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Feb. 5: Another gem of Irving reporting on page 1.

 A big story tells us that provincial health minister, Mr Boudreau has revealed more on his health plan. Actually, he doesn't reveal anything that we haven't already heard. And he offers no evidence whatever that his plan will save money and make service more efficient. This isn't a front page story. In fact, it isn't a story at all.

There is an important story on A4 in which doctors at the Dumont Hospital say they have heard or seen nothing to suggest that government changes in the health system are anything but destructive. (So I can understand why this didn't make page 1.)

The reality is that the people who own the government want to clock to be turned back to 1939 or earlier, the good, old days when when hospitals were privately-run for profit. And those who couldn't afford it – tough luck. (This could be New Brunswick's answer to the population boom of post-world war two which is giving us a surplus of elderly people.)

Ace reporter Brent Mazerolle has another big story on A7. “Dog lost after car crash reunited with family.” The news YOU need to know. And it even has a big photo of a dog so we'll know what a dog looks like.
The editorial takes on a burning question of the day. Should there be just one zoo for the whole, maritime region? It's probably a good idea. It's not one of the burning questions of the day. But it's a bold stride for an editorial writer who has never before acknowledged there is a world outside New Brunswick. It must be tough to write an editorial every day when you have nothing to talk about – and are scared so say anything that might annoy the boss.

Good column by Norbert on the need for better gun control in New Brunswick. There are guns for sale in this city that are designed only for mass murder. I could wish Norbert had thought of this column way back when three police in this city were killed by such a gun. (And I have seen full page ads for such guns in the Irving press.)

Cole Hobson's commentary is a useful one on a scam that's going around. But it's not a commentary. It's a news story – and, as a news story, it could have been told in a few paragraphs. Really, somebody should explain to the editors of this paper what a commentary is.

Murphy's Law is, like the sermonettes on the faith page, designed to show Mr. Murphy as everybody's friend, and to say nothing that would offend man or beast. Today, I t tells us we should always be kind to people, say 'hello', and never hog the shared armrest on an airplane. Oh, this would be a better world if people didn't hog armrests.

Alec Bruce is doubtful about the new, Liberal budget. I quite agree. But it's all that can be done in an economic system controlled by the very rich, and a society that let's the very rich get away with it. Alec Bruce does not examine the alternatives. Of course not. Mr. Irving wouldn't like that.

Canada and world? Sigh.

A big story is that the New Brunswick Liberals dishonestly inflated the deficit so they could justify increasing taxes. This comes from a Conservative party which has been a partner in running up deficits to satisfy the rich and other friends of two, thoroughly corrupt and lying political parties.

The one story worth reading is on A7 “Drug exec takes the Fifth on Capitol Hill, angers lawmakers”.
The drug industry is one of this world's most corrupt and greedy industries. And big business in general is a tough category in which to earn the title of “most corrupt and greedy”. I have a further story on this case further down.

Here is the further story on the Shkreli case. You will also see below the story, as well as other leads that relate to fraud charges against him. His case is not unusual in the pharmaceutical business. In the U.S., such companies get huge contracts from the American government to supply aid to countries struck by disaster. They ship it by the ton. And they charge full price that each box or bottle would be in an American pharmacy.

Sometimes, it's possible to disagree with an editorial in The Guardian. Currently, it is running an editorial saying that Julian Assange, the man who released the Wikkileaks papers, should surrender himself to British police, and be turned over to the Swedish justice system. I thought the editorial pompous, arrogant – and lying. See what you think.

For openers, the question of rape has nothing to do with it. The instant Assange steps out of the Ecuador embassy in London, he will be arrested by British police, and delivered to Sweden to answer to a charge of rape. But there will never be a Swedish trial. That's because an American jet is waiting in Sweden to take him to the US to be charged with Wikkileaks. (If you look at the right side of the editorial, you will see a list of stories. One of them is the story about the American jet.) The U.S. government wants him – but not for rape.

Though, in Wikkileaks, Assange revealed the names of leading American figures in mass torture, mass murder, illegal wars and many, many other abuses, not a single person has ever been charged. And not one ever will be. For that matter, Obama and Bush and Tony Blair have all been guilty of mass murder and mass torture. But I don't see any of them facing charges (Canadians were involved, too. And not one of them has been charged – including Stephen Harper.) But a young woman who helped in releasing Wikkileaks is now serving some 40 years in prison. Clap hands for her, Mr. Editor.

Assange, says the editorial, has broken the law. And, if he truly believes the law should be upheld, writes the editor, then he should surrender to it. Damn right, Mr. Editor. And the people who disobeyed Joseph Stalin should have surrendered themselves to him to face his courts. And all of those Jews who illegally fled Germany to face Hitler's laws should have been jailed. And all those middle easterners who are illegally landing their sinking boats on European shores should be towed back out to sea. (Actually this is already happening.)

This would also mean a historical re-evaluation of law-breakers like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin – not to mention the men who forced poor King John to sign Magna Carta.

I thought this was a remarkably arrogant, self-righteous and illogical editorial. For a minute, I thought I was reading the Irving press.

Well, anyway, what does a UN court know about the law? It's just a bunch of ignorant foreigners.
And here's an important notice for all New Brunswickers. (It might not make the Irving press.)

Wolastoq Grand Council will release Statement on Non-Ceded Territory and Statement on Energy East Pipeline 
Press Conference – Crown Plaza Fredericton Monday, February 8, 2016 at 10:30am

Grand Chief Ron Tremblay, Clanmothers, and other members of the Wolastoq Grand Council will issue a statement to confirm their responsibility to protect their non-ceded homeland.  The Wolastoq Grand Council will also issue a statement on their position on the Energy East pipeline. 

We invite you to our press conference on Monday, February 8th at 10:30am at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Fredericton.

Ron Tremblay, Wolastoq Grand Chief
Fredericton New Brunswick
Phone:  506-455-1577
E-mail: ron.tremblay2@

The following post was sent to me by a reader.

Last night, Bernie Sanders hurt Hilary Clinton's feelings by suggesting she had close contact with Goldman Sachs, the company most responsible for the economic meltdown created by the bailing out of crooked companies. Bernie's quite right. Hillary is, speaking metaphorically, very much in bed with Goldman Sachs.

American politics, business, and even the courts have reached stunning levels of corruption. And this, says the editor of The Guardian, is the kind of law Julian Assange should obey.

We are in very big trouble. We usually have been in trouble throughout history – but this phase is worse.

This phase began with a document prepared in the 1990s by the most right wing – no- that's not fair – they aren't really right wing – they are, like Jeb Bush, just people of immense greed and indifferent to the needs of anybody but themselves, and they have nothing but utter contempt for anybody who isn't rich. I once met a young woman of that type. She's now Senator Frum. Her brother has been a speech writer for George Bush and others of his type.

The document was 'Project for the New American Century'. It is a blueprint for the economic conquest of the world by American big business. That led directly to the invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya – and the support for an army of terrorists and hired killers whom it pleased the American press to call 'rebels' against the Syrian government. The failure of the 'rebels' is why the U.S. and Saudi Arabia encouraged ISIS in its attack on Syria. And that explains why the U.S. allowed ISIS to finance its invasion of Syria by stealing oil, and selling it through Turkey. And that's why Canadians have bombed Syrians, but have never attempted to bomb those oil convoys.

That madness for money and power is what has driven Arabic people out of their homelands to risk their lives in reaching Europe.

Europe cannot handle this influx of refugees. That's why we are watching the beginnings of the political breakdown of Europe, and also a renewed rise of Naziism.

The U.S. is an imperialist nation. It has been imperialist since its earliest days. But it has become worse, much worse, over the past 15 years. The invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and now Syria were based on lies. And U.S. foreign policy under both Bush and Obama has been hopelessly ineffective and well as murderous. (Yes, Obama is every bit the miserable wretch that Bush was.)
So far, this phase has killed at least three million – but the real number will never be known. It has destabilized the whole world, and has created such hatred of the U.S. that the hatred has opened doors for ISIS, the Taliban, al Quaeda and others on at least two continents. It has also created the millions of refugees that no country or combination of countries can or will even consider helping.

A corrupt government and a corrupt war industry have stolen so much money that the U.S. can no longer afford to feed its own people.

And lying news media have convinced the American people that THEY are the victims. (In a way, they are. But they aren't victims of Muslims. They're victims of very wealthy Americans who have whipped them into a frenzy that resembles insanity.)

That's why Americans have so unquestioningly accepted the destruction of their freedom, and have accepted the police state while still believing they are a democracy.

It's all quite insane.

And that insanity explains the low quality of the people running for leadership in the U.S., and the low quality of their debates.

The world must have been like this when a man called Moses heard a voice that told him to build an ark.

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