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June 11: And so, good night.

A reader, noting my interest in the Koch brothers, sent along this item about a news station in Georgia. I takes a pretty blunt look at what has happened to the U.S. (and, to a considerable degree, to Canada.)  It's about the crash of democracy, the rampant corruption of government, and the murderous behaviour of very greedy people like the Koch brothers.

We need to take this a lot more seriously than we do. The behaviour of these people is the reason why millions of have been killed, millions more have fled their homes, and even more are starving. It's the reason why, in the richest country on earth, most people cannot get adequate medical care, and the poor are left to starve. It's the reason why papers like the irving press place slobbering kisses all over the rich, and why they paint some nations as evil - as if we weren't - so they could be killed to make more money for the rich.

If we have a nuclear war, it will be because the wealthy such as the Koch brothers want to risk it. It would kill them, too, of course. But greed and indifference to the suffering of others makes people stupid.
In section A news, there is nothing that tells us anything about anything.
The editorial is about the Capitol Theatre. I'm not sure why. The only reason I can figure is that it's good because it makes money. That's the holy grail for the irving press - making money. That might be why it keeps cutting down on the Faith page. Jesus, though well intentioned, never made a buck (despite His ability to get loaves and fishes free. If He'd had business smarts, He could have cornered the loaves and fishes market, and got an award from the chamber of commerce..)

Norbert has a quite reasonable column on the nothingness of the Gallant government. In fairness, though,   a nothing government is the only kind the people of New Brunswick will elect.

Brian Murphy had a topic - though it took him half his commentary to get to it. Then it took the rest of the column to say nothing about it. But I think it achieved its purpose. It makes Murphy seem like a shrewd observer, and  it was a column that could not possibly offend anyone. Yes, I think he's looking at a return to politics.

Then there's a commentary by something called the 3+Corporation. (I have been unable to find out who bankrolls it.) It says something must be done about something.

Alec Bruce writes about how our political parties have come to be in a permanent election mode. There is no long term. There are no social principles. There is no Liberal or Conservative philosophy. There's just image and the next election.

Sadly, that's quite true. And we're letting them get away with it.
Canada and World is mostly New Brunswick. It's the world as seen from the steps of the irving press offices with the railway bridge blocking most of the view. And there's no point to reading any of it.
Then there's the Faith page. But the irvings must be losing the faith. First, it cut out the list of church events. Then it cut out the ads for churches. Then it dropped the news story about churches.

So now, half the page is a hot tub ad, and a quarter of it is a hearing aid ad. Faith is reduced to just a little corner. Most of that is devoted to an interesting but pointless story about a gold rush gangster. The 'point' of it all comes at the end. We all have a good side and a bad side.

Gee! Does that mean the owner of this paper has a good side and a bad side? Tell us about it, rev.

A reader sent me a sample of a much better faith page. It discusses all faiths - and it discusses faiths that actually try to make this a better world, neither of which I have seen in the irving press. it still isn't quite what I would like to see - but it's a big step in that direction.
This story is phenomenonal. But it didn't happen in Moncton; so we aren't likely to get it in the irving press.
I have noticed numbers of articles about how Hillary Clinton's leadership victory is a  victory for women. This strikes me as pretty puerile thinking. If Clinton's winning of the leadership was a victory for women, then Hitler's rise to power in Germany was a triumph for Austria because he was the first Austrian to become ruler of Germany.

Remember the babble about how the election of Obama  was a victory for blacks? Tell me about it. What did blacks gain from his eight years in power?
The rise of Hillary Clinton is a victory for Hillary  - and for the corrupting big money that bought her years ago. To say her victory is a victory for women is like saying a woman becoming head of the mafia would be a victory for women.
Here's a story about Canada's role in the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan. The information about this has been available for years. And there's more than is described here. But not a word of it has ever appeared in our news media.
Can you imagine the irving press even considering this? No. It would fill the space with "Man gets fined for pushing policeman."

This   avoidance is true in just about every country. The U.S. has killed at keast six million men, women, and children - almost certainly more - since 1945. It routinely invades, bombs, sends hired killers (special ops) all over the world. It uses torture extensively. It deliberately allows whole nations, like Yemen, to starve.

And where's the media discussion of all this?

It's like the British empire that murdered, starved and looted all over the world for several centuries, while whatever news media there were applauded it as glorious and gallant.

There was nothing unique about a Hitler. There had been generations of mass murderers before him, people like Napoleon, 'Chinese' Gordon, Robert Clive. They did it for the same reason as the U.S. has - to build profits for business leaders. That's what the U.S. has been about since 1775,
Nazi Germany was not an aberration. It was a part of mainstrean thought in the western world. And that mainstream hasn't changed. And every step of the way, it's had the blessing of the mainstream churches. The churches even sang praise of the empire when it forced opium on the Chinese people, creating a nation of addicts - with all the horror that implies.
Here's a very broad look at where the U.S. is going. It's really not very different in Canada. These are the things we have to change. But they aren't covered in our news media, and they're never mentioned by our political leaders.

The authors of this article have received awards - but none of them from a chamber of commerce.
What had to happen has happened. Lockheed Martin it trying to blackmail Canada into buying the F35. It  has announced that if we don't buy this hyper-expensive aircraft, it will cancel billions in subcontracts to Canadian firms.
It was the Conservatives who originally got us sucked into this deal. But even they began to realize that the F35 is a disaster. It's incredibly expensive. It has had  (and still has)  design problems for twenty years now.

As a side note, it's also an aircraft we really don't need. First, it's meant to fight the kind of wars that would, within hours, become nuclear - making the F-35 into a sort of sideshow spectator. Second, the only wars for which we might possibly need it would be American wars. Why are we fighting American wars? In any case, even in an American war against a power requiring us to use an F-35, is a war that would last a few hours, at most. And by the end of it, all fighter planes would be useless.

This is an aircraft that makes no sense at all for Canada.

In fact, any country which builds such an aircraft in a nuclear world is a damn fool country. The only reason for any country to have such an aircraft is to make inflated profits for the U.S. defence industry.

So what will the Liberals do? My guess is they'll buy it.
The tragedies of Syria and Yemen continue. In the case of Syria, it's wars within wars as Hungary uses the situation to destroy Kurds, the U.S. uses it to hit at ISIS but not so much as to destroy it, and the Russians use heavy bombing to kill all the innocent people that heavy bombing kills. There is no solution in sight, not for any side.

All of this began when American oil billionaires wanted control of all middle east oil. So they're hired hands, Bush and Blair, started with an invasion of Iraq. That turned the country into a massive killing field, created millions of refugees, and destroyed Iraq economically. The U.S. then installed a "democracy' which was really a gang of puppets. There is no sign that Iraq will ever recover from this. Then the U.S. set up a 'rebellion' in Syria.

True, Saddam is not a nice guy. Neither were Bush or Blair, for that matter. Or our boy,  the king of Saudi Arabia. In any case, it was no business of the U.S. who ran Iraq. But it set up the rebellion, anyway, hired mercenaries, provided weapons and training. A Muslim reaction, understandably, was to organize in the form of ISIS - which the U.S. happily funded because the hired rebels weren't doing the job.

Now, millions more are refugees that the world pays little attention to. And Syria, like Iraq, is not likely ever to recover.

Much as one can sympathize with the 3,000 American who died on 9/11, it's hard to see how killing,   crippling, orphaning millions of people who had nothing to do with it is justified. Yes, ISIS is a monster. But it owes its creation to Christians, not to Muslims.

In the western world, we have long since abandoned Christian principles. (I'm not sure we ever had them.) We have allowed power to fall into the  hands of people whose greed and arrogance - and stupidity - have placed us all in profound danger as well as allowing them to gradually rob us.

Hillary Clinton is a triumph of women? No, she's a triumph of the (mostly men) who bought her.

As always, we see that faults of others, but not of ourselves. As always we allow ourselves to be trampled on.

So - in the almost certain absence of anything worth hearing in church on Sunday, here are two, brief, readings you might consider.

Matthew 7:3-5 KJV
Matthew 7:6    KJV

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  1. Hi there ... I appreciate your work. You refer to access of guns in a knee-jerk way which looks like you believe some of the false flag shootings .... most of them are fake and done with the media in the back pocket of the perpetrators. Orlando isn't much different from Paris or Sandy Oak or even our own fake Canadian version Ottawa. You do lots of research. There's info on all of them that expose the lies that the media pushes through. Here's a good site, this time showing the real Orlando scenario -