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August 12: Did Obama create ISIS?

Sometimes it's embarassing to watch the American election news. Sometimes it's terrifying.

Trump says that Obama created ISIS and its terrorism. Not true. Obama has used it. He has supplied ISIS with weapons and training. But he didn't create it.

Hillary appears not to know that. Almost all of millions of educated Americans don't know that. And the journalists don't know it. Muslim Jihadism has been nurtered, trained, equipped, financed by American presidents since ----hold your breath -----Jimmy Carter in 1979.

In 1979, he sent the CIA to Afghanistan to overthrow the government. (Yes, it all goes way back to Jimmy.) That was blocked when Russia saw the danger to itself - and so began the Russia-Afghanistan war.

The CIA stayed on to train and supply the various Jihadist, terrorist groups who fought Russia - and Russia lost. The CIA didn't start with ISIS because it didn't exist yet. It was still Jihadism and terrorism. But it was Al Quaeda and other groups at first.

Things were quieter for a while after that. The major exeption was 9/11 which now appears to have involved the most extreme Muslim nation and good buddy of the U.S., Saudi Arabia. Then, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, turning jihadists against the U.S.

However, the U.S. then turned its attention to Syria because its oil billionaires wanted to control Syrian oil, just like Iraq oil. But, as a matter of foreign policy, the Iraq war had been such a disaster that the U.S. was reluctant to get invoved. again in such a war. So it created a rebel movement, made up largely of mercenaries, to do the dirty work.

When this proved inadequate, the U.S. returned to its love affair with Muslim terrorist groups. It supplied them, sometimes through a third party like Saudi Arabia, and supplied them to fight Syria. And, by this time, ISIS was a member of the club.

In other words, every president since Carter has been up to his nose in terrorism. And so will either Trump or Clinton.

This isn't rumour. Just google Russia Aghanistan 1979 CIA. You'll find lots of reliable sites.

As well, ALL armies in history have used terror as a major weapon. Napalm is a weapon of terror. Agent Orange is a weapon of terror. Torture is a weapon of terror. Carpet bombing is a weapon of terror. Nuclear bombs are weapons of terror.  Terror has particularly become a fine art over the past century. The murder and/or starvation of civilians and children has became a weapon of terror. All militaries use terrorism.

But you won't find that in your news media, either.
You certainly won't find this in Section B 'Canada&World' in today's irving press. However, you will find a breaking story that our Neanderthal ancestors may have survived because they wore parkas.
In section A is a story that the city is looking for a solution to Moncton's homeless problem. Moncton is good at looking for a solution to that. It's been practicing looking for a solution for years. Here's my advice for quicker action.
Send a clergyman into the tents to baptize everyone, giving them the family name 'Irving'. then, Premier Gallant wil clear out his own house for them.
A warning about the Irving Chapel this Sunday. The preacher does not have a doctorate in divinity. In fact, he's not even a rev, just a pastor. Obviously, they're cutting costs and bringing us Walmart Christianity. (There is still, however, special music.)

And I have an idea. You know how the Irving's are famous for their philanthropy? Well, move all the Irvings into the chapel, and fix up their homes as housing for the homeless.
There is a long editorial which could have been said in one sentence.
Norbert has nothing in particular to say.

The guest columnist represents a Christian Think Tank I have never heard of. However, it is a thoughtful and thought-provoking column, well worth a read.
Above it is a 'commentary' on our new, Syrian community. It's worth reading. But it's not a commentary. We desperately need more and better commentary to provoke and inform our understanding of the news. And we don't usually get it. Much as I like this commentary on  the Syrian community, and some other columns of this type, they should be in another section.

Alec Bruce has a column on  a topic not worth writing about - the squabbling within the provincial Conservative party.

So, on two pages of opinion and commentary, we get one item that is both real opinion and worth reading. And we get one that is worth reading, but is not an opinion or a commentary.
Student columnist Mhairi Agnew (section C) has a column gently critical of capitalism. It is the first criticism of capitalism I have ever seen in this newspaper. Treasure it. It is probably the last one we will ever see. That's why New Brunswick is a poor province - with the exception of some very rich capitalists.
Read this from The Guardian. Then we'll talk.


Ah, the U.S. standing for truth and human rights. So how come this civil war was not reported in the US and Canadian press? and consider - the soldier was involved in the massacre of 200 civilians? Uh, there are very  few soldiers who are not involved in mass killings of civilians -  not to mention the klling by airmen.

In fact, this man was involved in a much larger mass murder of 200,000 to 300,000 people with the assistance and guidance of the CIA. No western newspaper ever carried the story. And obviously, The Guardian is not going to break ranks.

The only reference to that war that has  appreared was a brief statement in the New York Times in 1999 in which Bill Clinton apologized for - something - but it didn't say what. And the NYT never did carry the real story.

Those people, mostly civilians and including even babies, were all murdered, with the close involvement of the American government - to please American (and Canadian) big business operating in Guatemala.  (This could make a good sermon for the Irving Chapel.)

Try google - Guatemala civil war CIA involvement.
Some countries are very concerned about the implications of the Panama Papers. Canadian and American News media have yet to suggest they give a damn.
Here are two people who really know their stuff when it comes to national economies.

Well, the U.S. has to protect itself from powerful enemies. Next week - a list of countries invaded by the hordes of Yemen. Luckily, patriotic Americans who are underfed and homeless will rally behind America the Beautiful.
If someone could compose a tune for the following, it might be suitable as 'special music' for the Irving Chapel. Alternatively, a copy could be sent to all the clergy who write for the irving  "Faith Page".
Here's a story that our news media, all of them, are ignoring. We are signing away our countries. We are signing away our control over our own governments with trade agreements that are designed to make corporations the real rulers of the world. Justin has already indicated approval of one of them.
And here's a story the irving press editors missed.
Oberlin college in the U.S. has suspended a professor in response to demands from powerful zionist organizations. I thought a  long time before publishing this story because there are many points the professor makes that I don't agree with. (and some that I do agree with.)

However, freedom of speech means just what it says. The professor is free to say what she wishes. I'm free to disagree. But neither of us has the right to shut up the other. I don't charge into Baptist churches to tell them what they're allowed to say. (Though I have experienced Baptists who burst into universities to tell me what to say.)

Zionists might remember that Hitler was pretty strong on silencing disagreement.
Yes, Jews were treated terribly by Naziis - and by Republicans and by Democrats and by Liberals and by Conservatives.. That does not give them the right to treat others badly.
Incidentally, while the U.S. spends billions and goes into panic over terrorists, far, far more Americans have been killed since 911 by police than by all terrorist attacks put together. And it's more even if you include all Americans killed in the invasions of Afghanistant and Iraq.

But the U.S. press and its politicians won't even look at that. And Canada is going the same route as a result of a failed attack in which the only one killed was the attacker.
And here's one from a reader.

I guess that's why the irving press editors decided the big story in world news is that this region might not get a judge on the Canadian Supreme Court.
Here's a video report of the same story.

The Ukraine government says that the Russians are acting in a provocative way - unlike the U.S. which has planted nuclear launch sites along the border with Russia - and, of course, the Canadian troops we were foolish enough to send to Latvia are just tourists. No provocation there.

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