Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27: The Irving Chapel will have special music this Sunday. Hold me back.

The news has never been so bad. Here's an article that explains part of the reason why.

It's even worse than the above suggests.

Why are these wars happening? Because the U.S. wants to rule the world.  No, not quite that. Most Americans have all their lives been smothered in propaganda by history books, movies, political leaders and news media, all of which give them a false impression of what they are, of what's happening in the world, and why. They don't have a clue what's going on. Nor do most Canadians.

The fighting in the middle east, on our side, is about who will control the oil. Will it be our billionaires? Or the people of the middle east? The only people on our side who stand to gain from this are oil billionaires. We pay the cost of the wars. We supply the troops. (Very few billionaires volunteer to serve.)

I have  no idea how many have been slaughtered to make our billionaires happy. The count in Syria is estimated at 300,000 just in children. Nobody can even guess at the cost in Yemen. We never even hear about the wars in Africa, the exploitation forced on South America. Of refugees, we know only that they are in the tens of millions.

We are the naziis of our time, played as puppets on strings by the greediest people in history.

I know all that sounds extreme. But all of that is happening. Face it.
Or you can read the irving press whose front page headline is "Closing arguments in trial present different sides of daycare owner." Yes, this is the great issue facing the world.

The opinion and comment pages add nothing. The editorial babbles about Dominic Leblanc without saying anything. Norbert Cunningham, who knows nothing about education, has a comment critical of the schools.  For Brian Murphy, the great concern of the day is that Gord Downie has not yet received the Order of Canada. A new columnist, Jenna Morton, feels the great issue of the day concerns raising chickens in town. Alec Bruce is better than the others. But I really don't give a damn whether Macdonald's includes children's toys with its food.

Canada&World features an article that Fredricton police are continuing to investigage a murder.   (Isn't that what they're paid to do?) Then there's a whole column of trite and brainless "Memorable quotes Stephen Harper". (In fact, they aren't from Harper. They're about Harper.) As  a sample, "There's no question, there is a legacy there." And the others are just as inspiring.

Anything happening in Turkey,  Yemen, Congo, South Sudan, The Phillipines (where the democratic president has murdered almost a thousand people)? Nah.
The Faith page has now been squished down to less than half a page. And the sermonette has nothing to say about a world in which we help to slaughter millions. And starve millions. And orphan millions. Or how the round-uppers of Jews and the death camp guards were supplied by Christian churches with chaplains.
I have a couple of items from readers.

Here are books suggested by Ralph Nader. Note, in particular, the one on what journalism should be, and the one on how Obama has carried on the same policies as George Bush Jr. Both are war criminals.

Yes, the next one appeared in a Russian publication. It's also provably true.
Even in the business world,  the pharmaceutical business is regarded as highly unethical. Remember that next the irving press puts on a push to privatize health care.
Why do you governments help poor countries? Actually, much of the help never reaches the poor - especially that coming from the U.S. Much of it goes to  'contractors' who are friends of the government with little ever reacing its declaring target. But it's even worse that that for all the western world.
And here's an opinion that is more realisitic than usual. The horror that is the middle east has been possible only because we have made it possible.
This next one's acomplex read. But It's worth the effort. ( But,  oh, I so wish some people would write in a clearer and simpler style. It's all very nice to say we had a spell of Keynesian economics after World War Two. But how many general readers know what Keynesian means?)
Western news media, especially in the U.S., have been very, very critical of Trump. But almost never critical of Hillary Clinton. Here's a useful corrective.
And here's a very fair example of the evil and corruption that can be found in a few people in most universities.
Here's a realistic look at the daily use of propaganda in our news media.
I haven't been using the alternet site lately. That's because I've been finding it increasingly similar to the commercial press - and with a structure that reflects its biases.
Anyone reading the commercial news media or listening to politicians can get the idea that the Jewish communities in North American completely support Israel in everything it does.  But that's no true. There are many who are profoundly criticial of Israel. I  know some who are ardent supporters of Zionism but who reject the behaviour of Israel, particularly in its treatment of palestinians.
The general meaning of all this is that almost all our news media treat us with utter contempt. The 'news' they deliver is largely propaganda. Sometimes as in the irving press, it is also unspeakably trivial. Let's not kid ourselves. Most of our news media exist to feed us propaganda from those who intend to rule the world. They also exist to discourage thought, to drown us in triviality.
I shall be off for about a week - and too busy in that time to keep up on the news. I should have the next blog going out by September 7.

By the way, did you notice this is August 27? Quite a coincidence. It's also the date of my birthday.


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