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July 7: Some days are worse than others.

The U.S. is, we are told, the land of the free and the home of the brave. One has to be brave there. U.S. police have killed 538 people so far this year. As I write, there is rioting in Louisiana where the most recent killing took place. The victim was, of course, African-American. You'll find the story on CBC news.

CBC also has the story of the Chilcot inquiry - an inquiry into the Iraq war, an inquiry the irving press hasn't paid much attention to. What it reveals is the making of one of the biggest blunders in history, a  blunder that created horror for millions, that made ISIS a major force, that has made all of the Middle East a chaos, and one that draws the whole world closer to a nuclear war. And it was fought for only one reason, to satisfy the insatiable greed of oil billionaires, mostly American.

We are nowhere even close to beginning to climb out of that horror. Instead, we built on it with the destruction of Syria, with threats to Iran.

Will this make tomorrow's irving press? Maybe - in short form. Will it produce a column of commentary? Not likely.

Will it produce criticism of the oil industry? Not bloody likely.
Nor is the irving press likely to publish this, next  part of the story.

George Bush, Tony Blair, Barrack Obama have been mass murders as vile as Hitler and, as torturers, even worse than Hitler.  And we have been complicit in allowing them to do it. And now Justin has added us to members of the gang.
If we cannot get angry at them for their vile behaviour, we should at least be annoyed that they have all proven such incompetent asses and such servile agents of the very wealthy. The object is world conquest, with a world to be ruled by America's wealthy for America's wealthy. The plan is all laid out in "Project for the New American Century". It's been publicly available for almost twenty years, but never made the Irving press.
Today's headline is that emergency wait times in NB hospitals have become impossibly long.

OOOOO - I have an idea for a useful story on this. Is it possible this is happening because some of New Brunswick's wealthy don't pay taxes?

It's good to see that New Brunswick can produce groups like the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra. How come it doesn't produce adult groups like that?
Opinion and commentary is, as always, painfully local and, as always, never critical of anyone whose name is spelled i-r-v-i-n-g.

Hump Cormier is, we are told, a writer and communications professional. What is a communications professional? Does he fix computers? Cell phones? Does it mean he writes those ads that annoy us on TV? Where does one takes courses to be a communications professional? Is there a degree in it? A certificate?
And, while I can share his distaste of a man who would urinate in public, it does not seem to be a plague that is sweeping Moncton. Why on earth waste a column on this topic?

Then there's a 'commentary' by Bruce Fitch  which is really the regular free ad for the Conservative party. Apparently, it's criticizing Liberal decisions. Who woulda thunk it?

Then, Alec Bruce is excited that our political leaders have come up with the idea of encouraging immigration to boost our economy. The 'think tank' that produced this flash was made up of giants like Brian Gallant and Dominic Leblanc.

Actually, I don't see why it required a meeting of such eminents to come up with the idea.

Canada was built by immigrants from day one. It has worked well.  And it didn't require any meetings in barns to come up with that idea.
Canada&World is pretty bland stuff. As usual, it seems to be made up of stories chosen at random - and quite without thought. There's nothing to explain how a 4,000 member NATO force would stop a Russian invasion of Latvia. Nor is their any evidence that Russia is planning such an invasion.

South America, in very serious turmoil, does not get a mention. Nor does Syria. Nor does Yemen where millions are dying of starvation in a blockade imposed by the freedom-loving governments of Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Not a word about the many wars in Africa. Asia doesn't exist, either. There's nothing about the brutal and environmentally destructive  methods used by our mining industry all over the world. Nor has there been a word, in any section, about the spraying of our forests (and our wildlife and us) with  poisons.

It's not hard  to put together a Canada&World section. All it takes is an editor of broad knowledge of foreign affairs (not all that daunting a requirement), and an hour or two to sort through the wire services. Bingo. Job's done.

I can only assume the appallingly low quality of this section is deliberate. This is a section designed for trivia and ignorance.

Oh - a thought on the lead story about the Canada Pension Plan. Somebody named Joel Richardson, VP of the NB division of Canadian Manufacuturers and Exporters - and  also a big deal in the Coalition of New Brunswick Employers - is in a tizzy-fit because of the "absolute failure" of the government to consult with him and his business buddies on this.

Joel baby, in a democracy no government has an obligation to consult business on anything. We are all equal. If a government chooses to consult, it had better consult all of us. And if it chooses not to, well.we elected it to govern, not to ask us what to do - It has the right take the risk for what that means on election day when all of us, not just business organizations, get to vote.

Joel, baby, a system in which business has a right to be consulted by government is not called democracy.  It's one of the characeristics of a system called  fascism - the system Canadians died fighting against.

And, incidentally, if you really don't think this government consulted the big boys in business on this, you're a very naive little boy.
The Guardian has a very full account of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war. It was a collosal act of cruelty and murder for no reason but greed. Worse, it may have been the most devastating blunder in history, one that we have not begun to see the end of.

And it was brought to you by much the same people who are now bringing the story that Russia is planning to invade eastern Europe.
This next one is more important than it might look. Forget what Obama says in this. The reality is that he is admitting that one of the most expensive wars in history has ended in American failure. All it has done is to kill the democracy that was developing in Afghanistan, to kill more people than we shall ever be told,  to torture thousands,  to create one of the most corrupt governments in the world, and to establish the world's largest opium production.

It's a repeat of the blunders of greed for the last 70 years.
Much as I admire Pope Francis for the positions he has taken on world affairs, I despair of a church run by asexual bachelors and spinsters who make the rules for married couples. Has it never occured to them that, without sexuality in this world, we'd run out of babies and, within a generation, become very short of priests and nuns?

We can't all expect women to wait for an angel to do the job.
Gee! Tump has a real problem with climate change (which he denies is happening.) Luckily,  the oil industry in New Brunswick has been leading us in our struggle to deal with the effects of climate change. I mean, just look at, you know, all the things it's done....
Here's the video of a policeman in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, killing a man.

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave.....
Information Clearing House for today has a lot of stories worth reading today - too many to list.
Here's some of the African news that never makes it into the Irving press. And it's even worse in Congo and several other countries.
And here's a story about China that didn't make the irving press. The Chinese have warships in the South China Sea. What a nerve! Everybody knows that only the U.S. is allowed to have warships there.

Maybe we, in Canada, can send one of our new, irving-built warships - if we can find one that works - another story missed by the irving press.
Here's a less polite summary of the  Chilcot Inquiry. I think it should be even less polite. I think Blair and Bush should be tried and hanged,  just as we did to Naziis at Nuremburg.
This is another one that didn't make it into the irving press Canada&World section.
And how, on earth, was it possible NOT to have an editorial or commentary on the FBI's trivialization of Hillary Clinton's 'careless' computer use?

No. Our big commentary was about a man urinating outdoors.


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