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March 12: well, well, well,....

The love-in between Trudeau and Obama has happened. And our news media have told us all about it. They agreed on climate change. What they agreed isn't clear. But they agreed; and that's nice. Mrs. Trudeau and Mrs. Obama got along just great. And Mrs. Trudeau just dazzled American viewers with her lovely dresses designed just for her.

They've told us, oh, just everything - except why Obama made this meeting such a big deal. No president of the U.S. at this time could possibly afford to take off all this time or arrange all this coverage just to have a jolly good time. The news media know that. But  they don't seem to care.

 My lead guess is that U.S. big business wants the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership to go through. It effectively destroys any government control over what big business does. It makes the term nation-state quite meaningless. It isolates Chinese and Russian business. It is highly destructive of the control of all of us over our own destinies. And it almost guarantees world war.

Our news media have paid almost no attention to this revolutionary change in the way the country and the whole world operates.

Oh, but weren't Mrs. Trudeau's dresses lovely?
Earlier in these blogs, I mention a book called the Three Trillion Dollar War - an economist's assessment of the American invasion of Iraq. An alert reader sent me a copy of a discussion on this book that featured the participation of one of the authors.

As it happens, I have just begun reading a book on the Iraq war by a Canadian reporter who was in Baghdad when the American/British invasion happened. His name is Paul William Roberts, and the book is "A War Against Truth".

He opens with an account of the opening air assault on homes, hospitals, power systems, schools, the  collapse of a neighbouring house he had often visited, the bodies of children, the woman in a hospital that had no doctors and no medical supplies...she holds the bloodied corpse of her baby.  The baby had bled to death - slowly. Half of the woman's leg is gone, and now wrapped in a blood soaked bandage.

Roberts had been staying in Baghdad with an old friend from college days, a friend who was married and with children. All of them are now dead.

This is the war created by the lies of Tony Blair of Britain and George Bush of the U.S.   Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction - and they knew it. So why was the war fought? Why was a nation destroyed along with its hospitals and schools? Why were at least half a million children murdered? Why were so many of the rest orphaned and/or left with no hope for education?

The closest we ever got to a reason for this war was the TV shot of George Bush, the draft-dodger, swaggering along the deck of a returning aircraft carrier, and wearing his favourite swaggering outfit, the jacket of a military pilot.

The war was completely unjustified, immoral, brutal, and murderous on a scale Hitler would have been proud of. In fact, Hitler has been the model for our behaviour from 1945 and even earlier. And for the same reasons. Hitler didn't go to war simply because he was a 'bad' man. He went to war to establish economic dominance for German capitalists. And that's why British and American capitalists went to war with him.

That's what Afghanistan is about, and Libya and Syria - and, possibly, the whole world.

But you can't learn that from just following the news. That's partly because almost all private news media in the world are owned by very wealthy people who want us to hate and kill because they make money out of wars.  I have known quite a few journalists over the years. News media have always been pretty dishonest and biased. But even those who went through those years are dismayed at what they see now.

Some day, I would like to see a Nov. 11 ceremony that skips the stuff about patriotism and God and country to make it a ceremony about the even more compelling debt we owe our veterans. Most went to war with no knowledge of what it was all about. How could they have known? The only news they had was propaganda. Two wars are really striking in that respect. Canadians died in the Boer War and the Afghanistan War for reasons that had nothing to do with Canada - but everything to do with the demands of British and American capitalism.

We are being led, sleep-walking, into the greatest - and last - war.
Nor would it be any help to just read the news, because it's never going to tell the whole truth. The news can list events. What it cannot do is to put those events into context so we can understand what they mean. That can be done only with commentary.

But the Irving press has no commentary on world news and, seemingly, nobody competent to do that.  Indeed, it has to struggle, usually unsuccessfully, to find someone to comment on anything, no matter how local and trivial.

Take a look at the brainless sludge in the Canada&World section. There is no analytical comment in this section at all. The front page news for the section is that a local tourist attraction has been repaired, and then a long story on how the Trudeaus had a quiet family moment with the Obamas.

Then there's a big story about 'horrendous' human rights situation is South Sudan. And it is horrendous, with mass rape, murder of children....  On what we read, South Sudan is a horrible place. But there's no context to the story. So let's add some context.

Britain and the U.S. murdered at least half a million chidren in Iraq. Both made wide use mercenaries from Murder, Inc. firms like Blackwater. What do you think they did to women?

Then there's a big article on controversy over restoring an old, Spanish castle. Think that'll help you to undestand what's going on in the world?
Section A front page news is that unemployment in NB is rising. But don't worry. As the seers at Irving press have told us many times, it's best to let all our wealth pile up in the overseas banks of the very rich. Then it will all pour down on us, and make us rich. Yeah. That's it. They'll create jobs.

With the exeption of Alec Bruce, the editorial and commentaries are either mindless crap or propaganda for fracking.
The following is mostly for amusement. It's about the U.S. approaching election, and how it's a sign that Jesus is returning - thanks to Republican  leadership candidate Cruz. And then, glory, the world will end. This is the view of a very far-out Christian sect called Pentecostalism. They're a group I came to know very well when a  friend of mine became a Pentecostal clergyman. Currently, they are making life hell for Israelis by flocking to Israel to knock on doors to convert them. Apparently, Jesus won't  come back until all Jews are converted.
Here's an interesting story from Argentina. In a financial crisis, enterprises were collapsing, going bankrupt. So workers took them over to operate on their own. And it worked. Funny how Norbert missed that one.
And this is what is called context. Telling of the Syrian refugee story so we get a sense of what it means, what it tells about the refugees, what it tells about the western world which caused this crisis.
Then there's this story about how Greece, one of the smallest and poorest countries in Europe, is a leader in giving help to refugees.
This one is a story about capitalist behaviour (heavily American and Canadian)  in Peru. The intro is below the photo at the top of the page, so you have to return to the photo to see the film. This is another story about the Latin America we know nothing about from our private news media.

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  1. I agree completely that the purpose of the Washington state dinner given to Trudeau by Obama, was to make sure that Canada ratifies the TPP. Judging by the fact Freeland called the CETA deal "gold-plated", she will have no problem ratifying the TPP.