Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2: This may be a short blog...

...I am starting it late due to a series of computer disasters. Fortunately, there's really nothing to say about today irving press.

Zip-bang headline for the lead story of the day is that some people get injured driving recreational vehicles. Who woulda guessed?

 The editorial is about how we like maple syrup. And how we could use it to make more money. I notice the editorials are almost always about making money, and only rarely about human needs.

Norbert writes about a problem we don't have - police officers shooting large numbers of innocent people. That's in the U.S.  Norbert. His openinging suggestion is to colour all toy guns pink. Then he sobers a little, and suggests geting tougher on fireams ownership. That's certainly more sensible. So why didn't he or anybody else raise this obvious point when three of our police officers were murdered? And why did the irving papers, several times run full page ads for guns that were clearly designed for frustrated machos? We're going to have to deal with this. The National Rifle Association is gaining influence in Canada.

The commentary page has a piece of propaganda by an oil exec on how an oil pipeline would be good for us. Alec Bruce has a pointless story. The only readable item in the whole section is one on food banks.

And the big, exciting news from Canada and the rest of the whole world? Jason Kenny is campaigning for the Alberta Conservative leadership. Wow! Then there's a big story on  how two people killed several days ago in a Texas balloon crash were celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary. A rancher in Alberta doesn't like herds of elk. An Arizona couple are accused of leaving their child alone while playing Pokemon-Go. An eight-year old boy in California died after being named an honorary marine. Celine Dion is visitng Quebec, and is happy to be home.

The isn't news. This is filler for the trash tabloids at the check-out counter - (Elvis is alive, and living as a woman in China).

This isn't only a stinking newspaper. It operates on the cheap. And all it gives us is cheap sensationalism and trivia. And, of course, irving propaganda. And they have the nerve to charge us for this.
I read an article recently about the children of Donald Trump. Most of them work, and have done very well in business. Of course. They work for companies that daddy owns. And I'm sure you'll find the name Irving on many of the more expensive desks in the irving Empire. You'll find that in many if not most of the big business houses of Canada and the US. And, no, it's not because the children are intellectually gifted. You would have found the same thing among the British aristocracy, especially in the 19th and early 20th century - except much of it was done through the government.

The sons of the aristocracy, especially the slow ones, were forced on the army as officers. With their connections, they soon rose  to generals - and that makes the reading of British military history from about 1850 to 1920  into a study of incompetence. Field Marshal Earl Haig commanded the British army in World War 1 so badly that the British government desperately wanted to fire him and appoint a Canadian. But Haig had friends at the royal court - and a lot of Imperial soldiers died because of that.

For those who did not enter the army and who were incapable of holding any decent job, their life task was to find a wealthy American wife - as Winston Churchill's father did.

The corporate bosses are our aristocracy. Luckily for us, they show no interest in the military. But they have guaranteed careers working daddy's empire.
I did not comment on a recent story in the irving press, the one about how irving is spraying our forest. So here's the whole story with blanks I'm sure you can fill in.

1. Irving is spraying our forest (and us and our wildlife) with a spray that contains glysophate. It makes the forest more profitable for generations of irvings yet to come.
2. Our very respected chief medical officer was fired for no given reason.
3. It happens she was very concerned about the dangers of glysophate.
4. Our government, which has never been known to annoy anybody named irving in any way, appointed a committee to study the question. (Has a committee appointed by any New Brunswick government in the last 75 years or so every reported anything that irving ears do not want to hear?)
5. It also appointed a new chief medical officer who looks kindly, or at least silently, on glyphosate.
6. The committee of the government reported that glysophate is good for you.
7. I just love a story with a happy ending. Is it possible this was all done honestly and above-board? Maybe. But it's up to the Irving press to prove that.  And it doesn't.
In recent months, I have found The Guardian to be less impressive than it used to be. The lead story (on Erdogan) was not as truthful as it might have been. For example, the story quotes a person who accuses Turkey's president of being anti-democratic because he might bring back the death penallty.

He certainly is anti-democratic. But shouldn't the reporter know that the "democratic" U.S. not only has the death penalty, but the U.S. president has (and uses) the power to jail people without charge or trial? It also kills innocent people all over the world with drones and special ops killers.

And erdogan might torture people? Gee. Is there any country that doesn't? (Canada has been involved in torture.)


It's quite possible that the U.S. is supporting terrorism against against Turkey. We know it supported Afghan terrorists against Russia. We know it has supported terrorists against Syria. We also know that, since World War Two, the U.S. air force has specialized in terrorism in the form of area bombing, napalm, Agent Orange, and mines.

It's certainly possible that the U.S. was behind the attempted coup in Turkey. It's something the U.S. has done many, many times. They even have a special term for it. They call it 'regime change' when they do it. It's not just possible; it's close to a certainty.  Here was an attempt that involved thousands of people. And U.S. intelligence didn't know? Israeli intelligence didn't know?

Some months ago, in March, I believe, the U.S. announced that all families of airmen at the base in Turkey would be flown back to the U.S.
What a coincidence!
Here's a story about life in Rio, Brazil, especially in the favelas - the neighbourhoods of the poor. You won't find in the irving press. (I suspect its editors would have trouble finding South American on a map.

I include the next item not because it's good but because it's a sample of the partisanship of The Guardian. The story is about Obama saying Tump is unfit to be president. Fair enough. He is unfit. But I have seen almost no criticism of Clinton or, for that matter, of Obama.

I well remember being on radio when Obama was elected, and saying that he would be a disaster. Since then, he has done exactly as we should have expected. He took over Bush's foreign policy - and made it even worse. He got tangled in Syria for the same, bad reason that Bush got tangled in Iraq - to get control of the oilfields for American oil billionaires. he promised to end the Afghuanistan war. Eight years later, the war is still going on, costing the U.S. immense sums of money even as it goes on losing the war. He did not close Guantanamo. The torturers there and in other places didn't get even a slap on the wrist. He has now created the biggest crisis the world has ever seen. He has planted troops and nuclear missiles on the Russian border. This is a crisis far, far worse than the Cuban missile crisis. And once one country, any country, fires one, everybody will have to join in.

Obamacare? It's a fraud. It hits tax payers hard because it leaves the whole health industry in private hands and operating at stunningly high profits. So tax payers are getting hit to pay costs plus exaggerated profits to the  health industries.  (The rich don't care because they don't pay taxes.)

In his term, unemployment has risen, an increasing share of the wealth has gone to the rich, homelessness is on the rise, home ownership is at the lowest level in recorded history. Help for  the poor has been reduced, and the military-industrial complex has run wild.

Trump is unfit to be president. Obama is unfit to be president. Clinton, too is a copy of Bush. She's also extremely greedy, has been bought by the big money to become a very wealthy woman. I don't see anybody there fit to be president. But the Guardian, just like the U.S. papers which are all owned by big money, attacks only Trump.

Incidentally, note that Obama has never investigated Bush's lies that were used to kill a million people in Iraq. There has been no investigation,and not even a mention of it.

While I'm in this foul mood, read this opinion column from The Guardian.


Assad is brutal and cruel? Well,  yes, he is. But Assad did not start that war. It was started by the U.S. and Britain who supplied money, weapons and mercenaries to stage a rebellion against Assad.  And when it comes to murdering civilians, Assad is way down the list from the U.S. and Britain. So why nail him as the cause of the problem?

And, if the U.S. and Britain do as the columnist suggests and join the fight, will they use special weapons that don't kill civilians? They certainly never have in the past.

Again, this appears to be a highly partisan column - as well as a dumb one.
To see ourselves as others see us... Rabbie Burns had it right. We don't at all see what we are and what we have become. We see faults only in others. And this has been made worse by lying, propagandizing news media. irving press is only the most incompetent, not the worst.

The following comment is, I think, quite true. And I say that with great sadness.

The following article about Trump's accusations that the election will be rigged against him comes as no surprise.  American elections have been rigged for decades. Blacks, for example, have been denied the vote, quite commonly, because they could not recite the whole American constitution. it's become much worse since the introduction of polling machines. George Bush jr. won at least his first election by rigged voting. And Trump has made enemies of the string-pullers on both sides.


Trump would be an incompetent president. Clinton scares the hell out of me.__________________________________________________________________________________
Something strange is happening to my computer. I'm being denied access to some sites. So I'll mail this one now - though I have a good deal more material.
But think of this - most nations are predominantly of one religion. What does (could) this tell us about humans and religion? There is support for the U.S. being declared officially a Christian nation. it has far the biggest military budget in the world, and has been fighting wars, including unofficial ones, non-stop for the last 70 years or so. And it has done so almost entirely without criticism from its Christian leaders. What does that tell us?

This is something I want to think about, too. And, no, I'm not attacking Christianity. This is a question to be asked of all religions.


  1. The very best summary I've ever read of the Arab world's situation is by, of all people, Robert F Kennedy Jr, on an unknown website. It pretty much mirrors what you have been saying all along but in tremendous detail. Published in Feb this year. It is quite long but very lucidly written and covers from 1949 to now:


    As the one comment says, the article is a masterpiece. It was linked in a countercurrents.org article so you may have already read it. To me it's required reading, free of conspiracy theorists, and the omnipresent Russian authors filling up RT, Telesur and Sputnik websites lauding Putin as some kind of God. Just the facts. And they are bad enough.

    Why this article hasn't had wider distribution I do not know, as I troll about a dozen "alternative" websites continually. Goodness knows if RFK Jr is even recognized by the Democrats in the US these days. I suspect not as his recounting is highly damning to the US, yet without heated rancour.