Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17: Just when you think the irving press couldn't go lower...

.......... it gurgles its way down to the ocean floor.

What can I say about a section A that has headlines like "Man to be tried for robbery", "Gas prices to stay the same", "Woman stole credit card", "Adult spelling bee planned", (giggle, giggle),  "Bus route added"....

The editorial is reasonable. The rest of opinion and comment is, at best, trivial. At worst (guess which one) it's brainless. Another (guess which) is propaganda.

In a world on the edge of nuclear war, Section B has the thrilling tale of a woman who has a pendant given by her great grandfather to her great grandmother. It also has the third or fourth story of a search for a Nazi gold train that might not exist. All the stories are the same.Then, a thrilling story  from New York where a man who killed a Muslim had a gun hidden in his wall. Wow!

There's not a word about the killing in Yemen, in Syria, about U.S. nuclear weapons in Turkey, about the Ukraine/Crimea tensions. It's all just the gentle strains of Mr. Irving crooning, "Go to sleep, my baby..."
There's a story - and an important one - that even the robots at the Irving press could have run. Well, maybe not. It might have offended the boss. It's about how one of the natural wonders of the world, Austalia's Great Barrier Reef, is disappearing- and quickly.
Greece is one of the poorest nations in the developed world. It's poor, largely because international bankers made it poor - and intend to keep it poor. The U.S. is the richest country in the world - albeit with most of the wealth concentrated among a small number of people.

The U.S. has created tens of millions of refugees, mobs of shattered families, of people who flee their homes to die by starvation and hunger and drowning or, if they're lucky, to find horribly overcrowded refuge on Greek islands that can't hold them all.

Greece did not cause this crisis, But poverty-stricken Greece has to pay for it because the wealthy U.S. which did cause the crisis won't do a thing. (and it will accept very, very few of the refugees because most Americans believe they are Christians. Yep. They really are.        The U.S., with its constant wars, its millions of dead, its use of starvation , its unlimited greed, its debasement of its own people must make Jesus proud of what He did. Praise the Lord.)
I wonder how the editors at the irving press missed this story. It's kind of big, and it's been simmering for some time.
Poland, like many another country that helped Hitler to persecute Jews, denies it did any such thing. In fact, almost all European countries helped Hitler. And they weren't the only ones. So did Canada and the U.S., even for a time after the war. It's one of the best-kept secrets in history.

In Holland, a Dutch woman was quite indignant about Hitler. She said to me, "He had no right to kill OUR Jews." What she clearly meant was only the Dutch should have been allowed to kill Dutch Jews.

In fact, a sizable part of Hitler's army was Dutch - and French - and others.
When the war ended, Jewish survivors who returned to their homes in The Netherlands were charged taxes for the time they had been away in death camps. And Nazi soldiers did not find Anne Franck all by themselves. And the  American general Patton despised the Jews he saw in the camps, but admired their German captors.
And, gee, here's a story one would think the irving press would jump at.
Human Rights Watch is a pretty highly respected organization. So how come the irving press never told us about this report from it?

But Americans still sing "Jesus loves the little children.." So there's nothing to worry about. (Can you imagine the irving faith page running this story? Or the Irving Chapel making it a subject of coffee and discussion in 'the barn'?)
And where did Trump get the crazy idea of banning immigrants on ideological grounds? Well, in fact, the law already exists, and was rigidly enforced by both Bush and Obama.
The American spree of election campaigning has been notable for boring and pointless speeches by all candidates. That may explain why I've missed the lying.
I don't always agree with the opinions in al Jazeera. But most of them are well argued. And the range of the stories beats most of the world's newspapers by far. In terms of honesty (and courage), Haaretz is the champ. But it's range is limited. So al jazeera leads the world in breadth and quality of its coverage


  1. Thanks for pointing out the spectre of world war. I can't begin to fathom how this is not something being talked about widely. Growing up in the Cold War era, it was ingrained in my generation that WW3 would be a bad idea. Today, bribe-taking politicians are 'meh' while centrist cattle just eat up whatever establishment prolefeed put before them.

    I see in Clinton two paths to world war.

    As you mention in this column, the rising tensions with Russia. Apparently the military industrial complex would like a mini arms race to boost profits. And bribe-taking politicians like Obomba and Hillary are in for a piece of the action. What could possibly go wrong? If Donald Trump is friends with Putin, I consider that a plus. That he wants to reverse NATO's treaty-breaking incursions into Eastern Europe puts him above Clinton. Clearly building on the 25 years of peace with Russia after a 45 year Cold War that could've went hot at any time is the smart thing to do. (Clinton is also digging up Cold War rhetoric as a campaign strategy. A lesser of evils to none.)

    Next is the obverse of being doomed to repeat the mistakes of history: i.e. learning from them. In the 1930s a simple chain of events: global economic collapse (caused by plutocratic market and central bank manipulations to loot the economy that went Chernobyl); some European nations rejected capitalism (and democracy) for fascism; that triggered world war.

    Today we see the same thing happening. The plutocrats ran a complex web of financial fraud which I call the 2000s Bust Out (after a Sopranos episode that is eerily metaphorical and prescient.) But this time, they had to save the economy by keeping it on life support with a flood of loose money. (Which failed to produce an actual recovery; now Paul Krugman of Team Hillary is claiming the economy is nearing full employment to make the Democratic option more shiny. Nothing could be further from the truth.)

    So they prevented a deflationary death spiral (so far; real incomes are falling; rising debt will eventually be countered with a 'paradox of thrift' deleveraging crisis.) And consider this a raging success. (Even though GDP growth has collapsed.) But the people don't see economic success. They see abject failure. That's why the 'green shoots' of fascism are springing up in Europe.

    So ignoring the painfully obvious, and buying into the wishful delusion the economy is ripe for a fresh round of looting, Kaine shot out a dog-whistle to corrupt bankers (a day before being officially named): banking deregulation is on the way; just ignore the progressive clap trap we have to blather about because of freaking Bernie Sanders; we are open for business.

    So what happens when the next financial meltdown hits? (Which Paul Krugman, a Nobel laureate, says could happen at any moment.) This will be the final straw. Some European nations will reject capitalism for fascism. That will divide the world along Axis and Allied lines.

    This kind of cold war will not last long. The disruption of global supply chains, from what I can gather (I haven't done the research, but clearly someone should,) would probably cause hundreds of millions of people to starve to death. That will trigger existential horror, more geopolitical instability and wars to break out.

  2. Considering the alpha-wannabes rejected by society who rise up to become fascist leaders are not the most stable of personalities, these are not the kind of people who have the temperament to keep a cold war cold. People talk about Trump's temperament. But this guy knows nuclear war is bad for business. He's very much invested in the world, just like it is: golf courses, fancy hotels, ties made in China. Might even be in it solely to cut his taxes. (Like Steve Forbes who ran in the Republican primaries in 1996.)

    In short: the establishment has the cattle conditioned to not even consider the possibility of these events happening: it's the end of the world if Trump wins the election. (So many people ignorant of American democracy, including half the Americans; the US is most anti-fascist nation on Earth: 3 legislative branches; mid-term elections; impeachment process; even 2nd amendment. Not that Trump's Archie Bunker blather remotely resembles the language Hitler and Mussolini used.) And the establishment is blinded by wishful thinking: like the frog and the scorpion parable (which concludes the 'Bust Out' Sopranos episode): why does the scorpion sting the frog carrying it across the river? Why can't it think a couple obvious steps ahead? Because it doesn't want to.

    -Bernie Orbust