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July 12: Nearing the End Game?

Canada is sending a thousand troops into Latvia in move which could well trigger a world war - a nuclear world war. But that wasn't a big enough story to reach the pages of the irving press. The big, world news story is that Trudeau won't say whether Canada will continue to train soldiers in Ukraine. The headline, alone, tells the whole story - which, really, isn't much of a story. But the irving press took a half page to say it.

There is virtually no news in the Canada and World section. There is nothing on the chaos that is gripping South America, nothing on the murders there to maintain high profits for Canadian and American stockholders. There's nothing on Syria, Yeman,  nothing on Africa except for a brief and uninformative story on Sudan.

And, of course, there is no  commentary on any of the above.. But there is a big story in section A on how two, dumped kittens were found in the woods. We let people go homeless; and few seem to care about that. But kittens? Stop the presses.

The editorial touches, in a confused sort of way, on how Irving Oil forced the city of St. John forced the city to grant it extremely low taxes for  25 years  on a piece of land. But it says Irving only once, and then in a nice way. Then it goes off track to babble about how the province should make this up to the city with a grant   eqivalent to the lost taxes.

Oh? And exactly whose money would pay for that grant? Well, that would be us  taxpayers. Thanks, ed.

I have a better idea. Could the intrepid staff of the irving press do some work to find out how much money Irving gets from us taxpayers every year? How many grants? How many tax breaks? How many favours? How many sweetheart deals? And could we find out what taxes irving pays in return? The personal taxes could be really interesting.

Oh, I know. The irvings create jobs. And they are saintly philanthopists. But the lords giveth and the lords taketh away. And the essential rule of capitalism is that the lords taketh more than they giveth.

Norbert rants, accurately enough, that the provincial government is mishandling health care. Quite true. And he says the answers are already out there. Well, Norbert, wouldn't it have been a good idea to give us a hint what those answers are? Was firing our Chief Medical Officer one of them? Whose decision was that, Norbert? And why?

And you know who and why, you little rascal. Don't you?

Louise Gilbert has a commentary that is almost poetic.

Below it is a column by a professor and it's about - damned if I know what it's about. It's a quite pointless thing, neither fish nor fowl nor good, red wine. It says the Fort McMurray fire was terrible.  ( I think most people already know that.)

Alec Bruce has a good one on those refugees who are settling in New Brunswick. It bothers me in just one respect. It's about how refugees are beneficial to us.
Now, those people have come through terrible suffering, and many many more are still going through it. And it's a suffering that has been imposed by the greed of business leaders in our Christian world.

The refugee presence here is beneficial to us. But shouldn't we be talking more about them? About what they've gone through?  (sometimes with our involvement). Shouldn't we be talking more about what we can do? And less about how we can make money out of them?

This isn't a criticism of Alec Bruce. The reality is that many people dislike anyone who is different; many people are given to racism and hatred. To avert that, we have to speak of this as an economic deal which is to our advantage.
As a person who grew up in a very mixed society, I think it is to our advantage - both economically and socially. I think to extend help to people who have suffered so terribly speaks well of the potential of our moral qualities. And I think we can develop that potential by asking questions about why such a disaster happened in the first place.

We could begin by asking why Trudeau has sent Canadian troops to train "Syrian" rebels. Or we could ask why Harper sent Canadian aircraft to bomb Libya.
Some very disapppointing news from the U.S. leadership campaign.


There isn't going to be a choice for the Democrat leadership. And Hillary Clinton has proven herself, long since, as the most loyal friend of American big business. Automotically, that means more wars, more corruption, and even less for the American people.

Sanders, running as an independent,  could have given the American people a choice. Even if he lost, he would have given some sense of an opposition to what the Trumps and Bushes and Obama and the Clintons have done to their country.  But, by endorsing Clinton, he has sold out every principle he claimed to stand for.

The American people now have no, real choices left. And that could mean some real trouble  - soon.


All that it says is quite true. But note how it's all China's fault for "cherry-picking"   which international rules it will follow and which it won't.
The U.S. does that all the time. It ignores the UN. It claims (and often exercises) the right to ignore international law. There's even a term for it. It's called "American exceptionalism". And it means the U.S. is the only country in the world which has the right to ignore international law and courts. Incidentally, the term is widely used in the U.S., including by both Bush and Obama.

Britain has done the same. So has France. So, quite possibly, has Canada. And the irving press hasn't mentioned it. But if a war develops because China has done it, count on the irving press to beat the drums.
Canada is a tolerant country?  It never has been. And it still isn't. Historically, Canada has been profoundly racist - but always polite about it.


Actually, this account doesn't come close to the whole story.
And Canada has been sucked into a deal to send your tax money to one of the most corrupt and incompetent governments in the world. I wonder if this world has small tax havens for us ordinary people.

Tony Blair and George Bush lied in order to murder over a million people in Iraq in a war that has plunged us into more wars, millions of refugees, and into the worst crisis this world has ever seen.

Funny how that news story just died in our news media. We're tougher on shoplifters than we are on the Adolf Hitlers among us. In fact, the irving press has carried more stories on poor little Dennis Oland than it has on the horrors turned loose by Blair and Bush.

The next one, on NATO and Russia is long - but it has to be for lack of information in the western press.


Big business in the U.S. may be feeling the pressure  to dispose of Russia before the situation in the U.S. gets worse. Almost 10% of the U.S. population is in prison. That's very profitable because privatization of the prison system has meant big profits for private business. It can force prisoners to work for corporations for as little as seventy cents a day. However, those in the newest prison won't be able to work. Their prison has 1,900 cells, all of them solitary confinement. Most are long term.

I have a vivid memory of a prisoner who had been in solitary for only a week. He was sitting on the floor, eating his own body waste. What are the chances that a person serving 20 years of solitary would come out of it rehabilitated?

The U.S. is coming unglued. The presidential election could begin the final phase. Government by greed doesn't work. That's one reason why so many New Brunswickers leave the province.
And here's a story about glyphosate which, you may recall, is being sprayed on our forests.


But Mr. Irving says its prefectly safe. So there.

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