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July 27: Not a good day.

Justin Trudeau looks good on camera. See that, and you've seen all there is to see. He resembles his father in no way. He has no set of principles that I can determine. That makes him an easy stooge for big money.

The article above has a tone that is more strident than I like. But, in its basic message, it is the best one I have seen on Trudeau.
Today or tomorrow, this blog will receive its hit number 500,000. Far its biggest audiences are American and then Russian. Canada is third, and just ahead of Germany. What mystifies me is why a blog on a dreadful newspaper chain in New Brunswick attracts, for the most part, readers from outside New Brunswick.
The front page headline on today's irving press is that Moncton's city manager has resigned to take up another job offer. Wow! Then there's 'breaking news' that the local hockey team is looking for a new team song.

Then it gets worse. The editorial is a propaganda piece for the new 'events centre'. And the headline is an old and corny term  developed in politics. It began as  'we must build; but we must build surely."

Growth is good, but let it be well  guided." Yep. Nothing worse than a badly guided plan.

Norbert Cunningham begins his comment as a reasonable, if trite, criticism of politicians for blocking freer trade between provinces. Then it becomes a rant against all politicians. And, by doing so, becomes something resembling racism. (It must be something in the genes that makes all politicians evil and incompetent.)

Norbert, you don't even know who most of the politicians in Canada are. Tell you what, kid, I'll take you seriously when you have the integrity to call the Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Irving the things you call all politicians.

The Commentary page has another piece of propaganda from the Atlantic  Institutute of Market Studies, one of the blessings bestowed on the people of New Brunswick. This one is a bit on fracking, and more on how to make everybody but the rich pay more taxes. For illustration, it has a big photo of a car on fire at Rexton, and somebody running away. There are better photos available. For example, it could have been a photo of Lac Megantic in flames, bodies on the streets, and billionaires running away.

Brian Cormier tells yet another pointless story about himself.

But Alec Bruce comes through with the only item worth reading in the whole paper - a column about how a couple of lawyers are suing the government to make sure poor families don't get excessive breaks over university fees.
Lawyers like that should be in a big cage in a zoo with a sign on the cage  saying "hyenas".

Canada&World has whatever the editor chose at random while eating lunch. One of the stories is about a body found in a cornfield in Omaha. The news YOU need to know.

Again, there's nothing on the suffering in South America. Nothing on Syria. Nothing on Yemen. And there's no commentary on foreign news because nobody at irving press is capable of writing one - and Gwynne Dyer has obviously displeased the people who count at irving press.

Oh, they also missed a big story about the Democrat convention. American oil billionaires  have rented a   very expensive  hotel near the convention site. its purpose is to  allow the oil elite and their hired hands to mingle with delegates and with Democrat leaders to make sure they understand there is no such thing as global warning. So there is no such thing as any need for environmental controls.
Is Irving oil represented there? The irving press doesn't mention it. I should think, though, that it is.

Oh, the last page has a story that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said that North Korea is the only country in the world that is defying the international movement to nuclear responsibility.

Some fools will believe that obvious nonsense. But the U.S. has been hyping up and expanding its nuclear arsenal without a break   since 1945. Anyway, there is not such thing as a responsible use of nuclear weapons.
Ever wonder how countries in the middle east can fight wars that go on for years? Whole cities and businesses can be destroyed. But the various sides can still feed and supply the weapons and the ammunition to fight on forever. The article below explains how much of that weaponry comes from our good friends in eastern Europe. You know, those countries that we're sending hundreds of troops to so they can scare off the vicious Russians.

Other suppliers, on an even bigger scale, are Britain and the U.S. who both supply the much-admired cluster bombs that are dropped on some of the poorest people in the world.

And even Canada has been authorized by Justin to get a share in the murder business.

Killing has become the most profitable business in the world. Wars are fought - and even bigger ones risked - purely to make profit for the world's most corrupt and dangerous businesses.


Much of this expensive murdering is financed by American tax payers. That's why the U.S. has no money for homeless or hungry Americans,  none for education, none for health. The US has been at war almost non-stop ever since 1945. And it's not as if the poor, little U.S. has been getting pushed around by those awful Guatemalans and Vietnanese and Syrians....It's not even entirely to get control of oil. It's because war, itself, has become a very prosperous business. That's why the war industries give so much money to Hillary.

In comparison to the war industry, the oil industry looks (almost) moral.
The world has never known such evil times and such dangerous ones as we now live in. Our only comfort is to go to church where the preacher can avoid the whole problem simply by never mentioning it.

Can you imagine he moral decadence of those who are making billions by encouraging war?

We're also losing. In fifteen years and trillions of dollars spent by our side, extremist Islam is growing. Of course. The U.S., Britain, France (and Canada) have declared themselves to be anti-Muslim. In fact, that is what created ISIS. And doing more of the same is not going to solve anything.

There is no intelligent choice but to negotiate, and to allow Islamic countries to govern themselves. You think Muslims are extreme when they kill at random? George Bush (Christian) murdered a  hell of a lot more. So did Obama. So will Hillary.

What we are doing is not working. In fact, it is steering us toward the final disaster. But, oh,  there's money in it. Just the financial cost and corruption of it costs all of us heavily. But the war industry doesn't care about that any more than the oil industry does.
These people lack not only moral principles. They also lack brains. There is no outcome of this   greed that can do any good for us - or for them.
The only Christian leader I have seen to treat this crisis from a Christian point of view is the pope. He's not as pretty as Justin Trudeau. But he seems to a man of greater intellect than the Liberal leader.      
This comment is from a writer who is not pro-ISIS, but one who sees that dropping cluster bombs on children is not going to make this a better world.          
Obviously, Putin is not as authoritative as Trump or Clinton. But he does make a good point.
And here's a story of China and the South China Sea that you'll never find in the irving press. We so easily forget that the China of today is the product of what we have been doing to China for over 200 years.
The irving press hasn't said much about the attempted coup in Turkey. So here's something it wouldn't have published even if it knew about it. (There's a good deal of confirmation of this interpretation.)

As an aside, I'll add we should expect much more serious violence to come in Turkey, partly because of Erdogan's extreme response - and possibly because of more U.S. interference to come.
       Now, here's a commentary that can't be true. If it were, irving press would have had a big story on it.  

Many readers will dismiss this by noting that there have been higher temperatures as long ago as a hundred years. Very true. But what's happening now is that we are getting massive heat waves all over the world, coupled with a steady rise in average temperatures.

But, gee, there's money in fracking. We could all die rich on our irving salaries. Maybe the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies will explain all this to us.
Finally, it's important to understand that it is now more important to fight wars than it is to win them. We once fought wars for plunder. That's what the British, French, Spanish, Portuguese wars were about. We still fight them for plunder - as in Iraq and Syria. But a change has been creeping in. We are, increasinly, fighting wars simply because the wealthy find it an easy way to make profits - by selling weapons and renting out 'heroes'.

Of course, that's tough on millions of innocent people - men, women, children. But most of the weatlhy don't give a damn about them. And in at least two thousand years of history it's hard to find a time when they did give a damn.
Right now, the wealthy are busy cornering all the world's money. The pace has been remarkable since the 1970s. The more wars,  the better because the more wars we fight, the more money goes into the pockets of the war industries. Nor do they have to pay taxes of their own  to pay for those wars. The Panama papers have shown how easy it is to hide money. And the news media owned by the wealthy have shown no great interest in exploring that story.

The wealthy have, historically, been quite immoral in their search for more money. But they are now reaching for ultimate heights. The end of their greed will be as destructive to them as to the rest of us. But greed isn't very good at thinking.

The path we're on is taking us straight into violence. I don't advocate it because it rarely leads to improvement. But it's going to happen. Violence is what greed and stupidity ultimately create. Moral values in political life have almost vanished. Trump and Clinton are extreme forms of lack of morals; but there are lots of signs in Canadian public life, even here in New Brunswick.

We really have very little time left to simply watch the world in ignorance. But the function of news chains like the irving press is to make sure that watching in ignorance is all that we do.

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