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June 18: the irving press reaches new depths

Clergy could  tell us  the truth much better than newspapers do. But they don't. I thought of that as I read today's Faith page sermonette. The writer quotes Obama on the Orlando killings.

"...hate attacks cannot be tolerated."

And he quotes Clinton, "Weapons of war have no place on our streets."
And then he cites God, "God hates evil,  and so must we."

Hate attacks cannot be tolerated?  The Christian world has been busily attacking Muslims for a century. And to win support for these attacks, much of the west has been bombarded with calls to hate Muslims. Remember the Charlie Hebdo cartoons?  Have you noticed the European reaction to Muslim immigration? We have made much of the middle east a place of such horror that millions have had to flee. Among them are large numbers of children with no parents. They had to cross deserts, unknown numbers of thrm dying of starvation on the way. At least ten thousand of children and adults have drowned in the sea. Once in Europe, they are penned up in vile tent cities, largely without adequate food and medical care. And the U.S., which caused this, does nothing but to preach hatred and fear of Muslims.

War weapons have no place on the streets of America? Hillary certainly doesn't feel that way about the streets of Falluja or Syria or Libya or Afghanistan. The US arms industry has flooded the cities of the world with war weapons - sometimes as sales, sometimes as attacks. And it happily fills the skies with drones. And it tells glorifying stories about "The Amerian Sniper". An American who bombs Muslims (and hospitals and schools) gets medals for it.

And God hates evildoers?  Maybe. But we Christians have been the leading killers and abusers of other humans for some five hundred years. Who the hell are we to decide who is evil?

But we don't see it that way. And we won't. We will endlessly parade our grief at the mass murder in Orlando. But we don't see the death and starvation and poverty that  greed has imposed on many millions of others. And it covers every part of the world.

The American leadership has blossomed a hatred across the U.S. Clinton and Trump are as evil as they come.

But we don't really see that. Our news media have piled hatred on a man who, it seems certain, was mentally ill. Meanwhile, we elect leaders who approve of mass murder and brutal treatment for millions. And they use fear and hatred to do it.

Now, take a look at that sermonette. There's nothing Christian about it. That's what's wrong with most of the churches. They don't teach us to apply Christian values to this world. They teach us to conform to a society that hates and kills.
Section A1 - the big headline is that three Moncton fathers get more time for their children because they're rockers, so their work schedule gives them more free time. The news YOU need to know.

Below it is a story about a report on education. But it doesn't tell us anything because nobody's read it yet. Following that are some pages of trivia and big ads. Then there's an important story that a local car dealership is changing hands.
The editorial is simply brainless and pointless. It's about making the city beautiful by painting murals on the buildings. We need to 'capture the soul of the community' - whatever that means.

Norbert has a column that, in a vague way, blames the politicians for being incompetent. It's mostly about the ban on bringing in your own beer from Quebec. (Maybe that could be a sermonette.)

I draw it to Norbert's attention that the only political parties he can be referring to are the Liberals and Conservatives. But Norbert has, so far as I know,  always supported one of them, never another party. Think about that, Norbert.
Brian Murphy has produced another column guaranteed not to offend man or beast. It also says nothing. (Well, okay. It says fathers should be good to their children. Wow! Who woulda guessed?) It begins with the Orlando killings but, then, without telling us what the killings had to do with fatherhood, goes on to a story a rape case which the rapist's father treated as a triviality. Then it just withers into blandness. This column would fir right in with our Faith page - and it would be well received at a Chamber of Commerce dinner. But an adult reading audience deserves something better on the Commentary page.

The guest commentary is from a propaganda think tank, again.

Alec Bruce, for reasons not clear to me, chose to write about blueberries.

There is nothing in all of section A worth reading.
Section B, Canada&World, is not as good as section A.

Quite seriously, It is dangerous as well as irresponsible to deliberately keep a province so uninformed and dumbed down as the irving press does. The  world that we were told we were fightiing for in World War Two has long since collapsed. In particular, the major powers, notably the U.S.,  have destroyed the U.N. As well, we are about to enter trade deals which we have been told little about, and which will destroy what democracy we have left. Canada has committed troops in two, extremely dangerous areas - and one of them is in a situation that could well go nuclear. In one case, there is no good reason for us to be there. In the other, it is illegal for us to be there.

 For all the deniers,   climate change is not just coming. It's here. Check out the temperatures in Arizona for this week. The impact of this change will be felt in many ways. For one thing, it will spark massive migration all over the world. What are our plans for that?  It is very possible Canada will see heavy migration from the  southern and western U.S. Now, think hard. What will the U.S. do when it see itself losing significant population?

Answer - it will annex Canada to be a part of the U.S.  (So we'll all be able to get assault rifles, and eligible to get drafted for American wars.)

There are huge issues facing us. But the biggest news in today's irving press is that a local car dealership changed hands. And there is no commentary at all to help us understand what is happening and how to react.
Here is, surely, a major statement by Putin that the editors at irving press seem not to have noticed. I don't suggest Putin is a nice guy. But he is realistic. And we're the ones who are pushing him into a corner so there are no realistic choices left.
Southern California and New Mexico how have a wildfire coveriing almost 2,000 acres. And tonorrow, in that area, temperatures will rise to over 100 degrees fahrenheit. it's lucky there's no such thing as climate change.

By the way, note that the site above also has TWO stories of the reaction of Canada's parliament to the murder of British m.p. Jo Cox. One of them is quite dramatic. The Irving press has the story of the killing, but no mention of the Canadian reaction.__________________________________________________________

And, just to show that American values are still there to protect us -
This nest one is long, but worth the time. It talks about the U.S. defence system as essentially a money-grabbing scheme. It consistently overspends, inflates costs, and likes wars without end. Well, that's what president Eisenhower warned about over a half-century ago. the military is closely tied to the defence industry,  and together they've driven American debt to the skies.

The crown jewel of their effort is the F-35 fighter programme which is now, at a cost of one and a half trillion dollars (U.S.) the most expensive weapon in history. And it still doesn't perform as well as the F-16 that it is supposed to replace.

This is the one the Peter MacKay says is the one he regrets not buying. Yep. Maybe he could have made a big commission on that.

We have very little sense of the political and big business corruption that is bleeding the U.S. dry. And not just the U.S. That is going to bring us all crashing down -  unless, perhaps, the U.S. can provoke a nuclear war.

The U.S. is being looted. We are being looted. But don't look for the story in the irving press.,_victory_assured_on_the_military's_main_battlefield_--_washington/
Here's the account of a CIA report on the torture of a prisoner. It's okay, though. We're Christians, and  God wants us to hate evil. And anybody who isn't on our side is obviously evil.

Besides, didn't we fight World War Two for the right to torture?
Think Hillary's better than Donald?
This one is undoubtedly right. NATO was founded to be a defence organization for Europe and North America. And, like any other defence organization it was required to go to war only with the approval of the UN.

But the UN (as a former chief of it says) is now ignored by the U.S. It routinely breaks international law in going to war, and in the way it fights it. (So much for the new world we fought for from 1939 to 1945.

I wonder why The Legion has never recognized this.

Records of our more than 46,000 war dead in World War Two can be found at
Has it come to this? That they died so that U.S. business could control the world?

 Doesn't this concern The Legion at all?

NATO has become simply an American-owned alliance that is used to fight wars for American big business all over the world. That's what's happening right now in eastern Europe. And Trudeau has agreed to Canada playing a major role.

 (When did parliament debate this? When were we asked our opinion?)

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