Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26: Lies and Liars.

"Watchdog warns New Brunswick  tax burden onerous as rates soar" Front page headling, Irving press, August 25.

Watchdog. Get that? Obviously this is from an impartial body, perhaps a government  commission. Or maybe....

,,,actually this 'watchdog' is a propaganda agency financed by the wealthy. The irving press doesn't tell us but, in fact, that's exactly what it is. This is propaganda, and  the editor who approved this for the front page in irving press, was deliberately spreading propaganda. In fact, that's a nice way of saying this headline is lying. The 'watchdog' is The Fraser Institute , a big favourite of the irving press, appearing on the comments page at least once a week.

Next day, August 26,  the editorial writer picked up the cue, and wrote about how we have to fire civil servants, get lean on services. In fact, we have to do what we did that made such a horror of the 1930s. We have to make government get out of the way so most of us can be left to starve while the rich ones get richer than ever.

It is not possible even an Irving press editor could be so thick as to be ignorant of what this 'watchdog' really is. This is, put bluntly, lying.

And neither The Fraser Institute nor the irving press tells us about the role of the wealthy in all this.

1. How much do we give the wealthy every year in reduced property taxes, cheap prices for our forest, loans, economic gifts, and other favours?

2. How much to do we lose in the taxes we should be getting from the wealthy - but don't because they sock it away in tax haven, and because governments routinely give them tax breaks?

There is no limit to their greed. And, oh, they are self-righteous about it. They resent paying taxes because, as they will tell you, they earn their money. The implication is clear. The rest of us slobs don't earn our money.

When is the irving press going to tell us how much the wealthy cost us every year? How much they don't pay in taxes? The answer is never. The irving press exists to print only what the boss wants us to know - like who got arrested for drunk driving...

And don't wait for Donald Savoie or Norbert Cunningham to tell you anything.
This goes beyond bad journalism. This is contemptible journalism.

And, in these years of the most brutal  wars the world has ever seen, wars of pure greed, wars in which civilians are the main targets for both sides, the irving press has almost nothing to say about them.

Traditionally, we fight for God and country. But now, we have to decide because it can't be both God and country. Everything we said we fought for in World War Two has been thrown away. And it's all been done to satisfy greeds that can never be satisfied.

However, if this is the kind of world you like to live in, be sure to attend the Irving Chapel, and, with coffee, discuss in the barn how spiritual our wealthy must be.
Quite a few readers send news items to me that are interesting. Here are some.
Many will think this opinion piece is overdone. I don't think it is. Not a bit.
Most people don't have much sense of how corrupt and propagandist our news media have become. They always were lying. But it's become epidemic. Here's an article making a point I have noticed about the once august BBC.
This one is  by a Russian, and it's tone is pro-Russian. It also makes sense, far more sense and more truth than I  have seen in western reporting.
And here's a former leading cold warrior who's been rethinking it.
When Britain was at war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands of the early 1980s, Israel supplied weapons to the Argentinians - and these weapons were key factors in the deaths of  British soldiers and sailors. This goes under the category "There are no such things as friends between nations."
This story is from Australia - but it could be from almost any nation on earth. Climate change is happening. But there is no way the wealthy are going to permit any significant action on it. They are making their money out of the way things are.  Greed breeds stupidity.

Notice that Mr. Irving has been remarkably silent on this subject.
This story is not a secret - unless, of course, you depend on the irving press.
Here's another reminder that there are no such things as friends among nations.
The war in Yemen is a very up to date one. It indiscriminately kills civilians - in fact, it makes a point of killing civilians, including children. That is a policy begun by Churchill shortly after the end of World War 1 when he ordered the bombing of defenceless Kurdish villages. It was used next by the Naziis in the Spanish civil war. Eveybody who had an airforce did that in World War 2.

 (Naziis were not exceptional in our  history. They were a stage in the conduct of war that we all shared. It is now highly sophisticated, with the result that at least 300,000 children have been killed in Syria. In Yemen, he U.S. is supplying the bombs and the air training to help the Saudis do it.)
The U.S., for over 25 years, has been cutting funding for those who need help. Billionaires love that. As a result, the poor have steadily been becoming much, much poorer. And we're finding the same pressures in Canada -read the opening part of the blog on the report of The Fraser Institute which appeared in the Irving press. Cutting taxes makes most of us poorer.

But there is going to be severe pressure on Canadian servicies, on health care, on public education, with billionaires in Canada and the U.S. joining to sing the praise of greed.

Greed makes people stupid.

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