves.
Ever read about the Sioux stand-off in the U.S.? Well, of course not if you read only the irving press. But it's a story with importance to both Canada and the U.S.
The next story is about $5 trillion dollars that could not be spent on health care or education or housing or to alleviate poverty. And it was tax money. So that meant, thanks to thoughtul governments who made it legal, that the wealthy didn't have pay any of it because they were sheltered from taxes.
This next item is about dangers that can arise from clear-cut log cutting. Luckily, New Brunswick has a government which would never tolerate this indifference to the environment.
Next, the Syrian cease-fire - and why this was predictable from the start.
Paul Craig Roberts is one of the best - and best-informed - writers I know of. I'm afraid his point here is right. Capitalism, like the aristocrat rules that preceded it, is endlessly greedy and incapable of dealing humanely with people.
The new, U.S. aid
 package to Israel may not be nearly so large as our news media have said.
We are well into a very dangerous period. Rule by the greedy has always been with us. But it has now stretched its way to the limits and beyond. Important people in that rule now want a nuclear war. There cannot be the slightest coubt about that. The very wealthy have no interest in us  except in using us to make them wealthier.

As for organized religion in the western world, it has collapsed. I am reminded of a good friend who spent most of his life in danger and hardship as a missionary to the Congo. I realize now he could have spent it more productively and more comfortably as a missionary to those who really need to hear The Word, to the chamber of commerce and our corporate boards of directors.

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