Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4: Off to the shore.

Today's format is different because I'm writing it Sunday evening and adding the irving press part early Monday morning. With luck, that will get me to a sunny day at the beach.

Tax havens must be the cause of the biggest robbery in history. And we are the victims. This is our money. If I broke into a convenience story to steal all the candy, I'd face jail time. There are Canadians who have been robbing us blind through tax havens. Our policians, both Liberal and Conservative, made that possible. Has it not occured to anyone to ask why they did that? Is it possible, do you think, they were paid with big money to make the rest of us poorer?
Where are the statements from Trudeau and Gallant about the measures they are taking to deal with this? Where are the names that we know they must have? Where are the demands of our news media for an investigation? Where are the investigations by the news media?

How many billions of dollars  have been stolen from us? We're all poorer for what has happened. Our hospitals are poorer. Our schools are poorer. Our children will be poorer. Those photo pages of smiling people holding up be cheques for charity are not a sign of community effort. In a community effort, we all get together to make sure the services we need are available for everyone. Those volunteers who give time and money are to be commended. But the fact that they have to exist is a sign that as a community we don't give a damn.
The irving press has paid virtually no attention to this story of the century. We are all poorer than we should be. And we are all going to be getting a lot poorer as greed has been  given a free pass.

Who are the people in Canada who are doing this to us and our families? Who are the people in New Brunswick who are doing this to us and our families?  Does nobody care? Or are we all the sheep we seem to be?

Name a single Liberal or Conservative who has made a statement about this. Remember how Harper wanted to jail even small criminals, and throw away the key? But he did nothing about this massive theft by the wealthy. Nor will Trudeau. Nor will Gallant. Nor, you can bet, will the Chambers of Commerce across Canada.

Capitalism has never, from its start, been real capitalism except for the small players. What the weatlhy have done is to make capitalism into a ruthless game of cheating and theft - and to  name the resulting corruption and suffering as capitalism.

I remember the irving press carried many a story and comment about a book by a UdeMoncton professor who said the provincial budget woes were the fault of all of us. No. They weren't. They were the result of massive theft by the wealthy. And if the professor didn't know that, how did he get a job in a university?
Can't the irving press at least find out how much our wealthy, the ones we create halls of philanthropic halls of fame for, hold back from us? How much they cost us in tax rebates and exemptions and interest-free loans, and gifts? When you think of it, shouldn't  the ones in philanthropic halls of fame be us?

This is  the province where some people, many people, have to work for ten dollars an hour, while others make more, much more, in a second.

If we can't muster the courage and integrity to make demands for ourselves, then we might think of this. An economic system in which the wealthy just take and take for a greed that will never be satisfied while the rest of us get poorer is a system that will not survive. That should not be hard to understand.

We are allowing our society to be run by people who have only greed where they should have brains.

Meanwhile, our fearless political leaders are cracking down on the Unitarian church for some  thousands of dollars it claims were spent on charity. Boy. That means no thank you supper, speeches and kisses and places in  chamber of commerce philanthropic halls of fame for those sneaky Unitarians.
This is YOUR province. This is YOUR ountry. Act like it.
Some days ago, it was revealed that the shootings in Orlando did not begin until AFTER the police arrived. The irving press has yet to mention that. But this is rather important.

As a  person who once used guns a great deal, I wondered how one shooter, even with a semi-automatic combat rifle could have killed 49 people, and wounded a large number, too. Even a good shot has to be very calm and steady in rapid fire - and that takes a little bit of time. It's especially difficult to score a kill every shot - thus the large number of wounded. And, even for a faily calm and steady shooter, there must have been some shots that hit nobody.

Considering these limitations, he must  have been shooting for close to fifteen minutes - pluse time to change the magazine 2 or 3 times (presuming he had 2 or 3 magazines). If he didn't have spare mags, it would have taken much longer.
And this all happened AFTER the police had moved into the club.

I'm not suggesting the police were at fault. I have no reason to think they were. But there seems to be a lot  we aren't getting told about this tragedy. And that may explain why we read so much about it that is calculated to stir up hatred and fear. I thought of that today in the supermarket when I  went to the check-out counter. There, I saw the standard copy of Globe, a scandal mag, The headline story was "ISIS IS IN YOUR CITY".

That's not really much worse than the stories in most of our news media. But there's no evidence that ISIS had anything to do with this. And you can bet that if ISIS had set this up, it would be shouting it from  the rooftops.

No. It's more likely the killer was created by American hysteria and bigotry.
The next item is one I would normally treat with caution. But I've seen the same story in news media that can be trusted. Indeed, this story quotes from a pretty respectable  source in the western news media.
And, from Israel, some very sad news.

Renowned Holocaust survivor, author, human rights activist and Nobel laureate made perpetuating the memory of the Shoah his life's work.

Haaretz Breaking News
 Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and renowned Holocaust survivor, dies at 87
Renowned Holocaust survivor, author, human rights activist and Nobel laureate made perpetuating the memory of the Shoah his life's work.
Ronen Shnidman | 02.07.2016
As a child, Elie Wiesel was a prisoner/slave in a Nazi death camp. His book on the horrors of life in the camp and, even worse, the horrors that came with their release is one of the most compelling I  have ever read. The book is titled "Night". I strongly recommend it.
I knew some surivors over the years. Many became (understandably) hating and brutal in their turn. But Wiesel never lost his sense of humanity. He, rather than the generals or politicians, was one of the giants of the twentieth century.
Front page headline in the irving press..."Feds expected to announce influx of immigrants as part of new Atlantic strategy".

Look. When something happens, then it's a headline story. When it's expected to happen, this is small note somewhere. Then we get the Magnetic Hill Winery expanding, and medical marijuana sales to start  in about a year and a half. The pace picks up on p. 3. A new pizzeria will open. On A5, Dieppe city councillors are competing to see who can make the best omelette for the mayor.

A farm in Sackville helps people with mental, social and developmental problems. Okay. That's worth reporting. But over half of it is picutres of chickens and goats, etc. for those who forget was chickens and goats look like. This is all mindless crap.

Against the advice of the medical profession, Steve Malloy thinks we should collect blood plasma via a commercial company. I think he's wrong. He says it will stop the flow of money out of the province, and a private company would keep the money here.

Steve, the whole history  (and present) of this province is private business taking money OUT of this province.  Plasma has to be sent overseas for treatment. That's money out. The business has to make a profit. That's money out as it goes to a tax haven to avoid taxes, and is then invested wherever returns are likely to be best - and that's unually not New Brunswick.

The guest editorial is the usual propaganda from the Fraser Institute.  And Alec Bruce seems to have run out of topics.
Canada&World? Forget it. Despite the American destruction going on in South America, there's not a word in the paper. There's nothing about a thousand Canadian troops being sent to East Europe to help the U.S. provoke a war. There's never been a word about the illegality of sending Canadian troops to Syria. If they aren't there to fight but just to teach Syrians how to grow pansies, it's still illegal.

This paper is worthless. It's actually a step lower than the scandal mags at the supermariet.
Here's a rare insight into Bush, Blair and the Iraq war.

And here's a look at the real world, and the real U.S.

Oh, watch for stories of Hillary Clinton being questioned by the FBI. They'll be asking her about how she may have leaked national secrets. But this has been known for a long time. So why is the Attorney-General so suddenly keen to take action?

It's likely that both Democrats and Liberals want to get rid of their leading candidates. And it has to be done soon - perhaps before the conventions. They want unscrupulous candidates That part is okay. But they want unscrupulous candidates who are election winners. And both Trump and Clinton are weak in that respect. A charge against Bush would give the Democrat bosses a chance to replace her with someone more suitable.
And here's a look at what our respectable news media are doing. Can you imagine what the unrespectable ones are doing? Of course, the Irvng press would never charge for this sort of thing. It does it for free.
And now for the sun and the sand and the sea.


  1. Regarding the Orlando massacre, and the "fact" that shooting didn't start until three hours in. I read that rubbish too.

    If you, as I did, read some of the stories from the witnesses huddling in the toilets, where the suspect used a handgun to fire over the top of the cubicles, you'd know that the FBI story, which is just its initial statement, is ridiculous. Why did the people rush to the washroom in the first place?

    This is just another case of conspiracy theorists saying the whole thing was mde up. It's like your worship of PCR, a 911 conspiracy theorist for no valid reason, who has been preaching doom and gloom for so long, he may well be right some day.

    Use your loaf, and wait for the oficial FBI report.

  2. Oh, so the FBI was lying? Well, gee, if I can't trust its first report, why should i trust a later one?
    I know the killer was there for three hours. But he certainly wasn't shooting for three hours.
    Have you ever fired a combat semi-auto, trying to shoot as fast as you can while still hitting a relatively small target? I have. It's not easy.
    Alas, I have no idea why people rushed into the bathroom if the killer was there. But I do know a bit about pistols - and I can guess the time it would take to jump up, fire over the top of a cubicle...would take a little while. How many people were in there?
    Yes. there are a lot of conspiracy theories. One of them is that Russia is planning to invade Latvia.