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July 30: Sorry for the missed days

For the last few days, I have been living in a chaos of crashing computer, non-functioning printer, and dead cell phone.

I have not watched much of the convention debates in the US. I have not watched because, frankly, I don't care that Chelsea thinks (or reads from  a prepared speech by a speechwriter) that her mommy is a wonderful person. Ditto for the offspring and the partner of Trump.

Nor do I care to waste time listening to the two candidates exchange insults and witticisms to the cheers of obviously dim-witted audiences. I heard no reference to any of the major crises facing the U.S. The levels of poverty and homelesness and hunger are rising. The health system is one of the most backward in the developed world. Defence spending is not only corrupt but has forced levels of borrowing that can never be repaid.

Trump is going to build an absurd wall along the Mexican border. Clinton is going to defeat ISIS, something she couldn't do in her eight years in the cabinet. She's going to create jobs. How? She doesn't say how - and she certainly didn't show how in her eight years.

If either of them has any set of values, any sense of human needs, it didn't show in the debates. This has all been beneath childish. So how do they get away with it?

A major reason they can get away with it is because of the fabric of lies that is the beliefs Americans have about themselves and their history.

From its first days, the U.S. has been, just like the rest of the western nations, a world murderer and looter.  It began with the displacement, starvation and killing of native peoples. Then it was the turn of Canada in 1812. (Even Canadians got sucked into the 'God bless America'  myth when they celebrated the War of 1812 as though it were something joyful. They invaded us, murdered a great many of us, with the purpose of taking over our land and resources. And we treated it as a joyful  occasion, inviting our "good friends" from the U.S. to the party. That's like holding a reunion for Jews and Naziis at Auschwitz.

Americans are taught the War of 1812 was fought because Britain was going to invade the U.S. And that is mindless drivel. Britain had its hands quite full with France and the time.

Then there were the 'heroes' of the Alamo, those gallant Americans who died at the hands of the evil Mexicans. In fact, those gallant Americans were in Mexican territory. They were land speculators eager to take over Mexico. And they were slave-owners and slave traders. Slavery was against Mexican law. That's why the Mexican army attacked them.

Just twenty years later, gallant Americans would take up arms to free the slaves in the U.S. Right. Except that Abraham Lincoln had no intention of freeing the slaves, and did not change his mind until well after the war began.

At the turn of the century, the U.S. began its assaults on South America and the Caribbean to loot resources, murdering along the way. It was the U.S. that planted dictatorships in Haiti, Cuba, all over the region. Then it annexed Hawaii, and conquered The Phillipines - torturing and killing large numbers in the latter. And why did it do that? To take the Phillipines as steps on the way to more killing so it could join in the European looting of Asia.

Almost every word of U.S. history as it is taught is a lie. In reality, the U.S. is the final act of the murdering, brutalizing, plundering carried out by Britain, France, Spain, Porturgal - a horrible period of history made possible by the the development of the ocean-going sailing ship and the publicity of Christopher Columbus.

In the process, the western plundering destroyed every society it touched. It destroyed the structure of the society. It destroyed the unity of its people. It destroyed its capacity to function as a society at all. That's what happened to our native people, to Latin Americans, to Africans, to Asians.

Well, Donald will fix that. He'll build a wall. Hillary will fix that. She'll kill more Muslims.  And God will bless America just as he once blessed the British and the French and the Spanish and the Portuguese.

We live in a world that we and our ancestors have created - a world of refugees, a world of mass starvation, a world of state-approved murder - and we blame the victims for it all. So we plan to kill more of them, and that, say the candidates, will solve the problem.

Why didn't the audiences at the convention raise these issues?  How could they? They don't  have any news media to tell them the truth about what's going on. How can they ask questions when they don't know anything? They've had a century of brainwashing by schools and news media. Any New Brunswicker should understand that. After all, that explains almost every election in the history of this province.

So I didn't pay much attention to the conventions.  It's not fun to watch a nation in its moral and intellectual collapse.
There hasn't been much in the last few days of the irving press. John Williamson, a former Conservative MP and now VP (kiss-up) of Atlantic Institute of Market Studies says we need to cut taxes in New Brunswick. You know, spending is too high, taxes are forcing people to leave.....
It's pretty comtemptible stuff.

1. How much of our deficit is due to our failure to tax the wealthy? How much of our money is now in sombody else's tax haven?

2. How much is  due to the low taxes on    corporations even when we do tax them?

3. How much is due to the wide range of gifts and favours we do for friends of the right people? - like the ones who put up the money for propaganda outfits like AIMS?

4. If we cut taxes, was have to cut spending. And it we cut spending, the kind of politicians we elect will cut hardest on the middle class and the poor. ( I have no doubt how a person of the sort to become a VP of AIMS would cut.)

This is an old game. When the rich take so much out of a society and give so little back, we get rising poverty and a need for more social services. And the response of the rich is always the same. 'Hammer the poor". That was true in the depression of the 1930s, and in every recession since then.

We are living through one of the great periods of social theft as the very wealthy around the world are wealthier than they have ever been at the cost of the rest of us. And the kind of people who would do "research" for AIMS all scream, "Make the poor pay."

Saturday's paper had a headline of a sort I have never seen before. "Events centre comes together like a gigantic puzzle of steel".

It looks like the the opening line of a very bad poem. But it's worse. It's chatter about how the events centre building is on schedule. This isn't headline story. It's not even a news story.

The Saturday edition has a hilarious commentary saying that the oil industry can build trust by telling its story. The oil industry have been telling its story for many years. That's why the irving press is all about. That's why we get dopey commentaries like the one in the Saturday edition - written by the president of an energy group.

But enough of the Irving press.
The next site is about the Pope as reported in The New York Times. Compare this to the childish drivel we almost always get on the Faith page of the irving press.

It's an important topic. Morality is important for the survival of humanity.  Your religion, if any, is far less important than the morality part. Jesus spoke mostly of morality. But, according to the usual Faith page, he mostly ran around screaming, "Believe in me or you'll go to  hell." So we can murder half  the world and pillage all of it. And that's okay so long as you believe in Jesus. That was the 'morality' that screamed out of the Republican and Democrat conventions.
I react in a similar way to the ad for the Irving Memorial Chapel.  Nothing but the best money can buy. The preacher is a Dr. (presumably of theology). One of the SPECIAL MUSIC peformers is a Dr.  (Jesus never had the qualifications that the preachers at the Irving Memorial Chapel have.)

Or you could just skip it and stroll over to the Catholic cemetery in Buctouche. Look for  the grave of Raoul Leger, a lay missionary murdered (along with many other clergy) in the course of a Guatemala government/US government massacre of several hundred thousand people - men, women, children, anything that moved. The National Film Board has a film about it. But not a single newspaper in North America has ever mentioned the massacre. And you can bet the irving press won't ever mention it. Nor will there be a prayer for Raoul Leger at the Irving Chapel.

The learned Drs. who preach there are well trained to confine the level of their Christianity to chorusses of "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam".
The next one, sent to me by a reader, sounds extreme. It's not. This is really what has been happening. Paul Craig Roberts, the writer, is a superbly qualified authority on the workings of the American government.
I am not a Roman Catholic. But I greatly admire Pope Francis as a clergyman who sees the role of his faith in this world, and not just as a comforter blanket.
Here's another one from Paul Craig Roberts. You won't know about any of this from our press - but much of Europe is broke. Geece is only one of the basket cases. They have been looted by the private banks which, in turn, have bought the U.S. politicians who created the European Union. The EU is completely under U.S. control. Europe is a part of the U.S. empire.

The same looting, by the way, has happened in Ukraine since its 'liberation'. But you won't see a word about this in any private, news medium.
Here's an old story about how the European Union was formed. But it never made the irving press - or most other news media.
Here are some comments about the Rio Olympics that you're not likely to see in the local press. (helpful tip for irving editors. Rio is in Brazil which is in the Northeast of South America.)

Who did  this? We did. From the start, the western interventions in Africa have been to loot the people (as slaves),  then to loot the resources. Western business people destroyed the societies of Africa, and plundered them. They're still doing it. That's what the British meant when they sang "God bless our gracious queen........send her victorious, happy and glorious..." That's what Americans mean when they speak of American greatness, and sing 'God bless America'.
Funny  this story never made the irving press. And it's really just a tiny example of how private banks have been looting countries in the EU   (and in Ukraine.)

The wealthy of this world, especially in the western world, are in a hysteria in their scramble for ever more money.
I agree with this one completely. This really is where we are standing.      
I am not convinced by all of the arguments in the item below - particularly  in the early part. Bu the general idea of it makes sense. In fact, it is hard to imagine an espionage and dirty tricks force NOT reacting as the article suggests.          
This is a story about Australia. As you read it, remember that the dominant part of the Australian population is of European descent, and the dominant religion is Christianity. Just like us.

This helps to explain the American lust for torture and imprisonment. And it warns us to  look at the direction we're going in.
This is very old news. But not many in Canada and the U.S. have ever heard it. It's the story of the American conquest of an island called Haiti just over a hundred years ago. It was a conquest that forced misery, poverty, dictatorship and random murder on a helpless people for the benefit of (Christian) billionaires. Funny how such a story, which continues to t his day, has never made the irving press.

Where was amnesty international when the good, church-going people of the U.S. were using mass torture on Muslims? And where were the God-fearing Barak Obama and Praise the Lord Hilary Clinton while all this was happening?
Capitalism isn't evil. But greed is the most destructive of sins. We have allowed our leading capitalists to become the greediest people, and the most dangerous people, who have ever lived.

Gee! Maybe I could get invited to the  Chamber of Commerce to give a talk on this.

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