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August 5: Our passive land -z-z-z-z

The Irving Chapel ad is back. There will be a service this Sunday with special music  (rock hymns played on a gazoo?) and with a top-drawer Rev. Dr. in the pulpit. None of your plain Rev. trash. This should beat the Sermon on the Mount. After all, Jesus didn't even have a high school leaving certificate.

For those whose religious needs differ from those of the average person, here's an alternative place of worship.

The Clintons pronounced themselves broke in 1900 when Clinton's presidency ended. They are now worth uncounted hundreds of millions thanks to gifts from thoughtul oil and defence industry admirers.

There is no c hoice in the U.S. election. Americans will get a president who is, by reasons of his delusions and self-serving ambition incapable of the job. Or, it will get a president  who is vicious, corrupt, and in the employ of the world's most corrupt and destructive business leaders.

American voters know what they don't want. But, thanks to a century of a lying press, they have no idea what they do want. And the whole world is going to pay a heavy price for that.
Section A of the irving press is the usual  and trivial village chatter.
The editorial has a stirring heacline. "Let pipeline hearings be led by facts, pragmatism." Gee. Who has said it should be led by lies and misconceptions? Anyway, it doesn't matter. The editorial is really another propaganda pitch for the pipeline.

Quite apart from being ignorant rants kissing up to mr. irving, the editorials are almost always about money - not about people and their needs. Dear Editor - Could you please learn to make your kiss=ups less obvious? And this is a community of communities.New Brunswick is about people and how they live. Could you please show at least  some awareness of that?

Norbert is ranting again. He thinks that the government gives many businesses excessive support. He blames the government for it all. Norbert - what about the business leaders who pay our politicians to give them our money? What about your paper that doesn't tell us much about that? What about New Brunswickers who have been foolish enough to vote for the same parties since 1867 - knowing that they are both getting paid off.

Why not give us a specific example of businessmen who get government handouts? The owner of your newspaper springs to mind. And what about tax  havens. Why don't you write a column on those?

Then he ends on a mealy-mouthed note that we "talk" to Quebec and a certain electric car company to make a "mutually beneficial' deal for the car's production. Norbert - that is exactly what your column was supposed to be attacking.

Commentary has a propaganda piece from Fraser Institute.

Alec Bruce is back in form with a column that is both amusing and true.
The Canada&World section's big news is about --New Brunswick. Way to give us the big picture, baby. The provincial government has a growth plan that will require New Brunswickers to work longer before retiring.

This is 1929 all over again. The economy is weak? Make the poor and the middle class pay. Don't tax the wealthy. Ignore their tax money hidden in tax havens. Keep giving the rich "mutually beneficial" deals.

The only story in Section B worth even a quick look is one that is interesting only because its headline is so bad.'Trump-Ryan conflict  overshadows attack on Clinton foreign policy.' What attack? What foreign policy? The only  mention of foreign policy is in a couple of sentences on a relatively minor issue. Editors write the headlines. They should know how to do it.

 We are very close to nuclear war with China and Russia. Yawn! There's no mention of it in the irving press. So we'll just drift along, and see what happens.
 Out of its hundreds of millions of people, the U.S. can produce only a deluded man and a   corrupt and murderous woman to run for president. New Brunswick can produce only a series of hacks and irving stooges. Most of the news media, which should make us think, just produce stupor.

"This is the way the world ends,

Not with a bang, but a whimper."

And, for some reason, that reminds me of the New Brunswick NDP under Dominic Cardy.
U.S. police have killed 640 Americans so far this year. How many Americans have been killed by 'terrorists'? Well, there were the 49 in Orlanada in what might or might not have been a terrorist attack. That's it.

The U.S. spends hundreds of billions to protect  Americans against terrorists. So far, anything spent on police has been to arm them more heavily.

North American news media go wild over terrorist killings. They're a major issue of the presidential race. Police killings rarely even appear in the media. And not a word has been said about them in the election campaigns.

(web sites are extremely misleading on this subject. But even if we include all the wilder claims, terrorists in the U.S. kill far fewer than police do. Most of the sites are also heavily biased. One sarcastically referred to Islam as the religion of peace. I might remind the writer that so is Christianity the religion of peace,  and, for centuries now, Christians have been far, far ahead in the mass murder of innocent people.)
The Guardian has pretty thin stuff today. But this outline of what is happening in Brazil as the Olympics start covers ground that North American news media have ignored.

The following site might shock you by its name. But it's more honest than all those newspapers that never tell you they're part of the World Capitalist News.
The U.S. is at war with Libya. It is bombing, and it has special ops troops on the ground. The war is illegal under international law. It has no UN approval. It wasn't even voted on or  discussed by the U.S. congress.

But who cares about laws? right? And who cares about the obligations of a government of a democracy?

And who cares about the killing of civilians, and the creations of hordes of terrified refugees?

And who cares that this will increase the number of Muslims who are being forced to take the side of ISIS against a U.S. that doesn't give a damn about who or how many it kills?

The foreign news editor at irving press didn't consider this story important enough to print.
Here's another story that sharp, editorial eyes at the irving press never noticed.

And here's a related view of the same issue.
And here's a story you will never see in the irving press.
This is a fascinating piece on what environmentalists are doing wrong. I agree. But I think the path to change is a more difficult one than the article might suggest.

Us humans seem, most of us, to be born passive and conformist. That's why we don't much criticize our economic system which is one that is progressively bleeding us. And if we get mad at a politician, we elect the leader of the other party which is just like the party we are voting against. That's why we tolerate monstrous robbery by billionaires  (but not shoplifting by  the poor).

Most of our news media (which are owned by the wealthy) deliberately encourage us to be passive. Protesting isn't enough. We need to work at changing the way we and others think. The enemy is our passivity. I'm not sure how to do that. But that's what has to be done. And we don't have much time.
And here's another one that will never appear in the irving press.
And yet another story that won't make the irving press.
And a very good one by Ralph Nader.
Maybe tomorrow's Faith page will have a sermonette about breaking a passivity that makes us decidedly unChristian and victims of the powerful


But not bloody likely.

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