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Sept. 19: The Triumph of Greed (if we allow it).

The irving press for today has a  fairly decent front page.

A professor at Mount A points out that bacteria produced from fecal matter is at dangerous levels at a popular beach in this area. And it's not coming from salt water.  Obviously, this is waste water draining from the land. Why isn't this information readily available to us?

And you've heard the stories of  how private businesses are operated by fearless capitalists who risk their own money to build businesses. Well, it seems they don't risk just their own money. Breweries have received $11 million dollars from our taxes over the last dozen years.

Echoes of Atcon.

And all of that put together and multiplied would almost certainly be pretty pale stuff beside the ravages of irving.

We have allowed a very dangerous situation to develop. Instead of governing to meet the needs of the whole society, we govern to meet the greed of the wealthy. The theory is that the wealthy will then create prosperity for us all. The trouble with that theory is that it's pure bunk. The wealthy exist only to create prosperity for themselves. To do that, they will enslave, impoverish, murder hundreds of millions. They're doing it now in the middle east, Africa, Latin America, Asia - and even right here in North America - and Moncton.

And, occasionally, they will toss us a cigarette butt, and the Chamber of Commerce will give them a celebratory dinner for philanthropy.

Thhis is going to get much, much worse. And, while I don't advocate it, it's going to lead to severe violence here just as it has led to it in Vietnam, Yemen, the middle east, South America. The greedy are without morality or intelligence. Either we control them, or they bring us all down.

The rest of section A is pretty brainless. A bar moved to a new location across the street from its old one.  Then there's a whole page on a beer festival. And, of course, fun events to raise money for charities. Has it ocurred to no-one that there is something wrong with a society that dishes out millions  (at least) to breweries and Atcon and irvings, but leaves it up to  volunteer charities to meet desperate social needs?

There are three columns worth reading on the Opinion and Commentary pages Norbert Cunningham on the drug fentanyl, Steve Malloy on rising violence in Moncton (and he's right; it's not a simply matter of druggies), and Alec Bruce on Atcon.

Now, wouldn't it be nice get a colum on what the irvings costs us?
"Canada and World" is all Canada (and trivial) except for one story about New York. Yemen? Syria? Latin America? Libya? Never heard of them. It is likely that we will soon be committing more troops and supplying more weapons to those places without knowing a damn thing about why we're doing it except that we're being patriotic. (Just like Germans were in 1939; just as we were when we sent troops to kill and to die in Afghanistan for American billionaires).

The rest of the world is not the far away place it was 600 hundred years ago. Canadians died in Afghanistan, a place few had ever heard of, and almost none knew anything about. Simply calling this patriotism is brainless. It's important to know about the rest of the world because what happens to us in Latvia could well be a hell of a lot more important  than what is happening even at Parlee Beach. We need news of the world, and we need analysis of that news. Lives are going to depend on it.

The only column in the whole paper to mention the rest of the world is by  Jerrica Naugler, a student columnist. And it's quite good one.
The irving press entirely lacks comment on international affairs. And if usually lacks it even on national affairs. So if you want intelligent comment on Canadian national affairs, you have to go to a British paper.
As we will soon learn from the Arthur Irving institute at Dartmouth College, oil has been the greatest  raiser of living standards in history.  (especially for people like the irvings). However, there are whispers that it is not entirely beneficial. And here's something that's more than a whisper.

But don't worry. We know from the Arthur Irving Institute that oil creates prosperity. I mean, just look at how the Iraqis and the Syrians and the Libyans have been prospering.
Germany's Angela Merkel has, for the last year and more, been the outstanding figure in offering help to refugees. Now she's paying the price as racist parties of the far right are rising all over Europe. The American billionaires' wars for oil have destabilized most of the Muslim world, with a destabilization that is now moving in on Europe. And once again it's  proven that greed and brains don't mix.
Mass murder? duh. It creates jobs.
I am not a great admirer of patriotism. We owe loyalty to all people. The idea that we owe it just to a particular nation is one that has been used to manipulate us by the people who own the nation - from kings to billionaires.
Democracy is not a spectator sport. That's why democracy in New Brunswick, as in much of the world, does not exist. Democracy does not just mean voting. Your vote, frankly, is worthless unless it's back up by open discussion and by study. And it's very noticeable that this doesn't happen in New Brunswick.
Who created ISIS? Well, here's a story about the role of Turkey in that creation. One could write a similar account of the roles of Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Britain. This has all been party of the strategy of destabilizing the whole region. In the facct, the U.S. has been supporting jihadist groups for at least thirty years. It's uses them to fight wars for American billionaires.
Paul Craig Roberts has experience at the highest levels of government  that places him above even editors at the irving press. Here is his analysis of a U.S. attack in Syria, one of the many that the irving press has never reported.
Here's another story the irving press never carried. But it is quite possible that Canadians will pay with their lives for what is happening now in Syria.
This is rather a long one. But the important points are this -

1. The purpose of U.S. intervention in Syria is to get rid of the Assad government, a practice politicians like to call regime change. It is illegal to invade a country to change its government. I don't like the government of the U.S. Can you imagine the U.S. reaction if other countries were to invade the U.S. to change its government?

2. This has nothing to do with Assad being a dictator or cruel or even not nice. The U.S. has a long record of just loving dictators and cruel regimes - like good ol' buddy Saudi Arabia,

3. The reason is to boost billionaires' oil profits by controlling Syria's oil production and markets.

4. That is why close to a million quite innocent people have been murdered, uncounted made cripples or orphans, and tens of millions had to flee to nations that don't want them.

Points one to four are a  definition of evil and cruelty. And helping to inflict the evil and cruelty is why Canadian troops are there.  ( It certainly has nothiing to do with 'the true north strong and free'.

This is just one part of history's greatest outburst of greed and looting and murder. And we have yet to begin to see the end of it. It is not possible for any person of intelligence and moral values to support this. And right there, we can wipe out almost the whole lot of Canadian politicians, and the whole lot of Canadian billionaires.

Many people express dismay at Muslim women who wear the loose head covering and dress called the burka. What a dreadful emphasis of the superiority of men and the inferiority of women! That's been used to explain the collapse of the NDP in Quebec when it supported the right of women to wear the Burka. (Quebec's Christians were 90% opposed to it.)

Well. Muslims might have got the idea from reading the Christian bible and Christian teaching. Check out 1 Corinthians, verse 11.  For more Christian detail, check out the following...

Yes, men (like God) are to have short hair, and that short hair is a glory unto God. But woman's hair is a snare and a delusion. Yes, it is. That's why in churches (at least  until recently) men took off their hats, but women would not dream of going to church without a hat on. That's why nuns wore what was, essentially, a burka.

Christian teaching (in a reflection of its origins) is that men are superior to women.      That's why we don't have women priests or popes. And that's why not one of the Christian gospels was written by a woman.
It's been over seventy years since the nuclear bomb was first used. It would, we were told, prevent war. In fact, the world has been at war evey year since them. We were told that the existence of the bomb on both sides meant it would act as a deterrent to war since any war would lead to the destruction of both sides.
If that's true, then why the need to develop even more of them and to make them even more destructive?

In reality, the nuclear arms expansion and improvement  makes it increasingly important to be the one who fires them first. In more than seventy years, we have made the chances of nuclear war more, not less, likely. Nor will it matter who fires first.

Moving U.S. nuclear rockets into regions that surround Russia and China does not ease the possibility of nuclear war. It makes it more likely - especially as a first option. This is insanity. But greed, by definition, is not a characeristic of sanity. And we have allowed the greedy to rule us.

Just when you think newspapers are as corrupt and debased as they can get, you read this.
And here's a related case from the nation where the greatest sin is telling the truth.
And here's the story for a gathering of people who make their money out of murdering millions.
There is a lot of concern among Democrats that Clinton is losing the youth vote. That's nice. But it doesn't get us anywhere. American youth, like their older kin, are against - but they have almost no sense of what they are for.

The party attracting the most youth support is the Libertarian Pary which supports, roughly, the way the US is run today - only more so. And the Greens are so far down the ladder they would have trouble winning a municipal election.
The U.S. is a country which has lost confidence in the major parties, but has no idea where to turn. This comes from a  careful breeding and raising of people who believe in a history that is largely propaganda, and that is taught not only in schools, but also daily slipped into movies and TV. And it's daily supported by the propaganda that Americans call the news. The result is that there is not a sign of original or realistic thinking on the part of anybody. There can't be change because any change would be unAmerican.

It's the same sort of thinking that enabled bomber pilots to think they were being patriotic to America while killing over a million civilians in Iraq.

Americans are locked into a myth.  As a result, they profoundly dislike and distrust their governments - but they don't know why. That has consequences.
One is likely to be increasing police state legislation, and increasing violence with little sense of what needs to be achieved.It means increasingly corrupt governments owned by billionaires who loot not only the world but the U.S. itself.

And Canada is influenced by much the same thinking. That may be why our news media have yet to notice that Trudeau is very reminiscent of Harper.
Before I took a break at the end of August, I said I would not be writing this blog on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I am going to hold to that. I have promised an autobiography to my children, and am only half way through it (and approaching the point at which one has to tell unpleasant truths about oneself.)

One thing I miss from my Montreal days is giving public talks about current events. I used to do that nearly a hundred times a year, and usually to large audiences. But my attempts to start such meetings met with no success in New Brunswick. N.B. doesn't like open discussion, not unless its an expensive supper set up by the Chamber of Commerce to honour somebody rich. If you have any thoughts where this might work, let me know.

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