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Feb. 25: For God and country.

As I listened to Donald Trump last night, his words stirred a memory. It all came back to me from my teen-age years. I knew that speech. I had read it before in a book called Mein Kampf. It was about making Germany great again. It was about racial superiority - and racial inferiors who were not real people, and could only be hated and abused.

In Mein Kampf, God had blessed Germany just as God now blesses America.
There are really no policies in Mein Kampf, just as there are none in the speeches of Trump or his Republican competitors or Hillary Clinton. It's all words to stir the emotions with quasi-racist references, and patriotic words about an America that doesn't exist, and never did.

It's all about patriotism. Germans murdered Jews and Romas and gays as an expression of their patriotism. Americans slaughtered native peoples and Iraqis and Afghanis for  patriotism. The British murdered and plundered all over the world, and justified it as patriotism.
Canada has not been different. We murdered and deliberately starved native people to steal their land, and we have created a tragedy that continues to this day. We sent our soldiers to die while killing Dutch colonists (and their families)  in South Africa so wealthy British could steal the goldmines the Dutch had stolen from the native peoples of South Africa . We said, and still say, it was for God and country.

What the hell did murdering and stealing have to do with either God or country?
In the same vein, Trump appeals to the desire to make America great again. When was it great before? When it murdered its native peoples? When it stole half of Mexico? When it murdered Central Americans so its capitalists and ours could steal their natural resources? Was it great when it created brutal dictatorships in Haiti, Guatemala and others? When it stole land to create Panama and set up more dictators? When it stole Hawaii? When it invaded Canada?

Was it great when it went to war with Spain to steal Cuba, Puerto Rico, and when it slaughtered and tortured hundreds of thousands in The Phillipines and set up a U.S. military dictatorship, then a U.S. puppet dictatorship that lasted until a rebellion by the people just thirty years ago?

Was America great when it took over two years after 1939 to figure out that Naziism was a threat?

How can anyone believe all this crap? They believe it because that's the steady diet of our news and entertainment media. They believe it because that's what we teach in our schools. And that's not the fault of the schools. It's the fault of all us zombies who would be enraged if our schools taught the truth.

I'm not a great admirer of patriotism. There is no greater virtue in our patriotism than there was in Nazi patriotism. And now, the Canadian government calls on our patriotism to help oil billionaires who are destroying Syria. We do have obligations to every person on this earth. But you can't have the obligations we practice while at the same time being a patriot.

The  only presidential aspirant who would not fit right into Hitler's Third Reich is Bernie Sanders.  And he's not going to win.
The Irving press is better than usual today. The first page actually has news. However, it's alone in that.  A3 is a return to usual as its big story is about a new store in town which has announced it expects to make a profit. The headline is The Brick confident of their success in Moncton. That's not only trite and trivial. It also has a glaring error in grammar that I leave  it to you to find. Start with 'The headline is..'

The editorial page is quite decent, if painfully local. But I was startled by the last sentence of the editorial, ' care in Canada is expensive ...because it is among the best in the world.'

Health care in Canada is expensive? Compared to whom? It's far, far cheaper than in the U.S. In fact, it's out of reach for most Americans. ( Yes. I know many Americans have insurance but, if you think hard, editor, it will occur to you that insurance is part of the cost of American health care.) Do you have any figures to back up your bizarre statement?

In fact, Canadian health care is cheaper than U.S.  because it doesn't have to provide profits for rich owners. But I'm sure the Irving press will work to change that.

Rod Allen blew me away with a touching and effective column. This is superb writing that shows a real talent.

There's an excellent guest column about New Brunswick's Arts Board. Gallant certainly appears to be trying to take it over, probably for political purposes.

And a very solid column by Alec Bruce.
Canada and World news is, again, the worst part of the paper. It's mostly trivial. Much of it is even local. There's a big world out there, folks. And what happens in it affects us - as we should have learned in two world wars, Korea and Afghanistan.

However, there are two, important stories on B1. The first is the story of how the provincial government  has made a bizarre move to weaken the independence of the province's superior court. The other is about how a former Canadian commander in Afghanistan is questioning the way that war was conducted.
American leaders are obsessed with pure power and killing as a way of dealing with countries. That is what has caused chaos (and failure) in Afghanistan, the middle east, much of Africa, and will produce it in Latin America. This story is an important read.

Terrorist movements are created by terrorism inflicted on those people - by us. Inflicting more terrorism on them will simply create more terrorists.

As well, the type of war that is emerging does not follow conventional lines. It consists of thin streams of people reaching all over the world with random, individual acts that mean only small and personal losses for the attackers, while sending their target nations into frenzies. You can't fight that with tanks and bombers. This is a new kind of war, and we are fighting it as if this were still the 1940s.

B2 has an important story on the public-health emergency that has struck our native peoples. This, too, is an important read.

But that's it. Yemen, of course, and our mass terrorism in the middle east, don't exist.

And I cannot understand why this paper has never run a report of the sale and ownership of guns in Canada. When three police were killed here by a man using a combat-style rifle, we read of nothing but our devotion and thanks to the RCMP. And  we put up three statues. And some people, for reasons not clear to me, put fingerprints on them. But we haven't done a damn thing to help the police we are supposedly so grateful to.

It's not hard. What kind of guns are available for sale? Tell us something about what these guns are designed for. Tell us what the gun clubs are, and how they regulate members. Tell us whether we have any information about who has guns, and what the requirements for ownership are.

This is a story that doesn't need a Clark Kent to write it. Why won't the Irving press do it?
The European parliament has voted heavily against selling arms to Saudi Arabia because of its record of brutality and it's lack of respect for any human rights at all. Yesterday the British prime minister was bragging about the size of UK arms sales to Syria. And Canada, which has signed agreements not to sell arms to nations that ignore human rights, has been caught twice on big sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia. And it's stil doing it. And so is Britain.

For God and country.
This story is not important enough for the Irving press. But it's kind of important. The refugee system in Europe is breaking down - and Europe is breaking down with it.

Oh, I know it won't affect the building of our hundred million dollar  hockey rink. But the refugee crisis that's yet to come could h ave a tremendous impact - on the whole world. Wars create refugees, and the U.S. is constantly at war But it's not just the U.S. wars to worry about. All of the world's major powers are capitalist. And all of them are corrupted by capitalism. All of them. And since we allow capitalists to operate without any significant controls, they are destroying vast areas by encouraging climate change, by destroying food production even for the local populations by destructive methods as in, say, Canadian mining companies around the world. We are very likely to see hordes of refugees from South America, Africa, India, even from parts of the U.S.

Europe can't handle the crisis it has. The U.S. is not coping with its Latino refugees, and it won't even think of coping with the Syrian refugees it has created.

I won't even pretend to know what the best economic system is. But clearly, capitalism is a disaster without controls. It's a system based on self-interest and greed with no moral basis whatever. It has not created wealth for most of its subjects. Indeed, it has not even created basic living needs.  It has killed uncounted millions. It is displacing populations all over the world. It is creating massive suffering which leading capitalists plan to make worse. (There's no malice in it. It's just that their only interest is in making money for themselves. They really don't give a damn about anybody else.)

The wars between nations, certainly the last twenty years, have been wars between competing capitalists.  These are the most destructive people ever turned loose on this earh - and we are the ones who let them run loose. They, with their control over news and entertainment, have produced a U.S. no longer capable of rational thought, a nation that, like a dog tied up and repeatedly beaten, can only scream in rage.

I think we need a combination of controlled capitalism along with some socialism. (But that will probably put me on our gestapo's terrorist list.)
And it doesn't matter which of the great, capitalist powers you name. Try this one.

Gee. Just like New Brunswick.

The next excerpt is about the toll in death and injury on first responders to fires and accidents But it's not about injuries connected with the hazards of driving an ambulance or fighting a fire. And, while the story is about the U.S., it must be equally true for Canada.
The following is the kind of item that never makes the Irving press. The creation of Israel was one one of the greatest and most hypocritic blunders of modern time. The whole concept of an Israel was a racist one - except race was distorted to become synonymous with religion. I particularly regret it because it made the Jews who survived the holocaust into imitations of Hitler. It did tremendous damage to Judaism; and it's still doing it.

Since 1948, Israel has been displacing Palestinians, has killed thousands, has destroyed thousands of homes, has made economic development almost impossible, has persecuted even those Palestinians who are Israeli citizens, and has stolen much of their land. The objective, similar to Hitler's, has been to destroy them as a people and to annex all their land.
And, to support this view, here is the Jerusalem Post.
This one is from a biased source; (it's very left wing.) But the story is pretty accurate.
The following story was considered pretty important by the BBC. But, obviously, the geniuses at Irving press thought it too trivial. (They needed room for a big story on how The Brick expects to make money with its new, Moncton Store).

Oh, The Brick is connected with JDIrving Ltd. So I'm surprised the Irving press restrained itself from writing a whole, special edition about it.

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