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July 7: The Newspaper That Should Pay Us to Read It.

Last night, I tried to listen to a Donald Trump speech. I really did. There was no mention of what the national issues are. It was about how he loved his children, how he gets (unnamed) things done. And the audience was wild with applause. Obviously, this was an audience which didn't know what the issues were, either. That's because they all get news from news media just like the irving press.

Clinton was no better.

There is rising poverty in the U.S., rising homelessness. There is a public education system in a death spiral. There's a gun mentality which kills far more Americans than 'terrorists' do. There's an out-of-control private health system that is hugely expensive for the working class and middle class. So they die earlier. There's the Chilcot Inquiry that shows that Bush created a war that was unjustified , unnecessary, that murdered a million people, that is destroying the middle east, and has created a spiral of wars and chaos that  daily gets worse. There's a growing chaos within the U.S. of violence and crime, of destruction of human rights. And Obama has been no different from Bush.

The U.S. that was is dying. The U.S. that is is probably dying, too, dying of the greed of its wealthy, dying of the confusion and ignorance of its population, dying of the hatreds and propaganda spewed by its private news media.
And Justin will be the puppet of whoever wins the presidency next time
Here are a couple of items a reader sent me.

Obama is a much over-estimated president. His policies have not been significantly different from those of Bush. (The first item has a Yiddish word, 'Schmuck', which I prefer not to translate. But 'communications professional' Brian Cormier could have used it in his column yesterday about the man who, you know, unzipped his fly in public know.)
The big, front  page news story in yesterday's irving press was that hospital waiting times are too long. The big news for today is that authorities are thinking about it.

The big, big photo of the day is that Shediac is making the world's longest lobster roll. And guess what. Masses of people are lining up to watch people making the longest lobster roll.

It's a full life.

On page 3, we learn that the modestly named Irving chapel will have a service this Sunday, but with just an ordinary Rev. leading it. However, there will be a Rev. Dr. for Special Music. (This province must be full of preachers looking for part-time jobs.)

As I was driving yesterday through a part of Moncton's urban sprawl - street after street of really boring bungalows with lots of lawn - I thought of something that could use a some journalist coverage.

It is not possible to service that sprawl with public transport. This was all designed to be served by the automobile. See any problem coming up there?
It is also extremely expensive for a city to sprawl like that. The extra distances mean very expensive water pipes, sewage, hook-ups of all sorts, longer and more expensive roads and sidewalks... Has city council ever discussed this? Has it looked at how other cities deal with these problems? Does it have a city plan at all - I mean a plan that goes beyond giving rebates to developers, and building new high schools for them?
The editorial writer is very, very upset about the way we are making free drinking water available to people who are thirsty. Making it available on walking trails is okay, says the editorial. But we must never forget it comes from a system we all pay for.

Damn right. We should put up signs on those "free" water places. This is, without question, a burning issue of the day. (And could we also put signs for all those people who get tax rebates that we have to pay for? And the ones who avoid taxes that we have to pay for?)

Who the hell to those thirsty people think they are? Corporation presidents?
Norbert has a good column on electoral reform.

Then we have a "commentary" on tuition bursaries that isn't a commentary at all. It's at best a news story on what the government is doing. And it's a free ad for the provincial government.

Under it is a "commentary" that is really just propaganda put out by the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, an organization set up by our social superiors to tell us what to think. It, like the 'commentary' on bursaries, is probably free for the irving press. It's not good journalism. But it's cheap.

Alec Bruce writes about clean energy - but really doesn't say much. It claims we are making great strides toward clean energy. If so, it's a well kept secret.
And what is the top news in Canada&the Whole World? A New Brunswick Senator has been chosen leader of the Liberal Caucus in the Senate. Be still, my heart.

Then, there is a whole page on Jason Kenney, with two stories on what a great guy the former Harperite is (tells jokes, etc.), and how he might run for the Conservative leadership.

B6 at last gets to some world news - but destroys it with bad journalism.

One is essentially propaganda from The Associated Press. It criticizes Trump for saying Saddam killed terrorists 'so good'. But the sub-headline says "Trump's praises for brutal strongman seemingly knows no bounds."

Now, think. Who has been the biggest and most brutal strongman of the last  50 years or so? Who has been the biggest, most brutal, and indiscriminate killer of people all over the world? Just about every president of the United States in that period. That's who.

Ever seen a headline that refers to U.S. presidents as brutal strongmen?
In fact, this story is not about what Trump said at all. It's a story arguing that Trump is all wrong - and it uses some very questionable sources to do it. Nor does it pay much attention to the fact that the U.S. was a major supplier and supporter for Saddam, and that it paid Saddam for his mass murder of Iranians. Then, when the U.S. turned against him, it murdered a million people, mostly civilians, and effectively destroyed Iraq as a nation.

The paper does, on the last page, have a report on the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war. Again, it's the associated press. It   actually tells very little about the report, and half of the story is devoted to Bush and Blair saying they did nothing wrong.

As well, it never says why the U.S. invaded Iraq.

John Chilcot and his committee are outanding examples of the traditional British establishment. As a result, this report is not nearly so harsh as it should be. But, apparently, it was too harsh for the associated press and the irving press.
Here's a story of what's really happening in the U.S. - but isn't being mentioned in the leadership campaigns except in the vaguest terms. Nor have I seen or heard much about the Canadian situation.


The reality is the revolution that nobody talks about.  Democracy has been largely overthrown, and power handed to the greediest and wealthiest among us. This is a return, in many ways, to the centuries of rule by an aristocracy.
The next one is a story about inequality and the privileges of the white and celebrated in South Africa. It's about a world-famous athlete who murdered a woman, and is now getting an absurdly low sentence for it - because he's white and celebrated.

Canadians woud never allow such a thing? I wouldn't be at all sure of that.
And here's one that's worth thinking about...
As you read this, remember.  It is much the same people   (or their successors) that drove the U.S. and Britain into war in Syria who are now taking Canadian troops to Eastern Europe and Syria. Justin Trudeau has bought their line.
In both cases, we  have put Canadians into dangerous situations simply to please the wealthy and powerful who want wars. And, in being silent, we have betrayed our troops just as we betrayed them in Afghanistan.
And this next one is very true. Canadians should, before it's too late, have their own inquiry into our sending of troops to Syria and eastern Europe.

Chelsea Manning attempted suicide in her cell. She got 35 years for giving information to wikkileaks. Hillary Clinton leaked more, but got a kiss on forehead.

Will this make the Irving press tomorrow? Probably not.
And here's a peek at the caring lady we know as Hillary Clinton.

Get used to it. The U.S. has become thoroughly corrupted. It's a threat to the whole world. And Justin and Barrack are great buddies.
And here's another story you'll never see in the irving press.
Here is a story which the irving press (amazingly, even for the irving press) did not have - though the news was out in lots of time for today's edition. It's a major story all over North America - except in the irving press.

The editing of this paper is so bad, I can never decide whether it's done deliberately to keep readers ignorant, whether the editors are simply incompetent, or whether it's just cheaper to be brainless.

And on the editorial and comment page, what's called editorial and comment is usually trivial, irrelevant, or propaganda. And there is no comment whatever on the rest of this world that we all  have to live in.

As well, this appears to be a newspaper that is really, really cheaply run.

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