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July 15: More me than news.

The good news is that there will be no blog this weekend. I feel the call of sand and salt water.

The bad news is that I am now about to annoy some (most? all?) readers.
I remember October of 1962 quite well. I was teaching, and I arrived at school to see students in terrified groups at the front of the school. Many were in tears. I had just caught the news myself as I left home. Russian ships were carrying nuclear weapons to Cuba, just off the coast of Florida. President Kennedy warned them that American ships were on their way to intercept them.

World nuclear war seemed a certainty within days. For almost two weeks, one could feel the universal tension, horror and fear. Then it suddenly broke as the Russian ships turned back.

Now, it is the U.S. that is planting   nuclear weapons even closer the Russian border than the Russian weapons would have been to Florida. And we are sending a thousand Canadians to the region as sacrificial lambs.

Where is the tension, the horror, the fear? In 1962, the Cuban missile crisis was the main  feature of the news every day it lasted. In 2016, this American-caused missile crisis has attracted so little news that the crisis doesn't even have a name.
How is it that the western public has become so stupified that it knows nothing about the crisis, wants to know nothing, and really doesn't give a damn? In 1962, this was the greatest crisis in world history and, oh, the Russians were evil for causing it.

In 2016, it's also the greatest crisis in world history. But nobody cares. And the American leaders are not at all evil for what they are doing.

I  can't pretend to know the whole reason for that. Part of the reason is,  probably, that the western news media are essentially racist in their world views. They usually portray anything done by the west as good - like the mass murder in Iraq. The western world has been carrying out mass murder all over the world since 1492. Nobody will ever know the scale of murder, torture, starvation, slavery, theft, social destruction  carried out by our God-fearing Christians.

And deep down, we justify it by our racism. The great heroes of western history have, for the most part, been racist butchers - the Clives, the General Gordons, the Custers.

We did not turn against Hitler because of his treatment of Jews. In fact, Hitler had considerable support throughout the western world. Britain and France, for example, turned against him only when he was becoming a threat to Britain and France.

The Chilcot Inquiry, mild though it was, revealed Bush and Blair and liars and murderers on a grand scale. But our press has paid very little attention to it. In fact, the American press has almost ignored it. And Bush is still a welcome member of his very Christian church.

But, of course, the people he butchered were not real people - not like you and me.

Our news media, as they always have, encourage a racist view of the world. Even Russians are treated as if they are a race, and one naturally ridden with evil. Racism is a tool that's been used by our political leaders to justify our killing.
But I'm afraid it goes even deeper than that. Even a leader like Hitler did not invent racism. It is a tool that lies deep in all of us. The Hitlers and the Blairs and the Bushes  (yes, and the Obamas) just pick it up and use it on us.

The attacks of radical  islamists did not start all by themselves for no reason at all. But the line we are getting from our news media and from goverment is that it all began for no reason at all. It was just crazy people attacking us when we hadn't don't anything wrong. And that is what has led us into believing we can fight a war against it.

The reality is that that is not what caused it. And other reality is, probably, that we cannot end it by fighting a war.

Radical Islam arose out of a century of bullying, mass killing and theft by oil billionaires who used us and our governments to do their killing for them. In fact, radical Islam was created by us. Any 'war' to defeat it will cause huge casualties , destroy whole nations  (as it is already doing), and amost certainly become a world war complete with nukes.

And the only possible reason to go that route is to protect the profits of the oil industry.

The only way to end Muslim terrorism is to end oil industry terrorism. At that, it may already have gone too far to be ended. Certainly, there is no possibility that the U.S. will adopt a peaceful solution with  either Trump or Clinton. In fact, it may have gone too far as long ago as 1953 when the U.S. and Britain overthrew the elected government of Iran to impose a dictator - as a service to their oil industries. And it was made infinitely worse by the invasion of Iraq.
The biggest news yesterday and almost certainly for days to come is the attack in Nice, France, that killed over  85 people. (I am not going to call it a terrorist attack. ALL attacks are terrorist, whether they are caused by Muslims or Christians or billionaires. The worst terrorist attacks of the last fifty years have been caused by Christians.  By all means have sympathy for the victims in Nice. They didn't deserve to die. Then, while you're at it, think of the French record of murder, torture, theft in Africa - notably in Algeria. Think of the slaughter by the French in Vietnam, something that barely made our news.. Us humans, all of us, have taken part in massive slaughter without even thinking about it.)

And our media have lied about that. As I kid, I saw a  film about the foreign legion, Beau Geste. It was a wildly successful film - in the west. There were all those legionnaires marching over the desert, some of them English gentlemen of the highest sort, fighting valiantly for - something....

In fact, they were hired killers who volunteered because of the chances of loot, rape, torture, and because they liked killing. In other words, they were identical to the foreign mercenaries the U.S. now rents from Blackwater to do its dirty work.  Understandably, the people of Africa, the Middle East and Vietnam don't  remember them as nostalgically we we do.

But we seldom hear about that - and we certainly don't hear it from our news media. In fact, most of the 'rebels' fighting against the government of Syria are referred to in our press as 'moderates'. That's to distinguish them from the 'extreme terrorists'. And that's one hell of a simple minded distinction.
First, the 'moderates' are mostly foreigners, and they are mercenaries who would kill for whoever pays them. Like the old legionairres, they have no political objective of their own, no loyalty to anybody and, like the'extreme terrorists', kill lavishily to inspire terror. For that matter, the allied and German airforces both adopted extreme terrorism in bombing in World War 2. The U.S. has used that same extreme terrorism in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Guatemala - and Syria.

There are no moderates in war. So why does our press use these terms? That's just part of the propaganda that news media accept from our governments. A novel of some 70 years ago called it 'doublespeak', the use of words that meant the opposite of what they seemed to mean. The book was a forecast of the future. The future is here.

Almost all our news is couched in words that mean the opposite of what they seem to mean.
Just quickie on section A of the irving press. The front page headline story on climate change actually has some information in it. So it's worth a read.
Also exciting is the news that the irving chapel will have special music from FOUR (count them, four) people - two reverends and their two spouses. And there's a third reverend as preacher. Boy, this sure beats the sermon on the mount.
The opinion and commentary pages have two items worth reading.  One, by Ammar Al Asmi is on the integration of Syrian refugees into Moncton. The other, by Alec Bruce, raises the possibility that many of the American tourists this year may be hear to look over New Brunswick as a place to move to.
I'm not sure that's good. Do we really want people from a country that cannot produce anything better than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for leader?
Canada&World has a story on Nice. It also has a story on the climate change ( that isn't happening, of course ), but is destroying kelp beds in Nova Scotia waters. That reminded me of a recent day wading the almost empty waters Northumberland Strait at low tide. And I remembered my first day in that water fifty years ago when the shores and waters were alive with tiny fish, crabs, clams.
At low tide now, the dunes are simply damp deserts. And the shore birds have largely disappeared.

B4 has a story of John Kerry talking doublespeak. He's willing to cooperate with Russia, but only if it stops bombing the 'moderate' rebels who are, in fact, hired killers. Kerry says Russia has to bomb only 'extremists' (who are the ones the U.S. and the Saudis were helping just months ago.)

 In fact, if you look at the body count, the worse extremist in the world for decades has been the U.S.

There's also a big story about how Americans are scared of their presidential options. They might well be. The two options are the result of a collapse of American democracy, especially out of control since the 1960s. They are also the products of a nation that has used a largely false history to give Americans a skewed view of the world and their role in it. Either of the candidates will almost certainly lead to increased violence in the U.S. and around the world.
The Guardian has several stories on the Nice attack. What makes it different from other sources I have seen is that the attack may not have been set up by radical Islam. Apparently, there's a great deal we don't know yet. And this is not a good time to leap to conclusions.
The following writer is one I have found to be reliable. He's certainly a maverick - but he's an intelligent and well-informed maverick. And note what he sas about the fascism that he claims is being forced on Europe. That's not just throwing out nasty names. It is fascism, the real thing, the force that we remember our veterans for saving us from every Nov. 11. I hope that we will some day have a real Nov. 11, one in which we honour the dead for what they fought for, and apologize to them for how we have betrayed what they fought for.

Fascism was the system designed by Mussolini. People of wealth had the right to be personally represented in government without getting elected. In effect, it was an election system based on social class, with guaranteed seating for the very rich.

New Brunswickers should know about that. It was in the December of about three, provincial elections ago that the owner of the newspaper had an opinion column published in his papers, that he had decided to be in a coalition with the government. (To be in coalition means to be a part of the government - and in this case, without getting elected.) In that same column he announced that he would be forming a group of university presidents, prominent business people, all the usual stooges, to plan the economic  future of the province.

But that is precisely what we in the general public had elected a government to do. But, Hey. Forget about the general public. What do they know?
This is exactly the fascism that Mussolini designed, and that Canadians died fighting against.

It's being imposed now on Europe, Canada, the U.S. and other countries through trade agreements.
250,000,000 children are suffering for the greed of the wealthiest people on this planet.
And finally, this item.

This one reminded me of three things.

1. It took Blair and Bush only days to hang Saddam Hussein. But Blair and Bush, who were worse than than Hussein, will never be hanged - and probably never be charged.
2. We have betrayed all the principles we said we were fighting for from 1939-1945.

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