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July 9: Call it a bad mood.

The front page, must-read story is that Syrian women will be selling homemade Syrian food at local farmers' markets. I'm glad to hear it. I 'll certainly buy some. But this is surely not the biggest possible story of the day for Moncton.

Actually, if you read the rest of section A, it is the biggest story of the day. The next biggest is that people are just going ape over public transport. The story tells us ridership rose by 22 percent in   2014. (Of course, that 22 percent rise in 2014 might have something to do with the fact the system was locked out for six months in 2013. Of course ridership went up,  you twits. And if you think hard about it, a  22 percent rise in a twelve month year is not sensational following a six month year.)

Then, Wow, it went up two percent more in 1015. Duh -doesn't that mean we're still not back to where we were before the lockout?

That's the big story in Section A news, and the rest doesn't get any better.
The editorial is just dumb. Once again, it's babble about reviving Main St. The restaurants should do more decorating. Boy, that's the way to tell it like it is. Oh, and several new clothing shops are opening. So that means people will shop on Main on their way from parking the car to seeing a hockey game.

Good thinking. Whenever I go to a hockey game, I always park early so I can buy a couple of suits on the way.

Norbert flogs a dead horse called the Senate. He thinks a senate appointed on a non-partisan basis would be wonderful. Norbert, that's what it was supposed to be in 1867. But it never has been. Politicians are simply not going to do that, and there's no way to enforce it. Nor am I  dazzled by the thought of a Senate appointed by "eminent citizens". It's undemocratic. And I am not dazzled by some of the 'emininent citizens' who have been chosen.

The guest commentary, as it so often is, is by a shill from the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies. He says native peoples should embrace the idea of having oil pipelines and fracking development on their terroritory. Seriously, that's what he says. I don't know how AIMS picks its    'research fellows'. For openers, I see no sign of research in this propaganda. They must give job applicants an IQ test, then hire only the ones who fail.

There's a commentary by a man who does seem to have some brains, and he talks about the new Canada Pension Plan. Alas! He says nothing with any clarity, and is unable to come to any conclusion. Even Alec Bruce takes a long time to say virtually nothing about improving the voting system.
Canada&World is mostly painfully local. The few bits that are outside Canada are just a pale example of what one can see on TV or computer a day earlier. Mining companies murdering people in South America? Wars in Africa? Canadian troops,  aircraft and ships sent to take part in an insanely dangerous mission? And sent to please people who have a long record of failed  foreign policy? Wars in the middle east and Africa? Chinese ships patrolling the South China Sea? Americans setting up missile bases in South Korea? Over 25 million refugees in the world, and many, many more to come? Canada spending billions to prop up a corrupt and illegal government in Afghanistan that won't last more than a few days after the defeated U.S. army pulls out?

Not a word about any of them.

Why not do everyone a favour? Scrap Canada and World news (and scrap the editorial and opinion pages.) These are of no use whatever.

Instead,  give us just four pages of news analysis by people who know what they're talking about. (Remember Dyer and Suzuki?) We can get Canada and World news much more quickly on radio and TV and computers. But it's tough to get analysis so we can understand it. TV, in particular, is not a good medium for analysis.)

This would be far superior to the rubbish we're getting. And and it might even be more profitable for the paper.
The irving press might even con
sider a useful page designed for our very large population of semi-literates. It could be a great help to them.
For a magic moment,  I had hope for a Faith page that seemed to begin to say something. It quotes a man who said that a preacher needs to preach with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. The sermonette writer says, at the end, we need to balance the reality of the world with the values of our faith.
But that is precisely what his column fails to do. Like almost all the sermonettes, it wimps out.

What does sending troops to Latvia and to Syria have to do with the values of our faith? What does sending monstrous sums of money to a corrupt puppet government in Afghanistan have to do with the values of our faith? What does helping to build the American Empire have to do with our faith?  What does avoiding taxes have to do with our faith? These are the connections our churches have to make - but never do.

What the churches do is to encourage us to conform with world values that we should NOT conform to, that the Bible and common sense warn us not to conform to.

Here's an item from Zenit, the Vatican news sheet that does link values to the real world.

Patriarch Louis R. Sako -Photo Courtesy of the Chaldean Patriarchate of Babylon's Website
Below is the speech of the Chaldean Patriarch Louis R. Sako during the prayers for the victims of the Karrada Massacre, which was made available by the patriarchate’s website:
7 July 2016 at the Karrada Parish
Sisters, Brothers,

There is a spiritual, moral, and patriotic side for our prayer this evening. In such a tragedy, we are joining millions of Muslims in praying for the affected families that may God have mercy on the victims and bless the wounded with a speedy recovery.

We express our shock, sadness, solidarity with Iraqis and strongly condemn these cruel acts that affected innocent people, stole the happiness of preparing to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and converted it to a national mourning.

Terrorism has nothing to do with religion, but may be linked to political games that allow killing Muslims, Christians, Mandaeans and Yazidis as “infidels”. Such crimes defy religious values and people’s lives, which is a gift from the Creator. Therefore, everyone should understand that killing innocent people leads to hell rather than to heaven, which is a big lie and a brain-wash.

In Islam, God is merciful “Rahman Rahim” and in Christianity it is the Jubilee year of Mercy. Therefore, we have to move from the phenomenon of barbarism – savagery to a culture of compassion “mercy” – humanization. In other word, when we tolerate and forgive each other, God will forgive us, which is the only way to fight extremism, hatred and terrorism.

Our prayers this evening will help us learn lessons from this tragedy and find effective and permanent solutions. If the government was coherent and politicians worked as one team, ISIS wouldn’t be able to: commit these crimes; tamper with the country’s security and stability; killing thousands of innocent people; displace millions; and destruct the Iraqi national fabric and peaceful co-existence.

In conclusion, we call on everyone to be held responsible for turning the Karrada massacre to a collective stance for peace; stability; provision of public services; creating jobs; and the elimination of sectarian quotas, corruption and terrorism.
(Guess which Christian nations have recently killed large numbers of innocent people.)

Israel's Netanyahu may be in very, very serious trouble.
Haaretz Breaking News
View in browser
 Prime Minister Netanyahu in Knesset, June, 2016.
Massive money laundering reportedly suspected in latest Netanyahu probe
Police are looking into the transfer of large sums to Netanyahu or a member of his family, Channel 2 reports.
Haaretz | 08.07.2016
Here is the South America that never appears in the irving press. It's a story of what our false capitalism does when it's turn loose.
Getting excited about Main St. here in Moncton as a shopping mecca once we have a new hockey rink and a centre to attract big, American spenders?  Here's an item that might cool your excitement.

By the way, why have we never been told who came up with the idea of the events centre? It's surely odd that no-one has stood up to take a bow for this.
Here's a comment on something I've said often enough - much of our 'knowledge' of history is lies. We learn these lies from school texts, TV, movies....  The U.S. is pretty bad; but it's not the only one. I've seen lots of it in Canadian and British texts, too. Indeed, I  would be surprised to find any country that has honest, history textbooks. But much of our understanding of the world is based on all that dishonesty.

In sum, the U.S. ( just like the British and French Empires before it) has destroyed every country it touches. That's what all empires do. They murder, starve, enslave, impoverish every nation they touch. None of us will ever see a recovered middle East. Nor are we likely see a recovered South America or Africa or Phillippines.

And Canada, as an American colony, has played its role in all this. The Canadian intrusion in Eastern Europe is not our only one in support of U.S. billionaires. It's just the most insane one. But I'll bet you'll never hear a sermon about it.
The item below gets only partly at what is happening in the U.S. What's happening is even worse. It is not just racism. It's a crashing of all that American people thought the U.S. stood for. Most people don't  understand that. They know they're angry. They know somethng has gone terribly wrong. But few yet know why this is happening. And a very large part of the why is greedy,  corrupt, lying of a business leadership that is as willing to exploit and murder Americans as it is to do that to the rest of the world.

Americans have a sense they've been betrayed. But they're spinning their wheels because they have no-one to tell them why they're angry. All they have is a  Donald Trump who expresses their anger without ever saying what the real causes of it are.  ( And a Hillary Clinton who must be one of the most evil of politicians.)

And, if you're a Canadian, don't feel smug. Canadian business leaders march in lockstep with American business leaders. And so do both Conservatives and Liberals and, lately, the NDP.
The greed of American business leaders has destroyed much of the world. Now, it is destroying the U.S. This is partly the result of a revolution by which business leaders have become the unelected ruling aristocracy.  In the U.S. and Canada, this has been marked by rising levels of poverty and an anger that is felt rather than understood.

That poverty, incidentally, is a major reason for the failing public schools in the U.S. It's not the teachers. Low performance in school is far more likely to be due to low expectations and, markedly, to poverty.

We, in Canada, have to change the direction we're going in. Expect nothing from Trudeau or Gallant or from any Conservative. And environmentalism is not enough. And the NDP, if it is going to be any use at all, needs a shakeup all the way down to its little toes.

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