Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8: The tragedy of New Brunswick

New Brunswickers are sheep who BA-A only when the Irvings tell them to. As a result, they are among the poorest in Canada and easily controlled by some of the worst newspapers and radio stations in the western world.  Poverty is high. Literacy is terrible. Public discussion doesn't exist. The provincial debt is high. So much for the Irvings creating prosperity. Ah - and note the cancer statistics for St. John.

Much of this is explained by the article below  (sent to me by a reader). Read it, and send a copy to professor Saillant at UdeMoncton.

(Pay special attention to the relationship between Dominic Leblanc and the Irvings. This is the reason I expect no progress under the Trudeau Liberals.)
In section A, the first story is a warning that our demolition of rundown rooming houses is simply pushing people into the streets. Then there's a sad story of the death of a baby, But the rest is all idle chatter and trivia. (Missing dog found.  Whoopee.)

Most of the Opinion  and commentary sections are pretty decent - though Brian Cormier still doesn't know what a commentary is. This time, he offers an anecdote about how some food packages are hard to open. As well, I can't quite figure what Alec Bruce's point is - unless this is a very soft sell for developing the oil industry in Newfoundland.

Canada&World left me speechless. There is no world. Just Canada and the U.S.  The U.S.  and NATO are carrying out some very provocative war games on the Russian border. South America is in chaos.Millions are starving due to crop failure. Drownings of refugees continue at a horrifying pace. There is every possibility that Britain will pull out of the European Union, and that the those EU will begin to dissolve- with consequences we can only guess at.

But the Irving press ignores all this for the really big stories. Families which lost members in unsolbed murders feel badly about it. Who would have guessed?
Then there's a 'stop the presses' story on beer in New Brunswick. And, a real winner, the province now has a minister of Celtic affairs to maintain Celtic culture in New Brunswick. And what is a celt and what is Celtic culture?
Good luck on that one. Celts were a language group in the central Europe of two thousand years ago or more. Today, their descendents are Irish, Scots, French, Germans, some Spanish. Probably Netherlanders - you name it. And their cultures? Well, they're as different as Irish, Scots, French, Germans, some Spanish... Indeed, I have never seen a clear definition of any culture. They are always changing. I do not have the same culture as my highland ancestors. In fact, we commonly don't even have the same culture as our parents. The world changes. We change with it.

The only story woth looking at (and a pretty weak one) is about our treatment of Japanese-Canadians in World War Two. Its message is that it really wasn't all that bad. In fact, I knew many survivors of the prison camps we put them in. I worked on the campaign to get an apology out of the Canadian government. And I never met one person who felt anything but rage at how they had been treated. The bitterness and sense of betrayal and loss stayed with them all their lives.

This whole Canada and world section is, once again, crap - and such trivial crap as to show utter contempt for readers.
The UC (United Church) Observer can be quite useful in noticing what most news media don't. In this case, it's the scourge of loneliness in Canada. The irving press misses these because its emphasis is on trivia, money, and giving awards to people with money. The UC Observer reminds us that a society is, above all, about people.
This one is not worth giving a long reference for - but Hillary Clinton has become noted for her very expensive wardrobe. For a recent speech, she wore an Armani coat that cost $12,000. Guess what her priority in life is. Check her speeches. Notice she's been quiet about the rise of poverty in the U.S.? In    one of her few mentions of inequality in the U.S.,  she was wearing her Armani coat.

But, hey, not to worry. Why, yesterday a businessman had a column in the irving press saying climate change isn't really happening at all.
And here's the kind of international comment we need to understand world news. But, of course, the irving press doesn't eveen bother with world news, so why bother commenting on it?
Here's a story about climate change that, just  yesterday, some twit of a businessman writing for the irving press said wasn't happening. Shouldn't the irvings, as our acknowledge kings and award winners, be leading the fight against this?
For some years, the British government has been conducting an inquiry into the justifications Tony Blair made for joining George Bush in a war in Iraq that killed at least a million people, and has directly led to the horror of today's middle east. The inquiry is complete, but there seem to be (and have been for years) delays in releasing it. However, what has been revealed is a condemnation of Bush and Blair for fabricating reasons for the war. In short, they lied about "weapons of mass destruction" that didn't exist. They lied and they knew they were lying. None of the reasons they gave for that war were true. As a result, a million men, women and children were killed. For those who think that's okay because they were only Muslims, consider that a great many  Americans and British died, too. And for those who still don't give a damn, that war was the direct cause of current wars in the middle east, tens of millions of refugees, of whom at least thousands have drowned trying to escape the slaughter.
Blair and Bush are almost certainly guilty of war crimes. And, if you look at old newpapers, you will find we foamed at the mouth over the war crimes trials of Germans and Japanese after World War II, and we hanged them to the sound of applause.

Now, what do you know about the Chilcot Inquiry from the irving press?
Blair and Bush are in a class with the great killers of history, as savage and greedy and brutal as any people this world has known. And it was known, even as the war was being fought, that they had lied.

But not a word in the irving press. And, certainly, not a question about who they were serving when they set up that war. I wonder if they had any friends in the oil industry. And that would make their friends war criminals, too, and eligible for hanging.

Every Nov. 11, now, my first thought is that a world of mass-murdering billionaires and their political friends is not what so many Canadians died for.

And filling the pockets of the wealthy is not what they died for. We should remember them. We should thank them. And we should apologize to them for what we have allowed to happen. And we should make damn sure we back up our apology with action.
And this is a  documentary on a topic the irving press has ignored.
The American public is in hysteria fanned by irresponsible journalism. I am,  therefore, not suprised by the site below.
This brings us up to date on the Chilcot Inquiry. (Release of it has been delayed - again.)
This news  is just that one percent hold half of all the world's  money. We knew that. What our news media have not told us is of the wealth of the one percent is growing while that of the rest of us is going down.

Perhaps  the irving press could do a survery on the distribution of wealth in New Brunswick.
The U.S. has no money to spare for maintenance of roads, sewage systems, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, health for the sick...but it has trillions for war.
Almost all news media and public figures have been praising Muhammed Ali since his recent death. Almost none of them did while he was alive. Ali was a person of intelligence and honesty. But us humans commonly distrust both. In his lifetime, he was reviled and ridiculed. I can remember that particularly well from boxing circles I knew.

Luckily, Ali was also a man of integrity and courage. How would this have gone down in New Brunswick? Check my opening sentence of today's blog.


  1. Hi Graeme. I've been reading you for a few years now and know how much you loathe the Faith page in the Times & Transcript. Might I recommend this link for yourself and your readers :

    It sets a good example of what faith based reporting ought to be like.

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