Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16: Trump or Clinton? It doesn't matter.

Well, we've had a big story that Trudeau would be in Caraquet. Today is a big story that he was    in Caraguet. And, almost certainly, tomorrow will be a big story that he left Caraquet. And that's pretty much the only news in section A.
The cartoon on the Opinon page is a good one. It shows 'Canada Then' as a air transport landing peacekeers. Beside it is 'Canada Now' landing tanks for criminal governments. Too bad the irving press has so ignored this story that few readers will understand the cartoon.

The Canadian arms industry has become a prominent force in supplying arms - especially to unsavoury countries, and some that we have agreed not to supply arms to, and some for whom sales are banned by the UN. Mr. Trudeau (isn't he pretty?) has agreed to supply arms to such countries
The Commentary page was done on the cheap with one commentary from a local politician,, and one from the The Fraser Institute propaganda mill.

In World News, a local man has admitted to making sex tapes of his estranged wife. We are also told, in World News, that that the provincial Conservative party won't change its convention rules. This is, I guess, for those who missed the story in its last ten or so of appearances. Then, also in world news, is a big story that we may have too many wild blueberries this year. And it even has a picture of some so you can tell they're blue.

Russia and Ukraine appear to be on the edge of war, a war that would certainly become nuclear. But that didn't make the irving press. Nor did anything else.
If you want some real news, go to CBC on the web, and get it free. For example, read the next item - and figure why the irving press would ignore this.

Now, tell me all about how climate change isn't happening.

Another big one the irving press missed...


And Trudeau's Liberals have been complicit in much of this. (This report also has a response under it that rather tortures the truth. It says there is no proof these Canadian weapons have killed anyone. Well, no. So what suckers all these Saudis and Libyans must be to buy weapons that don't kill anybody.)
The next story is more than it might seem to be. Lawyers, human rights activists, environmentalists suffer attacks and murder in Guatemala. But the attackers are not your average thugs.

This is all really an extension of the great massacres in Guatemala  of some 25 years ago when the U.S. sponsored the killiing of 300,000 Guatemalans and many missionaries to force people to accept the abuses inflicted on them by British and Canadian companies - especially in mining.

Now, the human rights groups and environmentalists are coming back to deal with those who, they say, committed war crimes. Are the thugs being supported by the U.S. government? Almost certainly. (In fact, this blog had a story some days ago about an environmentalist who was killed by U.S. special ops.)

And here's something unusual. A Christian church is taking a stand against something that is happening in the real world. Very unusual.

For decades, israel has been taking large parts of Palestine, kicking out the Palestinians, and building Israeli "settlements' on it. These  'settlements are often quite large and densely populated - and for Jews only. The Palestinians lose their homes,  their land, everything.

There's some speculation in this next story. But Seymour Hersh is a journalist with a long history of honesty, intelligence and courage.

This next is a Russian source. But you don't need to watch much of the Olympics to see the truth of it. And it's not just the conflict between Russians and Americans. It's the acceptance by the the games and by us of the games as one of this world's dumber displays of nationalism. The real games of ancient Greece were not glory-seeking affairs. They were a worship of the Gods. And that worship was physical, intellectual, musical....

The modern games began as something for the rich only. The founders considered the rich to be better humans than others. That's why only amateurs were permitted. It kept out the riff-raff who couldn't afford to play unless they were paid for it. The intellectual and musical parts were dropped because of a belief at the time  that only physical activity produced the sort of outstanding people that the rich considered themselves to be.

They were also, from the start of the modern games, brainless displays of nationalism - as though one person winning a race were a sign of some nation's moral and social superiority over others.

This next is a long one - but worth the time.

Lain regions, like Puerto Rico, seldom make the news. That's because the North American wealthy who own most of our news media prefer us to know as little as possible about what they are doing down there.

Saudi bombers loaded with American bombs seem to be specializing in hitting hospitals and schools in Yemen.

We don't hear much about it, but Ukraine had strong nazi sympathies in World War 2, and Ukrainians happily rounded up Jews for the death camps. Naziis in Ukraine are still numerous, and are prominent in the government of Ukraine.

And another story that will never appear in your local press.

And guess who's a good buddy to those nice al-quaeda jihadists who are fighting against the Syrian government?

There is really nothing to report on the American election. It's a clown show on both sides. As well, the world press does not bother reporting on anything but the two, major parties in the U.S. (There are others. Really).

Anyway none of it matters.

The U.S. is owned by the very wealthy who are bleeding it dry, and are also using its people to make even more money for them by fighting for 'patriotism'.  It really doesn't matter who wins.

If Trump wins and doesn't take orders from the super-wealthy, he'll be assassinated. Remember, he's dealing with people who have killed millions and refugeed tens of millions without giving it a second thought.
If Clinton wins, she'll go on doing what she's done her whole political life - take orders from the people who really run the country.


There's deep anger throughout the U.S. So far, Trump has been able to capitalize on that. But there's a limit how far that anger can carry him. Even if he wins the election, a majority of Americans will still detest him.

Clinton has a similar problem. If she wins, it won't be because she's won the hearts and minds of Americans. It will be because a Trump is unthinkable for the majority.

And it's not as if most Americans have any idea what they want. They have been propagandized through schools, movies, TV, radio for many generations. Many have no idea what they want or even what they're angry at.

And that aimless rage will get worse with either Clinton or Trump. And there are, probably, only two results that can follow for that.

One would be a police state that would make Stalinism seem like democracy gone wild. The other would be a complete social breakdown of the U.S. And these two are not mutually exclusive.

And there is a third. Whoever the new president is could try to hold the country together with a major war. Of course, the chances are very, very strong that would become a nuclear war.

The reality of what is happening is that the American system of government has been destroyed. that's been true for a while. The U.S. is now governed by a hereditary aristocracy of wealth. And that aristocracy, which  is too greedy ever to pay taxes, is also too greedy to make concessions.

And their greed has made them too stupid to see that they, too, will suffer from their greed


  1. I think the people are angry because living standards are falling apart from 35 years of Friedmanian looternomics. The establishment has captured the news media, the central banks, the economy and the government. Since they are grand balkanizers, pitting one group against another, (which they have to be because they are a tiny minority in control of a vast majority,) the cross spectrum aggregate just appears to be senseless anger.

    This US election is very interesting because there's a decoupling going on. Reagan forged the Christian coalition. Mammon in bed with God. Tap into Christian existential horror of communism; implement a number of free-market reforms: tax cuts, deregulation, free trade, spending cuts, privatization, globalization. Now this is starting to fall apart. The Republican base now hates the neocons, who Hillary is courting to forge a center-right coalition that gives the neocons everything and saves the center from the apparent horrors of Trump. On the left, progressives are appalled by the Clintons' bribe-taking fake-liberalism and are demanding a 'Green New Deal.' They appear to be flocking to the Green Party.

    Based on my impression of history, a revival of Keynesian 'New Deal' economics is the only way forward. FDR's original progressive movement carried on through into the post-war era creating modern living standards, which were unprecedented in history. Friedman managed to revive classical Ricardian economics from the dustbin of history. But it wasn't a breakthrough in economic science. It was the 'robber baron' establishment reasserting control. It shouldn't be surprising it ended in economic collapse like the first classical era.

    But here's the kicker. Although FDR and Keynes saved democracy and capitalism and the West defeated fascism and communism, we had to fight a world war and a cold war. This time around we don't have the luxury of spurring economic recovery by waging a world war. WW3 will trigger the Anthropocene. So we have to implement a Green New Deal before the economy deteriorates to the point where fascist revolutions and world war break out. (The clock is ticking. The biosphere could be a smoldering, radioactive wasteland a decade from now: when the stock market crashed in 1929, no one would've imagined the world would be plunged into war within a decade.)

    So my application of political chess: if Hillary wins, that's a big thumbs up to corruption and establishment capture of the Democratic party; in 2020, Democratic presidents will have resided over one of the worst slumps in American history: a 12-year Great Recession. That spells a Republican revolution much worse than what we see now (Trump is a blowhard, not an actual fascist.) If Trump wins, his tax cuts and accompanying spending cuts will put the economy in recession; his terrible presidency will provide a springboard to an Elizabeth Warren super-majority in 2020 founded on a Green New Deal platform. This will transform the world as much as FDR did. Who knows how far it could go if we learn the lessons of post-war history and decide to not indulge in geopolitical corruption.

    -Bernie Orbust

    1. All the above is why I fear the result will be a rage with no focus, and a descent into social disorder.

    2. Like with FDR (and no one could've at the time predicted that he would've come along and change the world) it's all a matter of the right leadership. The Friedmanian era has been a disaster and New Deal leaders are popping up: Sanders, Corbyn. If Hillary is humiliated by Trump, there will be a Democratic party renewal. The New Deal option is the only option left. So I have faith it will work out. (Just by the kind of reception Bernie Sanders received. The people are on board. Just need one honest leader. Warren seems to be that leader; smart enough to know her place in history.)

  2. "They were also, from the start of the modern games, brainless displays of nationalism - as though one person winning a race were a sign of some nation's moral and social superiority over others."

    That's exactly why I think the Olympics are nonsense. (Less nonsense than professional sports, where cities root for athletes poached from other cities.)

    -Bernie Orbust