Thursday, February 18, 2016

Feb. 18: Wow! They did it.

The  Irving press actually has TWO headlines about Dennis Oland. The first  one is the banner headline lead story in Section A telling us he was denied bail, and is now in the pen. The other is the banner headline lead story for Canada and World,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
The bail story goes on for a good, half page. I  have no idea why.

The other story for the Canada and World section is a big one about evidence that wasn't heard at the trial. O-h, it makes me squiggly to read about it, like the big story I read in a scandal mag that a favourite move star I never heard of is cheating on her husband I never heard of.

And it doesn't stop there. No. There's another big story on people adding their fingerprints to the statues of three Moncton police killed on duty. And there's a great story about a man who stole money from  his mother's bank account. And there's a big picture and story about the Irving head office to be built in St. John. The story says its architecture was inspired by a theatre. And, oh, it's the most beautiful head office I've ever seen with windows and everything.
The editorial takes on a big topic. A film maker has said that one of our trails, part of the Trans-Canada trail is beautiful, and could attract tourists. The editorial writer, who has never shown any interest in beautiful trails or nature, gets very excited at anything that could made money. So, of all the important news in this world, he/she chose this as the big one.

Norbert goes all the way to the looney bin with a column advising that the schools are such disasters, they have to be shut down for a year to be re-organized. He also says teachers should be able to teach classes of 20-25 with no problem. Oh, and our schools have terrible literacy rates.

Even for Norbert, this is a contemptible column, a crashingly ignorant rant of accusations for which he offers no evidence at all. He has never taught, so far as I know. And he seems never to read a book about education. (If he had, he would be daily quoting it as he quotes Savoie and Saillant.)

I have taught public school classes of 25. It is not easy. It is not possible to devote enough time to students who need help. It also adds to the time that has to be spent on basic discipline. Ideally, the best size would be ten to - maybe - fifteen.

As for literacy in our schools, this is largely a product of the social atmosphere of New Brunswick. This is not a highly (or even normally) literate province. Children grow up in homes that have no interest in literacy. The only effort I have seen to change that is the idiotic Wild Readers farce which is sponsored by the Irving press, and is of no value whatever.

This is a province that discourages intellectual ability or thought of any kind. Norbert, read your own crap newspaper. It actually discourages thought and learning. This is a newspaper that exists to keep people from thinking and reading and discussing. Face it, Norbert, this is a newspaper to maintain a public stupor which is useful to maintain the dominance of people like Mr. Irving. And you are the chief ass-kisser.  I challenge you to show a  column  you have ever written that was critical of what Mr. Irving wanted.  

Norbert just loves to slander people who have no chance to talk back. He attacks teachers, civil servants, unions...but never attacks big business. Mr. Irving would spank him if he did. (Actually,he'd probably just toss him in the garbage.)

He disapproves of unions? I'll bet  he does.  And I'm sure he disapproves of teachers' unions. Look, Norbert, before there were unions, teaching was one of the lowest paying professions in the western world. They could be - and were - fired for not being in church on Sunday, for having a date without first getting approval of the school board, for getting married without the school board first approving the match. The teachers who taught me as a kid lived in the same, miserable district I did because their low pay.I started teaching, with three years of university and another year of teachers' college, my salary was only sligjhtly higher than it had been when I was a mail boy in an office. Women teachers got substantially less - because they were women.

The union didn't come until the late 60s, and for the first time teachers got respect and a decent salary.

So stuff the Norberts of this world. Whenever I read his column, I think that "Resurgo" must mean throwing up. He shows no respect for anybody except Mr. Irving. I see no reason to show any respect for him. His column are vicious, ignorant, and are just a whimper from him as his master's dog.

Everything on the Commentary page is worth a read. All of it is real commentary, and all of it is well-written. It's painfully local. But, within those limits, it's good stuff.
I could find no good reason to read Canada and World. There is almost no world in it. Yemen and starvation and American cluster bombs aren't to be found. Nor is the U.S. buildup in the region of Ukraine. There's nothing of the refugee crisis Europe is dealing with - or the unwillingness and, sometimes, the inability to deal with it. There's no notice that the U.S., which caused this crisis, has been a
leader in refusing to do anything to help.

There's no sense of  the disaster that the swaggering but draught-dodging George Bush II  brought on the world with the massive destabilization that began with the invasion of Iraq. There's no mention that the U.S. has pretty much given up in its fifteen-year war on Afghanistan. A huge country with the world's largest defence budget can't defeat a small country even though it is divided against itself. And this same country - whose interventions in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya - all turned out to either disastrous losses or to make destabilization worse -  is now making threatening noises at Russia and China.???

We really are watching the collapse of the American empire. The only question is how many of us will collapse with it.

Oh, and Bombardier aircraft is looking for a gift of big money from Ottawa. I have followed Bombardier since its founding. In all that time, its main business has been getting government hand-outs.
I am not a Catholic, and am most unlikely to become one. But I admire the pope's willingness to apply his faith to the real world. I could wish other churches would do that.
The next story is a long and complex one. It's about how Amazon avoids taxes. Luckily, we know that a Canadian company would never do such a cheating thing.
Ever notice that climate change gets little attention in the Irving press? Or in most other private news media?

There's some truth, I think, to the opinion above. But more important is the fact those who have big money today made it by producing the pollution that is causing climate change. There's still be money to be made out of it.

And fighting terrorism, though it's a lesser problem, is useful for two reasons.
1. It's very, very profitable for the war industries.
2. It takes attention away from the far more serious threat of   climate change.
I'm not sure what to think of the next one. Trudeau gave a remembrance speech on the Holocaust - which didn't mention that most of the victims were Jewish.
I shall never forget a night about twenty years ago. I was walking along Montreal's alway busy Ste.-Catherine St. when I heard a tremendous wailing of sirens. I looked down a side street to see a maze red lights racing at tremendous speed - well over 100k. There was a slight rise on the street, and I saw all four wheels of each car leave the road as it reached the flat width of Ste-Catherine. I don't know how they were so lucky as not to hit a car or a person in that traffic. Obviously, something very violent, perhaps a mass murder, was going on. It must have been at least that to justify putting so many lives in danger.

But the next morning, I saw no report of it. So I checked it with a newsman when I got to the radio station.

"Oh, it was nothing.  Lech Walesa,(president of Poland and hero of the freeing of Poland from communism),had a very short stopover in Montreal. And Quebec's biggest union boss, who was also a separatist, wanted his picture taken with Walesa."

Now, read this story.
For years, the western news media have been pushing the myth that the Syrian 'rebels' are 'moderate rebels'. But it's obvious for a long time that's a lie. The truth is the U.S. created the Syria crisis by arming Muslim extremists to attack Syria. That includes the 'rebels', Al Quaeda, ISIS and all the others included with them.. The people we call terrorists are the ones the U.S. has been using to fight its war against Syria.

It did the same thing, by the way, when the Russians invaded Afghanistan. It equipped and trained the people we now call the Taliban.

The writer of this source is a very reliable one.
I'm not sure about this one. But it sounds plausible. And it's a good 'thinking' piece.
The people of Ukraine have been bankrupted and bled dry by the international banks and capitalists who were given control of government when the U.S. overthrew the elected one.

New Brunswick is getting constant warnings from the Irving press that it's debt is becoming hopeless.

But I have yet to see a credible story in the irving press about what has caused the debt. Puerto Rico is going through the same crisis.  And we know who caused it, though most of our news media will never mention it. Puerto Rico has been a colony of the U.S. empire for over 170 years. Only puppet governments are permitted. The orders come from American big business.

Think hard about who controls New Brunswick. How come Professor Saillant never wrote about that part of our problem? And, certainly, the Irving press has never suggested that part. And all those wimpy Norberts certainly aren't going to mention it.

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  1. Interesting that other sites on Progressive bloggers seem never to read your output. Russia is still evil incarnate to these people, while fascist racist Ukraine and world aggregator USA get a pass. They still spout the mainstream line. Only exception is Mound of Sound. All a bit dreary and disappointing.

    Changing subjects:

    The rent-a-crowd that wandered about outside the courthouse in Saint John when Dennis Oland was first found guilty of murder by dint of hammering his Dad to death amazed me. Apparently these stand-abouts found the guilty verdict incorrect, without bothering to have attended the trial itself to hear the evidence the jury heard. I laughed my head off at the sheer brazen spectacle of it.

    "Dennis is a grand fellow, and his family have been good for Saint John", quacked the good burghers, which summed up the intellectual quality of these citizens, while they rattled extra large quantities of loose change in their parka pockets and sipped XXL DD Timmies and shared several dozen donuts, because Tims no longer makes doughnuts since the dotcom bubble of 2000.

    Of course, trying to jimmy the court system is now the Oland family's first concern, as befits the lower level of the elite. Bail for a convicted murderer? What alternate universe are these people from? "Bail denied? Unacceptable! We shall appeal the denial. We are the privileged class!"

    No, the police, according to Nanny Oland, are supposed to be out looking for a mystery man, never seen or heard from before or since, who randomly bludgeoned the elder Oland to death in his office for no motive whatsoever shortly after his now-convicted son who needed a bit o 'cash badly, had left the scene.

    Me, I'd be checking the fourth dimension for inspiration into alternate realities. Maybe a tarot reading. The incapability of accepting responsibility is denied, a chimera invented to explain the inexplicable, and that about sums up NB Elites Inc for me so far as its ruling class is concerned. Anything they do is lawful, because all this riff-raff like the law interfering in family business is just not on.

    Your incompetent Irving journalists I read somewhere, have to scribble 1500 words a day by contract. What they natter about, so long as it treads the Irving line, is of no import. 1500 words a day is. Typical of the Irving mind. Production uber alles. Quality if you're lucky, but not a job requirement. The population is like a mushroom farm - keep them in the dark. Abandon all hope, those who live in NB. You're vassals.

    Can't say NS is paradise, but compared to NB it is. We always drive through the place when travelling. Is there any reason to stop? None of my acquaintances can think of one. Sounds snobbish I know, but that's how we feel regardless, and we're hardly on solid ground here to act all hoity-toity. How you manage to spend time criticizing the MT&T day after day is amazing, and worthy of a Special Medal for Persevering in the Face of the Enemy. A Nobel Prize in Public Duty Against All Odds for sure - Obama got one for less. What motivates your particular course I cannot fathom, but I enjoy reading the results!