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Feb. 3: When I was a very young child.....

– and  a sweet, young lad I was – among the first words I childishly prattled were the common slang of my neighbourhood. I can still remember my father's smile of joy as I uttered my first sentence, “You a brown-nose.”

I don't know whether the term is still in use among today's young citizens. But it came to mind as I read the headline in today's Irving press. Now, a headline should be about news, that is, something that has happened. But this one is really an opinion piece. “Partnerships could put province at forefront of health-care delivery.”

Yes, it's clap hands with joy for Mr. Irving and his friends. It would be a brand new public/private/partnership to put money into the pockets of those people who are so much better than us.

Of course, the Irving press, always mindful of its role, did briefly mention two people who questioned the plan. But they get only a few lines and, anyway, they're so far down in the story, few readers will get that far.

That's what's called brown-nosing, spelled with a capital BROWN. (I don't 'know what it actually means. Hey. I'm just a kid.)

The other big story in section A news is that the Time Horton's Roll up the Rim contest is now entering its fifth season in Canada. Obviously, this kind of story calls for a real expert in mass communication. So it was covered by Brent Mazerolle.

The editorial is another case of advanced brown-nosing, this time for the pipeline.

It tell us the safety record of oil pipelines in Canada is good. Oh? What is good? Exactly what is the record? And how come this paper still has not mentioned the California pipeline disaster? Are Canadian pipelines different from American ones?

And it will create jobs for New Brunswickers? Duh, Yeah. So it's worth taking risks. Duh. And there won't be any risks at all for Mr. Irving, will there?

Justin Ryan has an interesting read. Rod Allen's is sometimes interesting but, my, his desire to be witty can get him into trouble. His final words are, “….even our landlords, the Mi'Kmag. were once refugees.”

When we steal land from people, we do not make them our landlords. This line is insult after injury. And they were once refugees? Mr. Allen, they are refugees. They are refugees in their own land.

Alec Bruce doesn't think much of the Gallant budget. But, at that, he is too kind in saying that the budget is simply the point of the spear, to be followed by creating a more productive economy. I don't think it is. Such a budget has never been productive of anything but suffering for most, and higher profits for the rich.

And to say the taxes are just the head of t he spear, with cures to follow, is bunk. Mr. Gallant, as a servant of Mr. Irving, has no cures. Nor, it seems, does Alec Bruce.

I'm so relieved that Mr. Irving will not suffer under this budget.
Canada and World is mostly village gossip.

The Syrians peace talks are stalled. Of course. The U.S. isn't interested in peace talks. It wants Syria split into at least three. It wants Assad out, and its own puppet in. And it wants Russia to go away. And peace talks would destroy all those nice things.

Oh, and Yemen still doesn't make the news.

The only foreign news story worth reading is about a 10 year old boy in Afghanistan who was killed by insurgents. Terrible? Yes. But this is a news report that tells the whole story. The boy was recruited by his father, a government military officer, who then used media to make him a hero. Of course, that also made him an easy target for the Taliban who who killed him on his way to school.

The story also reports that both the government and the Taliban are recruiting large numbers of children to send into combat.

Yesterday, much of Ontario hit record high temperatures for this time of year. There was lots of time for the Irving press to print that. It didn't. Well, it would just give people silly ideas that we're experiencing climate change. And we all know that is all just a big lie, and we all know that oil isn't doing it And, if the climate were changing, Mr. Irving would tell it to stop.

In CBC news, the U.S. Senate has demanded that Canada reassure it we are adequately screening refugees.

Can you imagine the squeals of indignation if Canada demanded to know whether the U.S has adequate screening? After all, the U.S. appears to have let in far, far more terrorists than Canada has. I understand the U.S. has also let in millions of illegal Mexicans. Shouldn't we question them about that? I mean, all those Mexicans and terrorists could be heading for Canada.

Take this seriously. Americans actually believe that they have a right to tell other countries what to do. Even now, they're trying to tell Canada what to do in the middle east. Watch for much more of this in the future.

And here's an opinion on it from The Guardian. I especially like the last few paragraphs.

Another story is that about half of Canadians don't know anything about the Trans-Pacific-Trade-Partnership. The greatest support is from Conservatives at 49% in favour. It is much lower in other parties. How to explain this of a deal that's been cooking for a couple of years?

1. Our news media, mostly owned by the people who stand to get rich out of this deal, aren't telling us anything. We are particularly ignorant of the part that says foreign corporations can effectively block any environmental laws, even if they are proven necessary to save lives. And the court which decides that will not be a Canadian court. It will be a private court, owned by billionaires, and it will make its decisions in secret.

2. Conservatives favour it because the old Conservative government favoured it. And conservatives will vote for anything with a conservative label on it because their daddies and grandaddies always voted conservative.
We're getting remarkably little news on what Canada will do in Syria. This is trickier than it looks.

For Canada to take ANY part in the war in Syria, even babysitting for 'rebel' soldiers who are off to do the fighting, is illegal under international law and under the constitution of the United Nations. The U.S. is there illegally, too, and is, therefore, committing war crimes.

Under law, you can invade a country only if it poses a direct threat to you. Or – if it's government invites you to send troops. Russia was invited to send troops. The U.S. was not. And Canada will not be asked. What the U.S. has been doing is pulling its 'allies' (puppets) into an illegal war. We very righteously hanged people for doing that after World War Two.

Then there's another problem.

Canada cannot to to war unless parliament votes in favour of it. That's in our constitution. (It's in the U.S. constitution, too, but the U.S. has been ignoring its own constitution for years.)

Every Nov. 11, we are told how our soldiers died to win us the right to vote on whether Canada should go to war. That's never been true, really. But it is the law in this country. Parliament must vote. And Trudeau cannot weasel out of this by saying the Canadians would just help to train the 'rebels', or even just to distribute maple syrup in Tim Horton roll-up-the-rim cups.

And even if parliament were to approve, it would still be an illegal war.

Any movement into a country without the permission of its government is an act of war, and it's illegal. That's why almost all the 'drone' raids are illegal. That's why most attacks by 'special ops' are illegal. That's why most American interference in Latin America (as in Panama and Guatemala and other countries) is illegal.

What we have watched since World War Two has been the deliberate destruction of international law, of the UN, of national constitutions. This has been quite deliberate, with private business playing a major role in destroying any hope of international order. This is what is called, in the U.S., American Exceptionalism. And it's exactly like Nazi exceptionalism. And like British exceptionalism and French exceptionalism in their imperial days. (For that matter, it's much like the French, British, and then Canadian exceptionalism that stole this whole country.)

This has thrown the whole world into its present chaos, with much worse to come.

However, I would be willing to offer a compromise.

We could equip and train our billionaires, and send all of them over.

I find it amazing that no commentator for the Irving press has had to wit to point all this out. The information is so easily available that even Norbert could understand it. And it would be a nice change from his loutish and crashingly ignorant attacks on education and the civil service.
Today's The Guardian has many stories about the UN court's decision that Julian Assange, the man who leaked state secrets to tell Americans about the torture and murder their country was carrying out, should not have to remain in hiding at the Ecuador embassy in London. British police have no right for force him to stay there. And the Swedish courts have no right to interfere. (All of this has been going on at the demand of the U.S. government.

Will Assange now be allowed to go free? I doubt that very much. The U.S., Britain and Sweden don't give a damn about the law or the UN. That's why nobody involved in massive torture was ever been charged. The police go after you only if you tell the truth.

I wonder if the Irving press will carry this story tomorrow.
Here's a suggestion of why oil prices are low. As well, a reader sent me a comment that also suggests credible reasons for why the Saudis are being so generous to us. It's at the end of the blog for Sept. 2.

And there's a very big story about what's happening to the American dollar. Russia is using and accepting China's Yuan for international trade. It has also become Russia's major customer for oil. I don't have enough information yet on this to post anything I've seen. But I'll be watching for it.

There there's video of how the US knew about the ISIS convoys of trucks to Turkey from the start – and did nothing. This is a video – which means you can see the sources and hear them.

Paul Craig Roberts is one of my favourite journalists. He's very well informed, well-experienced, and honest.

And this last site is one I used only with care. But I'm pretty confident about the truth of this one because I've been following it in other media.

Mercenary soldiers are in wide use in every war you hear about in the world, and also in the ones you don't hear about. These are, to put it plainly, simply hired killers. It's a career that does not attract charitable workers. It's more for the kind of person who just loves killing – killing anybody – just killing. And rape. And theft. They are the bullies and thieves you always hated in school. One of the biggest employers of mercenaries is the U.S. However, the world champ in murder-for-pay circles is Britain. God bless the Queen.

They can be, and are, sent to countries all over the world – to anybody who can pay the price And they can do anything they like. Mercenaries were commonly used in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Latin America. They've fought for Britain, the U.S., whoever wants them to kill whoever it is they want killed. And almost nobody reports on them or controls them. Nobody mentions their war crimes. And their numbers are huge.

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