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August 20: Wouldn't this be a nicer world if.......

The irving press. Section B. Page 3. "Kurdi says haunting photo of Syrian boy risks prolonging Middle Eastern conflict." (Kurdi is a woman now living in BC who was the aunt of the boy who was photgraphed drowned and lying face down on a Turkish beach about a year ago.)

This is a magnificent report. And it's what most reporting is not.

As Kurdi says, this recent photo of an injured boy was deliberately staged to encourage hatred of the Syrian government, and to prolong a terrible war. Any reporter (let alone any editor) who didn't know that is a  half-wit.

As well,    all the news media know that the news unit that shot this picture was working for the Syrian opposition. This is a horrible example of our news media, including CBC, who act as propagandists.

This is a war that was imposed on Syria and much of the middle east by ---not by the U.S. government. The U.S. government is just a was controlled by oil billionaires to make themselves richer. In this war, alone, they have murdered, crippled, orphaned millions, the larger part of that probably children.

The oil billionaires, with the help of our news media, have made us, like them, the slime of the earth.

This is one of the simplest - and best - news items I have ever read. And I congratulate the editor of the Canada&World section for publishing it.
The headline story for page A1 is, for the first time in my journlistic experience, the same as the headline story in section B, page 1. The story is that Dominic Leblanc is being given an unnamed prominent role by Trudeau....uh, guys, his present role as House Leader is pretty prominent. So why is he losing it for something else? What is the something else? And why are the Liberals releasing the story in this awkward way?
The biggest story in section A is that the Irving Memorial Chapel will have special music this Sunday by a Rev. Dr.
Wow! Hold me back.

Nothing else is worth reading in section A unless you really, really like the propaganda pieces from the Fraser Institute. Oh, and there's another 'everybody like me' column by Brian Murphy. Guaranteed to offend neither man nor beast. And absolutely safe for people who get headaches from thnking.
Section B has that superb story on the Syrian boy who was used as a propaganda prop. It  has nothing else worth reading.
The family which owns the irving press and the what's-its-name chapel has been shrinking its faith pages for a year. The two pages are now down to one-third of a page, with the rest filled with  Christian ads about car sales.

The sermonette, as usual, is another "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam".

We - you and me and our churches - are taking part in a world run by greed. We are playing a role in massive killing for private profit. We have played a part in creating tens of millions of refugees. Now, the irving press pats us all on our unattractive behinds for accepting a tiny, tiny fraction of the refugees whose countries we are destroying. And we accept them only because - as we are told over and over  - they will be good for our economy.

What a pack of hypocrites we are! And how can our clergy go on week after week running wimpy sermonettes in the midst of this unChristian land we have become? This page is mindless, snivelling, hypocritic, and profoundly irreligious.
Hillary Clinton makes $5,000 a minute talking to billionaires. And she refuses to say what she tells them. And the news media refuse to ask her.
And here's a  dismaying story.

It should not be surprising, though. In much of the U.S. - and in Canada - the wealthy who control governments don't care about public health. To them, the only purpose of money to to get it for themselves, and to privatize health and education other services - not to help anybody who needs health and education and other services - but to steer more money into the pockets of the wealthy.
And what will happen as a result? Societies break down. We're watching it happen in the U.S.

Generally, I seem to be finding The Guardian less independent than it used to be. For a second day, it has run a story on the boy who was used as a propaganda set-up in Aleppo. And it is taking a very one-sided look in general at the whole region. Today (I never thought I'd say this) the coverage on that story in Aleppo was better in the irving press than it was in The Guardian.
The Irving press has said nothing about the U.S. killings in Yemen - and close to nothing about the Saudi killings in Yemen.

This story came as a surprise to me. I didn't know that major players in the U.S. oil industry had such a stake in Russian oil - and that they may be working to support Trump in his relationship with Putin. (I do, however, think it unlikely this could be pulled off.)
This next source is Russian. I have no doubt its purpose is propaganda. However, I have learned that, in recent  years, the Russians have learned the value of using the truth  for their propaganda. They may not tell the whole truth, but they are sophisticated enough to tell the truth.
Our news media don't pay a whole lot of attention to China. And they pay no attention whatever to U.S. military and naval deployments in the Pacific. This is another case which, if pursued, will lead  to a nuclear war.
I thought the next one amusing at first. Then it dawned on me how true it is. Us humans ae not really vey good at thinking. We are taught to believe what others believe -and and some others WANT us to believe. And, in the end, we believe what we want to believe - ignoring all evidence to the contrary.

That's why it's so common for the very wealthy to believe that they are intellectually and, almost, racially superior to the rest of us. (Just like the old aristocracy.) That makes it possible for them to impoverish others  ( their inferiors) and even to murder them by the millions.
The behaviour of logging companies in Brazil has been destroying the nation's forests, and the forest people. Much of the rainforest is gone - and is unlikely to come back. The people of the forest, many of whom are still unknown to our world, are disappearing with the forest they depend on to survive.
Somehow, all of this reminds me of a world long ago when I taught grade seven. As in any school, severe problems would arise from time to time - beatings, illnesses that parents refused to deal with; two of the boys I taught died in shoot-outs with police while still in their teens....

Invariably, the principal would do nothing. And in one case, that led to the death of a student. The principal would simply stand by, hands behind his back, and say, "Wouldn't this be a better world if people were just nice to each other?"

(Maybe he could write for the Faith Page.)

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