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July 8: A_A_A_A_no Quebec beer?

Today's front page of the Irving press is gripping. A bold headline drops the bombshell of the day.

The provinces are close to an initerprovincial trade deal. But it WON'T include beer. Badly shaken, I turned to the next story. "Toddler meets national defence minister." But even that takes a back seat to a big photo of a little litle girl sitting in a car and holding the steering wheel just as if she were driving. And there's a big story about that below it.

And who says Moncton doesn't have a city plan? Yesterday, two granite blocks were taken from Main St. so panhandlers wouldn't sit on them, and so snow removal would be easier.

The editorial, as always, is piercing and challenging. You know our emergency waiting times in our hospitals are too long? Well, the editorial writer really thinks about that - and comes up with a challenge for all of us.   Something must be done!

Nobert tells us that, while we discuss electoral reform, the greater problem is that our politicians ignore public needs. Quite so, Norbert.  Now, close your eyes and guess why they ignore our needs. Whose needs to they serve? You know damn well whose needs they serve. And it's the same who that you and your newspaper serve.

I always like Justin Ryan's commentaries. But they really aren't commentaries. They are plugs for the muliculturalism that is making New Brunswick a much more interesting place. This should be on its own page with similar items. The Faith page could be changed to Faith and Culture, a sampling of the variety of faiths and cultures in this city. As it is, it doesn't even reflect the varieties of Christian faith.

The guest commentary is, as usual,from Troy Media. It must be really cheap. This one is by a man who knows all about climate change and the goodness of natural gas. We can be sure of that because he's been a director of five global corporations. So there. And and next week? How about one by an irving on how glyphosate is good for you?

Or how about one on why a government in a democracy can dispose of a chief medical officer without telling us why.  And why a newspaper chain doesn't have the integrity to try to find out why. As usual, the Liberals, the Conservatives, the irving press, and an unnamed fourth party all wallowed in the slime on this one.
The people of New Brunswick should be raising hell about this. But they and their newspapers and their politicians are too busy on the more crucial issue of importing beer from Quebec.

Alec Bruce writes on the importance of attracting immigrants to Atlantic Canada; and I certainly agree with that. But I don't see how that's going to help our deficit unless we  take the trouble to finding out which people and how many are not paying how much in taxes. Any thoughts on that, Norbert?
The big news, the really big news in Canada&World is that two "prominent" locals will help select New Brunswick's next senators.

Who could possibly care who picks people who have been proven incompetent, expensive puppets since 1867? One of the chosen is a nursing professional. The other is a ta-da - public policy expert, Donald Savoie. In a democracy, why are are representatives being chosen by two people? Why should a nursing professional be one? And based on his previous performance for a provincial government, why Donald Savoie?

This is a farce.

But it's the biggest news of the day is Canada and the world.

Most of the section is, as usual, piddling and trivial.  However, B3 has a story worth a close reading - and some thinking, "Trudeau heads to NATO summit with commitments, faces questions." The story doesn't tell all. But on a close reading, it hints a good deal.

 Consider these points.
1. NATO is not a defence organization. It is a label for the American empire in Canada and Europe.  And, just as Rome used its Barbarian subjects to  help fight its wars, the U.S. uses us.

2. The current movements in eastern Europe are not to defend it against a Russian attack. The very idea of 4,000 NATO troops stopping a Russian attack is absurd. Nor does it make any sense that Russia would want to attack. The one looking for a war is the U.S.

3. We should follow the American model, and spend more on weapons, and build larger armed forces, we are told. Take a look at the U.S. model. It has driven the U.S.  into an international debt it can never pay. The only way it can escape that debt is to defeat the countries it owes the money to - and then refuse to pay.
Meanwhile, American living statndards are in steep decline - except for the wealthy - who don't pay taxes, anyway.

And in 70 almost unbroken years of war,  the U.S. with its world's largest and most expensive armed forces, has had only one, clear victory - the tiny island of Barbados. (Korea was a draw.) And, no, Iraq was not victory. Iraq is a disaster that is going to get worse. It was also the cause of the disasters we are now facing all over the middle east.

Are you really sure we should be accepting American leadership?

Read the comment by Bezan, the Conservative defence critic. It's stunningly ignorant and even loutish. The NDP comment is just wimpy.

And, speaking of NATO, bear in mind Canada has two obligations that are not mutually compatible. One is NATO. And that one involves subjection to American military  plans which have taken us to the disaster we're now in.
The other, and surely more important one, is to the United Nations. The UN, not NATO, is the one that was intended to maintain peace. So why did the U.S. push to create NATO? Because its business leaders didn't want peace. They wanted war to make themselves richer. So they effectively destroyed the UN role in maintaining peace. The crudeness of that thinking is reflected in what was said by Conservative defence critic Bezan.

Using NATO, the U.S. is also committing us to war with ISIL - a military disaster that was created in the first place by the greed of American big business. And we will send a hundred million dollars a year to support the losers that the U.S. calls the government of Afghanistan - A hundred million of our tax money is going to disappear each year into the world's most corrupt government.
And now we are sending 1,000 Canadians to a situation in which, if the Americans succeed in provoking a war, will turn all thousand of them into ducks in a  shooting gallery. I have a better idea.

Lets send all the Koch sons, the Rockefellers, the Fords, the Irvings, the Bushes to eastern Europe. And I'll be happy to be at the airport, handing out doughnuts as they board.
Here are two stories about how the U.S. is funding government assassins in Honduras. They kill people who do terrible things like trying to protect the environment from American and Canada investors. Very often, the U.S. is even more directly involved with the assassins it likes to call 'special ops'. This has been going on for a century -  and adding the murders ofpresidents and other politicians who are so foolish as to want to help their people.

And remember - all of this would have been approved by that nice Mr. Obama, and by the philanthropists who are major stockholders in Honduras resources.
This next isn't a cheerful one. But it's worth thinking about. However, it does leave out the failure of what had been an important factor in our society - the collapse of the churches into irrelevance in a world that has little room for  any religion I have ever heard of. Every Saturday's Faith page is a reminder of that irrelevance.
And here's a piece of good news.
We get news reports about the horrors of terrorism. But we rarely hear about how we cause these horrors. It's always somebody else's fault.  (Along this same theme, I've been hearing about the new, Quebec history for high schools. It seems that the French settlers who came here lived in peace with the native peoples. Amazing how the lies change from generation to generation. When I was in grade school, the big lie was that the French settlers valiantly fought the Iroquois to stop an attack on Montreal, with all the French being killed in the defence.  In fact, the French were attacking a small native convoy of iroquois canoes to loot its furs. What it didn't know what that behind the small convoy of Iroquois was a big convoy of Iroquois. My first Decarie ancestor was in Montreal at the time. But he had to stay home to water the ducks.)
Police have now killed 566 people in the U.S. But reports suggest that number is already outdated. There's also a report of a black American hanged by the KKK. Yep. That's just the country to lead the free and Christian world.
Here's a very useful item on how urban areas can deal with climate change. This is something for Moncton city council to think about.  ....if it ever thinks.

June, by the way was the warmest June on record for the U.S. City council hasn't told us about Moncton. It  won't, of course, until some very wealthy developer comes up with an idea that we can pay for, and that he can get all the profit from.
In Israel, Netanyahu is in more than a litle financial  and possibly criminal  trouble. I can send only the headline because Haaretz will not usually allow the transfer of a full story to a non-subscriber. This is only one of several stories about his connection with influence-buyers.
If you want to learn much about the cruel treatment of Palestinians by Israelis, you have to read the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.  Its coverage is narrow. But it's remarkably honest and courageous. In this case, the victims are Palestinians who are Israeli citizens.
There's so much more. But it's getting late.

We're looking at a world system that is in collapse. I think the cause of the collapse is largely greed and disregard of human needs. And much of that can be connected to the utter failure of Christianity to represent the morality it is supposed to stand for.

We badly need to rethink what our values are, what our priorities are, of what we owe to everyone on this earth...we need to develop the courage to talk openly about this and to assert, openly, that this is our society, and not the sole property of the grreediest among us.

And don't waste your time expecting any leadership in this from the irving chapel.

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  1. "The only way it can escape that debt is to defeat the countries it owes the money to - and then refuse to pay." I believe that is the bonus of sanctions - debt relief as IOU's are dishonoured on the currency mandated for oil sales.