Friday, September 30, 2016

Sept. 1: Not a good day.

That's a big story on CBC news.  It didn't make the irving press, and it probably won't. As it happens, the big, irving editorial is that we just gotta have an oil pipeline so we can burn more oil for the next forty years and more. Anyway, I'm sure Mr. Irving knows more than all those stupid scientists.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government looks each day more like the Harper government as it does a double whammy in supporting an LNG pipeline to the west coast, and ignoring native rights as well.

Here in New Brunswick, the provincial government disposed of a highly respected chief medical officer without giving a reason. The irving press reported it, but has never bothered to find out why she was fired. But we know why, don't we Mr. Irving? She was fired because of her health warnings about irving using forest sprays that are dangerous to us.

But not to worry. Premier Gallant won't make any fuss about it. Nor will Prime Minister Trudeau. Nor, for sure, will irving lap dog Dominic Leblanc.
As usual, there's nothing worth reading in the irving press - unless you're a real fan of Fraser  Institute propaganda. So let's talk about something else.

Notice how our news media commonly refer to Muslim killers as terrorists? (Unless they're on our side. Then they're called 'moderate terrorists' - whatever that might mean.) In the same way, we commonly say that murderous leaders are 'Hitlers', and we cite his mass murder of Jews - his 'final solution'.

And so we beat ourselves into a frenzy of fear of these evil terrorists who attack us. (It's most bizarre in the U.S. where police will kill far more Americans in a year than terrorsts do.) But we never see ourselves as terrorists.

Get real.

Nobody has ever called the massacres of the native peoples of the Americas the 'final solution'. But that's what it was - the murder of millions   (more millions than Hitler's holocaust) to steal their land. Sure sounds like terrorism to me.
And if native people rise to defend their land, we immediately despatch riot police and police carrying combat rifles and wearing camouflage as happened recently in New Brunswick. (Ever see riot police called out to control billionaires who are risking lives by spraying?)

The whole history of the West for the last five centuries has been one of mass murders in China, Inda, Africa, the Americas to loot and enslave peoples. The U.S. has been at war almost non-stop since 1776 - and it hasn't been to bring democracy.  On the contrary, the U.S. has been a good friend to dictators all over South America, Africa, The Phillipines, the Caribbean, the Middle East....
But when have our news media referred to us as terrorists?

The U.S. dropped more tonnage of bombs on tiny Laos and Cambodia in the Vietnam war than It had dropped in all of World War Two. The intent was to bomb them back into the stone age  (the term was used by air commander General Curtis Lemay) - men, women, children... That was also the policy in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. It's the policy in Syria, Yemen, in all the drone strikes. Mass murder of civilians was the policy in Guatemala.

It was also the policy in Vietnam where as many as four million or more were killed, and where the U.S. also used the indiscriminate  (and illegal) killers called napalm and Agent Orange.

Oh course, we don't call the people who did that terrorists. We call them heroes.
What is the difference between that and terrorists? Between that and Hitler's Naziis?

None whatever.

But we don't see  our evil any more than Germans of the 1940s saw theirs - or any more tha n 'terrorists' see theirs. That's largely because of news media that propagandize us instead of informing us.
Watch for the  latest propaganda line in the irving press and other chains  - 'economic freedom'. O-o-o-o. Doesn't that sound good? I mean, freedom is a good word.....  We'll have to take a look at that tomorrow..
The Guardian has a very pessimistic (and probably accurate) look at the effect of the visit of the Duke and Duchess on Canadian native peoples.

There are no good guys on either side of the war in Syria. The people of Alleppo can testify to that. What we are watching is the spread of a greed that began with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Russia has jumped in because the U.S. gave it an opening to chase its own ambitions in the region. And what will happen to Syria?

It is very likely to cease to exist as a nation. That would be the relatively happy ending. The less happy one is that it will be the cause of World War Three.
But it's also heart-warming to know that the people this world really needs will survive - and do so in comfort.
Here is a UN suggestion that could apply to Canada as well as to the U.S. (Yes, there is a long history of discrmination against blacks in Canada.) It could also be applied, with even more reason, to native peoples in Canada and the U.S.
Information Clearing House  has quite a few items on the U.S. and Russia attacking each other over what's happening in Aleppo. Both sides are right in what they say about each other.
What have we gained by the last 15  years of war, the expenditure of trillions of dollars,, the misery of tens of millions of refugees, the death or crippling of  uncounted millions.....?

This phase began with illegal U.S. invasions  of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. It has long been shown that these wars were unjustified, that U.S. presidents lied about the need for them.  It has been done to satisfy unsatisfiable oil billionaires. Has it all really been worth that terrible price? Is this a better world as a result?
Here's a story our news media should be following. But most of them aren't.
What is happening in Aleppo is more than what we are hearing from our news media. Everybody is wrong on this one.
In another humanitarian gesture, the U.S. building a hundred million dollar drone base in Africa. It is, course,  to make all of Africa and peaceful, democratic, and as prosperous as Congo is.
This one is a little kind to the Russian position in Syria - but only mildly so when one considers that western news media pay little attention to the fact that the U.S. is the one providing money and weapons for the 'rebels' in Syria - the 'terrorists' to U.S. is supposed to be opposed to.
On Nov. 11, as we remember those who died for Canada, we might also note we have not used their sacrifice to build the kind of world we told them they were fighting for.  We owe them thanks that can never be enough. And an apology that can never be enough.

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